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Top Star Wars Ship Classes.

  • Nov 2, 2011
  • by
 Star Wars is like the granddaddy of all Sci-fi. Was it the first No not by a long shot. But almost everyone on the planet knows Star Wars weather it be from the movies or the TV show. So this is a list of my personal top ships from Star Wars. Enjoy

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Naboo Starfighter
Of all the Star Wars ships and fighters lets start with this one as of all the Starfighters of all the Sci-fi series Ive seen these are my top absolute favorite. According to Captain Panaka the N-1 Starfighter is the "pinnicale of Naboo military technology" And righfully so, what sets this fighter apart from other fighters is the fact that the N-1 comes equipped with a deflector shield. Apart from that the N-1 is pretty basic in both duties and amaments. It comes equipped with dual laser cannons and Proton torpedoes. Its duties usually were to patrol Naboo space and escort special or important crusers.

When need be the N-1 was also an amazing agile fighter but only against other fighters as space stations (e.g an Lucrehulk-class battleship) proved to be more difficult. Despite these the N-1's are great fighters and not only are they tough but they are also good looking. The N-1 Starfighter. awesome.
X-wing fighter
Ahh here's another one of my favorite starfighters. The X-wing apart form the Imperial Star Destroyer is the most recognizable star wars ship.  Im finding it really hard to start talking about the X-Wing as what can you possibly say about a fighter who destroyed the deathstar a moon sized space station not once but twice...................ok I thought so.

Manufactured by the Incom Corporation the X-wing was "almost the perfect balance of speed and maneuverability" equipped with Twin laser cannons and MG7 Proton torpedoes and a top speed of 1050 k/mh the X-wing was a favorite among the Rebel Alliance.

A multi-purpose vessel it was used for combat, patrol duties or as escorts for important ships. These fighters distinguished themselves at the Battle of Yavin where the destruction of the first Deathstar occured
Why do I like the X-wing? They look super cool. I remember when I first watched Star Wars a new hope as soon as I saw these i fell in love.
Tie fighter
They may look dorky but don't let that fool you, Tie fighters were designed to bring the pain. These ships although not as well armed as the X-wing were twice as fast and made to be launched enmasse from either an imperial cruiser or the deathstar. The fighters speed was derived from its twin ion engine assembly, some were even equipped with hyperdrives but not all as the weight of the system would lower its top speed. The tie fighter came in many variants (defender, bomber, interceptor, avenger etc) there was literally one for every role you can think of.

Im not really a fan of the Tie Fighter but you gotta love that screaming sound they make as they whiz by.
Millenium Falcon

Before the falcon became the falcon it had a long storied history, it had many names and many different owners. Its gone from being a freighter, to a secret Jedi transport, to a diplomatic vessel and eventually a smuggling ship. While in its unmodified "stock" form the ship is very lackluster the cool changes came when Lando and han got thier hands on it.

The Falcon is equipped with 2 Concussion missile tubes, dual quad laser cannons, ground buzzer defense cannon and 0.5 class hyperdrive. This ship was notible for its speed, being able to outrun countless Imperial Ships numerous times. Its hyperdrive was even faster than the Imperial Cruisers.

Unfortunately the Falcon was a very stubborn ship and broke down alot, but when it worked it was a fast agile little ship. During the battle of Endor The falcon (designated gold leader) lead the attack on the second deathstar firing the shots that finished the Empire once and for all.

The Falcon defiantly would not win any awards at the beauty pageant, but like most things its whats on the inside that counts.

ARC-170 Starfighter
A distant relative to the T-65 X-wing The ARC-170 or Aggressive ReConnaissance Starfighter was the Primary fighter vessel used by Clones of the Galactic Republic. A notible feature with this fighter is that it sacrifices speed and manuverability in favor of firepower and Heavy armor. So instead of being classified as just a fighter is actually considered a Heavy Fighter/bomber. The ARC-170 had oversized Laser cannons on its wing tips much larger than those found on "normal" star fighters. The ARC also had a Class 1.5 hyperdrive with a range of 5000 LY (lightyears).

These ships were the rugged heavy hitters of the Republics fleet often going deep into enemy territroy for recon and long independant operations. The ARC-170 is one badass ship. They were even breifly used by the Empire after thier takeover of the galaxy.
Slave 1
Slave1 the famous vessel of the Famous bounty Hunter Boba Fett, and his father Jango Fett. But before it became the famed bounty Hunter vessel it was a Prototype police vehicle from the Oovo IV asteroid Prison where it was stolen by Jango. Slave 1 is a modified Firespray 31patrol and attack craft. After Jangos escape from the prison resulted in the destruction of the other 5 his remains the only one left in the galaxy.

An unusual feature of this ship was that when not in use it lay on its "back" and rotated 90 degrees when in use, forcing the pilots to stand while in operation. The Slave was a very fast and well armed craft, it had the speed of  Y-wing Fighter and armaments included two heavy twin blaster cannons, two rapid fire laser cannons, homing missiles and seismic charges. (When Boba got the ship he replace most of these things)

The Slave 1 is an odd ship and thats why I like it, not to mention it was also owned by one of the baddest badasses in all of Sci-Fi so thats another plus.
Goodness I love these things. The LAAT/i or Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry was a gunship used by clones of the republic army. Unlike the other ships on this list this is the only one that's not meant to operate in space. Despite that the LAAT/i was fast enough to engage starfighters. Its roles included infantry transport, direct fire support, and search and destroy operations. The LAAT/i was an all purpose vehicle capable of taking on enemies in both the air and land.

Part of its duties was the transport of Republic troopers to the front lines, each vessel could hold up to 30 troopers and 4 speeder bikes.

On its sides are anti personnel laser turrets other armaments included a complement of light air to air missiles, 2 launch driver missile tubes with a combined complement of 30 missiles, a composite beam laser and Droid Buster Launchers.

These ships proved themselves to be a formidable foe at the battle of Geonosis, where they in conjunction with other Republic Military vehicles engaged the Droid army and within minutes had them in full retreat. The LAAT/i is another one of my favorites, they look cool, they sound cool, and are totally badass.
Lucrehulk-class battleship

At first glance you would think these things were orbital space stations, well in reality they are actually MASSIVE Battleships. Originally Cargo haulers the Lucrehulk-class was eventually militarized by the time of the invasion of Naboo. Just one of  these massive ships had a complement of  Over 300,000 B-1 Battle Droids, 1500 Troop Carriers, 6250 Assault tanks, 1500 Vulture Droids, and 50 C-9979 landing craft. Deep in the shpereical portion of the ship were the reactor core assembly and secondary engines.

Armaments on the Lucrehulk-class included 164 point defense Quad laser batteries, 472 Assault Laser Cannons, and 48 Turbo Lasers. On the shpereical portion (which is also considered a separate ship) where 21 Point defense batteries, 3 turbo Lasers, and 48 Assault Cannons. Because of their size these ships were very slow, the max acceleration is 300gs, and had a hyperdrive rating of 2.0. The Lucrehulk is an odd looking ship that's part of the reason I like it.

What did you think of this list?

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November 02, 2011
a few too many prequel ships for my personel taste, but you got the important ones on here. Nice list.
November 03, 2011
I grew up on the Prequel trilogy so it means more to me.
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