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Top Star Trek battles (TV)

  • May 21, 2010
While not as good as the Battles from the movies, there is always something unique about the battle from the Star trek Telivision series. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

(sorry there are no TOS and TNG battles posted, I never really followed those ones)

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Voyager vs The Kazon
(On a mission to rescue commander Chakotay's son Voyager is ambused in a sneak attack by the Kazon.)

Seska the Cardassian Spy messages Chakotay saying that she gave birth to his son. Although Chakotay knows Seska stole his DNA to do it he still (after talking with the capitain) decideds to mount a rescue mission. Voyager put up a valiant effort against four Kazon ships, but in the end it wasnt enough, they were over powered and outgunned. And if that wasnt enough the crew was marrooned on a planet while the Kazon Flew off with Voyager. How are they gonna get outta this one.

watch it here
Damage Battle
Taking place after The Battle of Azati Prime, The Enterprise crew are still on edge after the Xindi attack. (we learn that 14 crew members died in the attack and one of the warp coils are damaged beyond repair) Fearing they may return to finish them off the crew take Enterprise to a Near by Nebula.

On the way there they run into an Illyrian ship in distress, Capitain Archer tries to convince them to give them thier warp core as Earth depends on their mission. The Illyrian capitain refuses, with no other options, and no help, The Enterprise Crew decide to board and steal their warp core.

I liked this battle, not becasue it looked good or because the bad guys got what they deserved but becasue of the whole reason it went down. Enterprise needed to continue its mission to find the Xindi Superweapon, and although what they did was wrong, they had no other choice. What they did that day dispite their achievements and rewards would haunt them the rest of thier lives.

watch it here
Battle to stop the Xindi Superweapon.
One of the biggest battles from Star Trek Enterprise. Had this not have taken place the Star Trek Universe as we know it would not be in existance today. After convincing the Xindi councel that they were being manipulated by the Sphere builders they agreed to not launch the super weapon. Unfortunatly the Xindi Reptilians and Insectoids didnt agree and Stole the weapon.

A fleet consisting of Enterprise, and Xindi Aquatic, Aboreal and Primate vessels assulted the weapon all the way to earth. Once there they were assisted by General Shran and the Kumari. I liked this battle simply becasue it was a massive ,great, good looking and awesome fight. The Enterprise had been through so much that year and even after all that She still had lots of fight left in her.

AHH!! they dont make em like they used too long live the NX-Class.

watch it here
Sorry i couldnt find a better vid.
Voyager vs The Vadwaur
After escapeing from a fleet of attacking ships Voyager takes refuge on a planet suffering from a nuclear Winter. After repairs have begun on the ship they detect faint life signs underneath the city. What they find amazes them, thousands of stasis pods are in this massive underground buncker along with numerous Fighters and supplies. The Aliens identify them selves as the Vaadwaur, thier planet was bombarded by the Turei (the Aliens that chased Voyager) 900 years ago.

After Working with the Vaadwaur Janeway plans to Attack the Turei so that they all could get off the planet. After Seven makes a startiling discovery about The Vaadwaur (they were a very aggressive race attacking may worlds using underspace corridors) Janeway modifies the plan. The Vaadwaur dont agree and instead of attacking The Turei they decide to attack and take over Voyager then use that to fight their ancient foes.

Just watch the video, and you will see why i like this battle, of all the  shows, of all the episodes ive watched so far, this is the Best battle Ive seen. Action packed and very science fictiony (yes, you read that right)

watch it here
The Battle of Wolf 359

The Most destructive battle in Starfleet history.

The Battle of Wolf 359 was Starfleets first engagment with The Borg Collective, a fleet of over Thirty Starships met the cube in Wolf 359 system and after a few minutes of combat 39 were destroyed. The Fleet faced utter defeat over 11,000 lives had been lost, and starfleets ships were streched thin across the Alpha Quadrant. A dark Chapter in Starfleets history.

