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Top Ship Classes (Stargate)

  • Nov 9, 2010
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If you havent figured it out yet this is a list of my favorite Starship classes from the Stargate Tv Series.

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BC-304 Daedalus class
After the destruction of the BC-303 Prometheus, The Tarui decided to build a newer class of ship. Unlike the Prometheus, Daedalus-Class ships had their advanced weaponry, transporters, Shields and sensors all built into the ship from the ground up (instead of tacked on). Featuring the latest in Asgard technology this class of ship was one of the most powerful in the Galaxy, taking on ship classes such as Hataks, Ori Motherships, Wraith Cruisers, and Replicator Ships. The Daedalus-Class also had a intergalactic hyperdrive capable of getting to the Pegasus galaxy from the milky way galaxy in only 18 days. (4 if Powered by a ZPM) It was Capable of carrying 16 F-302 fighters. The Daedalus-Class was a very Boxy looking ship, but looked so cool at the same time. What I like about this class of ship I cant really put my finger on. But its great.


Destiny (Ancient Ship)
Launched hundreds of Thousands of years ago, Destiny was built by the Ancients to explore the Universe. The Ancients originally intended to board Destiny once it reached a sufficient distance from earth but because they ascended it never came to be. Since then Destiny has been on a pre set course through out the Universe. Powered literally by the stars Destiny is capable of going into the lower atmosphere of a star to collect solar power, with the crew still inside. Destiny's automated weapons systems despite being very old are still capable of defending the ship if it comes under attack.

Preferring offense over defense when under attack the ship will take power from the shields if it has too. (go down fighting that's my style). Don't make her age fool you Destiny can put up one hell of a fight.When they first arrived aboard Dr Nicholas Rush speculated that the stargate on the ship was a Prototype that predates all other stargates. Lastly Destiny is capable of Faster than light Travel but not through a wormhole. Destiny is a cool ship I like it because it shows the type of people the ancients were. They were like us explorers. Destiny is the ultimate in exploration.

Named in honor of General Jack O'Neill this class of ship featured the latest in Asgard technology. Considered one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy the O'Neill class was an even match even for Ori Mother ships this class of ship was capable of taking direct assaults from the beams of Ori Motherships. Its hyperdrive technology was also very advanced capable of going 1200 light years in mere seconds. I like the O'Neill Class because its such a cool ship. Usually when you watch Sci-fi series these are the kind of ships the bad guys have. I'm glad that for once (in a Sci-fi universe) humanity had super powerful allies.

Because it was built by the Ancients The Aurora-Class battleship is considered to be one of THE most advanced class of battleship ever created. during the Ancient war with the wraith 10,000 years ago these classes of ships were The premier vessel in the ancient fleet. Capable of destroying Wraith hive ships in seconds with there powerful drone weapons, the Aurora-class vessels also had a very powerful defensive system. These ships are also very durable lasting as long as 10,000 years and still being battle capable. The Aurora-class ships were not only powerful but they were super cool looking

Wraith Hive Ship
(Wraith technology is the Achilles heal of Wraith Technology)

That was a quote by Dr Rodney McKay, this quote basically sums up Wraith Technology on a whole especially there ships. Wraith Hive Ships are extremely large massive ships. 13 times bigger than the 304 Daedalus class, and twice the firepower. A major advantage these ships have over many other ships though is not there size but the material they are made from. Hive ships are organic, when damaged in a fight these ships are capable of regenerating there hull (basically regrowing damaged sections) they can survive thousands of years, and they have a sort of neural interface which allows them to be controlled using your mind. While all this is great these ships do have drawbacks though.

The most important they cant stay in hyperspace too long because the stresses of hyperspace travel degrades the hull significantly. So every now and then they have to drop out to regenerate the hull. Other drawbacks are because these ships aren't shielded energy weapons are very effective against them, and these ships can literally catch colds/viruses (and I don't mean computer virus I mean if the crew is sick and its contagious, the ship can catch it too) I think Hive ships are the coolest. The fact that they can contract viruses and are super large are cool things I haven't seen in a sci-fi series before.

