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Top Stargate Battles

  • Feb 20, 2011
  • by

So You thought only Star Trek and Star Wars had awesome space battles. Ha!!! well your wrong here are some cool battles from the Stargate universe. Sorry most of these videos do not have embed codes.

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The Battle of Asuras
The Battle of Asuras took place over a planet called...........Asuras, it took place in the 4th Season of Stargate Atlantis. It was an assault on the Replicator homeworld with a combination of Human and Wraith fleets. This was a very important battle as the replicators being nanite machines are super smart and were becoming a serious problem for both the Wraith and humans. See how it turns out watch it here
Battle of Antarctica
The Battle of Antarctica took place in Antarctica even though the Goa'uld never considered earth a threat the Goa'uld System Lord Anubis decided to launch an all out full offensive against the planet. Bringing with him 30 Hataks earths defense earths only defense was The Prometheus 17 F-302 fighters and supposedly the lost city which was thought to be under the ice.

Battle of the Void
This battle took place in the massive Void between the Milky way and Pegasus galaxies. After their brief alliance with the Wraith the Atlantis expedition was double-crossed as the Wraith only wanted to figure out where earth was. Once they did they sent two hive ships. Because of the limits with Wraith technology on their way to earth they had to stop to regenerate their ships hulls. unbeknowest to them The Atlantis Expedition sent the Daedalus and the Orion to intercept them.

Battle of Dakara
 The Battle of Dakara was a massive battle that was Fought from three different sides The Goa'uld, the Jaffa rebellion and The replicators. With the replicator invasion of the milky way galaxy the Goa'uld system lords quickly fell absorbing their fleets into his own Ba'al had enough ships to go on the full offensive.
With the system lords falling at the hands of the replicators Teal'c used this example to show the Jaffa that the Goa'uld were not gods. The Jaffa rebellion was born. To completely shatter the remaining Jaffas beliefs the Rebellion took the planet Dakara. Ba'al was ordered by Anubis to take it back to keep the Dakara Superweapon under his control.
Ba'al fearing or his life told Jack o'Neill about the plan to take Dakara, Jack O'Neill pasted it on to Dr Daniel Jackson who after getting his mind Probed by Replicator Carter inadvertently told the replicators about the plan. Knowing the Threat the Dakara Superweapon posed Replicator Carter dispatched an entire fleet to the planet.
Click this link to see the results.

Battle of P3Y-229
This Battle was the first engagement fought between the forces of the Milky Way galaxy and the Ori. Because the distance between the Ori Galaxy and the Milky Way was so great only a Stargate could be used to traverse the distance. Thus the Ori began work on a Supergate, a stargate so big it would allow ships to go though. Now the Milky way had a real problem on its hands as ever since the Ori came into contact with humans in the Milky Way they've been building ships in which to forcibly covert the whole galaxy. After attempts to stop the ori from Dialing in (buy Dialing out) failed a fleet consisting of Lucian Alliance, and Free jaffa Hataks, Two Daedalus Class warships and an Asguard Vessel went to the supergate confront this new threat. Words cannot describe the devastation the Ori caused. 
Battle of Tegalus
OK long story short the Ori converted this planet with a group of human called the Rand Protectorate. Because they were now twisted into the believing the Book of Origin they decided to use an Ori Weapon Satellite to attack another group called the Caledonian Federation. Daniel Jackson along with Jared Kane was sent there to find a diplomatic solution, the Prometheus was also sent just in case the the diplomatic solution didn't work as the satellite was deemed to much of a threat. Once there Daniel Jackson and Jared Kane were captured immediately. The Prometheus crew had no choice but to destroy the weapon. Little did they know the power of this weapons satellite but it was already to late.

Battle of Icarus base
In an attempt to dial the ninth Chevron the Tauri set up Icarus Base on a planet taken by the Lucian Alliance. After Eli Wallace figured out an equation to successfully dial the ninth The Chevron a Force of Three Lucian Alliance Hataks dropped out of Hyperspace and attacked the Planet. In the heat of the battle Dr Rush finally dialed the gate leading to Destiny and most of the base personnel evacuated there.

( sorry i couldn't find a better one)
Destiny Vs Blueberry Alien Mothership
This battle took place simply because the blueberry Aliens Wanted Destiny. For years they have been trying to get their hands on it but to no avail. That's it no subtle story no hidden agendas. Exactly why they want destiny in the first place is unclear.

Destiny vs the Drone Ships
Destiny Stumbled onto these drone Ships by Accident. We don't know the details only that the Ursini have been at war with them for years and want to destroy them. It seems that they attack any intruding vessels without warning that come into range of their territory.

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March 11, 2011
im a little sad that this list was so popular but no one has seen this one yet http://www.lunch.com/KingreX32-Top_Ship_Classes_Stargate_-2698.html I put a little more work into this one.
February 20, 2011
Great list! You can also embed YouTube videos into your list choices by clicking on the blue text "show text editor" in the upper left hand corner above the text box, click on the film strip, enter the embed code, click on OK and voila! There you are! If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to let me know!
February 20, 2011
Ok thanks i will try that with my Star Wars list.
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