I liked this battle mainly for the same reasons I liked the Battle of Sector 001, Its actually very sad to see all those Star Ships being destroyed. But thanks to the Enterprise-D Crew the Borg eventually got what they deserved.

watch it here

The Jem'Hadar (first Contact)
Commander Sisko is catured and is now prisoner in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet orders the Uss Odyssey to investigate the threat on the Jem'Hadar. During the investigation The Odyssey and Two runabouts are attacked by Three Jem'Hadar ships, in the midst of the battle the impossible happens The Odyssey A Galaxy Class class ship is rammed and destroyed by a Jem'Hadar fighter. The Cornerstone of the Dominion war.

The reason I liked this battle simply is becasue a Galaxy Class ship was destroyed. Yes Thats why I like the battle. In Star Trek Galaxy Class ships were the most Powerful and Prestigious ships of its time, some of Starfleets finest officers served aboard these ships. So you can imagine how Those officers felt seeing a ship like that destroyed in an instant. Of all the episodes and Star Trek movies ive watched this was the third time Ive ever seen a Galaxy Class Ship destroyed. The Dominion Were sending a message to starfleet.

watch it here
Voyager vs Borg tactical Cube
Unimatrix Zero, A place where Regenerating Borg Drones re-experence their individuality. Although they were only aware of it while they were regenerating The Borg Queen saw it as a problem and and tried to shut it down. Seven also experiencing Unimatrix Zero Asked the captian for help as it wouldnt be long before The Queen found away to destroy them.

The Plan was to use a Virus and infect the Central plexus of a borg ship, this would infect the entire collective and allow Drones who've experienced Unimatrix Zero To Keep their memories even after their regeneration cycle was complete. So began the borg civil War.

I liked this battle because well how many times do you see a Borg ship Assisting a Federation Vessel against another Borg Ship. NEVER right? Its an intresting battle to watch.

watch it here
The Battle to Retake Deep Space 9 (Operation Return)

After a Series of losses for Starfleet, moral between The Klingon Empire and The Federation was low. Starfleet needed a Victory and they needed it now, luckiy Commander Sisko had a Plan. His plan was simple, assemble a large task force composed of elements from the Second, Fifth, and Ninth fleets reinforced by a large contingent of Klingon warships. Launching from Starbase 375, the fleet would advance across the Bajor Sector and mount an assault to retake Deep Space 9 from Dominion hands.

Although weary of Siskos plan senior officials from the Federation and Klingon Alliance were convinced by Sisko that the plan would work. Five days before the attack numerous bad news came in, The Ninth Fleet wasn't going to be there in time, also there was no word on Support from the Klingons,and the clincher, The Dominion Fleet out numbered Starfleet 2-1. It wasnt looking good at all.

This battle...........there are no words. One of Star Treks finest. Simply put.


The First Battle of Chin'Toka
With the Romulans entering the war against The Dominion the Allies fleet had enough ships to warrent a full offensive into Dominion territory. The Chin,toka system was the first target, being defended by only a small number of Jem,hader squadrons Admiral Ross ordered an immediate buildup or warships to attack. Unbeknowest to them the system wasnt as vulnerable as they thought.

This battle was insane, thats part of the reason I liked it so much. In this battle we saw just how far the Jem,hader were willing to go for the founders. In war never underestimate your ememy. I think The Allied fleet learnt this the hard way.

Watch it here

What did you think of this list?

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September 18, 2010
To be honest, I Trekked out a few decades ago but still watch from time to time because they keep casting so many of my favorite actors--like Rene Auberjonois and Jeffrey Combs for instance.
September 18, 2010
Jeffrey Combs i like. Hes a cool guy.
September 19, 2010
He's a great gues at conventions too. I've seen him a couple of times at Fangoria in L.A.
September 19, 2010
i looked hes characters. Shran and Danmar.
September 20, 2010
He's just great in everything he does.
September 21, 2010
July 22, 2010
I like this list a lot. Thank you for sharing. You left out one for me though, The Battle for Peace where the Enterprise A takes heavy fire under a ticking clock to stop an assassination. From Star Trek VI.
August 21, 2010
Sorry fot the late reply. This list that I did here was for the Star Trek TV Battles. Heres the klink to the list i did for the movies. http://www.lunch.com/forbidden_planet/Lists-...ek_Battles_Movies_.html Enjoy
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