Ori mothership
Built using ascended knowledge Ori Motherships were a force to be reckoned with. Matched in firepower by only O'Neill-class vessels (and quite possibly Aurora-class Cruisers) these ships were capable of destroying a Hatak with only one shot and a Daedalus-class with only a handful. Each ship is controlled directly by a Prior, who also commands a crew of thousands of Ori Warriors. On top of its main energy weapons Ori Motherships are also armed with numerous pulse weapons, 500 Ori Fighters and and hundreds of thousands of Ori Soldiers.

The Ori Mothership has a very Unique design, Its powerful, its deadly its a nightmare. Before the Tauri acquired Asgard Beam Weapons these ships were considered invincible. Ori Mothersips super cool.

After the failed X-301, the X-302 (prototype) or F-302 (production model) was entirely human built, and earths first hyperspace capable craft. The F-302 while capable of making a hyperspace jump its only used to make small jumps from planet to planet in a system. The 302s armament includes 4 wing mounted long range Air to air missiles, 2 forward mounted rail-guns. Unlike conventional earth made Fighter craft The F-302 has Inertial Dampeners built in meaning pilots can make sharp turns and quick maneuvers that would make other pilots in other craft blackout. I'm a fan of fighters, Fighter Jets Fighter planes etc.

So naturally I absolutely love the 302. It has a cool design (reminiscent of goa'uld Death Gliders) and are capable of taking one Wraith Darts 2-1.

Used primarily as a Troop transport the Alkesh was Smaller in size and firepower when compared to Hataks. The Alkesh was a bomber on top of being a troop transport it was also used to to bomb heavily guarded or shielded planetary positions, some Alkesh even came with cloaking devices making it even deadlier during assaults. The Alkeshs armaments include 2 Staff cannons and Plasma charges, it can be crewed by 12 people or a minimum of 2. These ships also came with ring Transporters but could be modified to use Asgaurd Transporters instead.

Why do I like the Alkesh? look at it, it has this cool looking sleek design. It looks almost sporty.
Built by The Ancients Gateships were small enough to fit through The Stargate, earning them the Alternate Name Puddle jumper (or jumper for short), because these ships are made to travel through the stargate they have a built in DHD to dial them. (the only other ships with built in DHDs are Wraith Darts). Several of these ships were found in Atlantis when the Expedition arrived, after 10,000 years most were still intact and still operational. Because these ships was built by The Ancients the ATA Gene is required to operate them, persons with the ATA gene control these craft with there thoughts (like Wraith ships). Unlike most ships Jumpers are not equipped with shields, the only defensive features these ships have are the powerful Drone weapons located in the Drive pods of the craft and a cloaking device to approach or flee unnoticed.

When I first saw a gateship I thought it was an odd looking thing, the fact that it didn't possess any kind of energy shielding put me off even more. But once I saw these ships in action, the beatings they could take, the ships they are capable of disabling (Wraith Hive Ships) I started to like these little guys. How does the saying go? "looks can be deceiving

Goa'uld Attack Vessel, Like the Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser or the Borg Cube Hataks were the Premier vessel in the Goa'uld fleet. Being large in size and physically dominant The Hatak could carry and untold number of Goa'uld Death Gliders. While these ships are powerful, when compared to the capital ships of races like The Ori, The Ancients, The Tau'ri, and The Asgaurd Hataks just cant compare. These ships however do have an impressive armament, they include 60 staff cannons located on the Ventral, port and Starboard sides of the ship, naquadah bombs, and like I said before they are capable of carrying 12 wings of Death Gliders and 3 Wings of Alkesh bombers. These ships like most ships on this list also feature energy shielding, interstellar HyperDrive, and Ring Transporters.

The Hatak.....................This has got to be the most ugliest ship I have ever seen in a Science Fiction TV show. (The only other ship that comes close is the Oberth-class from Star trek). Its ugly it looks like a flying pyramid, and absolute crap against Ori motherships. So why is it on my list? I honestly couldn't tell you, for some reason Ive just fallen in love with these ugly bastards.

What did you think of this list?

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