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Top battles from Battlestar Galactica

  • Apr 23, 2012
  • by
Like any other Science Fiction series in Battlestar Galactica, there are battles. So here is a list of my favs.
Sorry I tried to find videos for all of them but, Most either were not there, didnt allow embeding or were just not good.

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The Battle of Ragnar Anchorage

The Battle of Ragnar Anchorage takes place during the mini-series. After the Destruction of the Battlestar Atlantia Commander Adama take command of the Fleet. He orders all Colonial vessels in range to converge on Ragnar Anchorage. It is Adamas intention to re-arm Galactica (Ragnar is a Munitions Depot) and take it into the fight. Instead of Colonial Battlestars and other military support ships, a fleet of 75 civilian ships shows up. 

After a heated conversation with the New President of the Colonies The Commander decides not to take Galactica into a potentially suicidal fight with the Cylons. Instead he decides to use Galactica to protect the small fleet of 50,000 human survivors.



Battle for the tylium Asteroid
After Burning up 40% of the fleets fuel reserves, in search of a Missing Starbuck, Commander Adama Sends out Numerous Raptor Scouts in search of Tylium (The fleets fuel source). Eventually Boomer and Crashdown find a massive Asteroid bursting at the seams with Tylium. Unfortunatly the Cylons already have the rock.

New plans are laid out to find another Tylium source, but Adama goes against it saying, 
"If you run from the schoolyard bully, he'll keep chasing you. But the second you turn around and punch him really hard in a sensitive spot, he'll think twice about coming back."

With that the battle was on.


Standoff between Galactica and Pegasus
Admiral Cain of the Battlestar Pegasus has just ordered the execution of Lieutenant Agathon and Chief Tyrol. Because the decision for the execution came so quickly Adama wonders how they ever got a fair trial. He orders a Marine Strike Team in a Raptor escorted by Vipers to the Pegasus to retreive his men. When Cain Finds out she orders her full Viper MKVII complement to intercept the Galactica Vipers. Both ships set them selves to Condition One. Pegasus Vipers and Galactica Vipers close in on Each other.


The Battle of the Resurrection Ship
The only reason Pegasus found Galactica in the first place was because they were tracing a Cylon fleet, because that very Cylon fleet was following Galactica Pegasus was able to find them.  This particular Fleet was important to Cain because there was an unknown Cylon Ship in it being protected by Two Basestars, this ship would later turn out to be a Cylon Resurrection Ship.

An important ship to the cylons because it ad the equipment for Cylon resurrection, without this ship the Cylons are mortal. A plan is put together, where the raiders would be drawn off by the Civilian Ships as decoys, then Galactica and Pegasus would jump in and Take on the Basestars. (Because Basestars main defense are their Raider complements, without them they are no match for Galactica and Pegasus).

At the same time Lee in the Blackbird would take out the FTL Drives of the Resurrection Ship allowing a combined force of Vipers from Galactica and Pegasus to take out the ship.

The Battle of New Caprica

Its been one Year, The remnants of Humanity have settled on a Planet Called New Caprica, the Cylons have not see seen since they settled. In Orbit Galactica and Pegasus have a skeleton Crew and form the defense force of the planet (along with other fleet ships too big to land on the planet).

A Dradis Contact pops up to the horror of Dee Five Cylon Baseships have jumped in and are making their way to the Planet. The Fleet in Orbit Jumps Away, but not before Admiral Adama Vows to return.

Four Months Later a Resistance on the planet has formed and they have just made contact with an orbiting Raptor from Galactica. Help is coming, A plan is being put together to get the survivors off the planet. The plan, use raptors to launch a bunch of drones together to fool the Cylons into thinking Two Battlestars Just Jumped in. While the Raiders go to intercept Galactica  would then jump into the Planets Atmosphere and launch Blue Squadron to help cover the Resistances escape. The Plan was to Jump out of the Atmosphere and engage the two Basestars whiles the grounded Colonial Ships jump away.

Intel said that there were to be only Two Basestars Guarding the Planet but instead another Two Show up, Galactica cant take four, The Basestars pound the ship taking out FTL and Maneuvering Thrusters. Luckily Pegasus Shows up and Takes on the Basestars while Galactica gets her FTLs back online.

On the planet the ships are starting to jump away still being covered by he Vipers, above the planet Lee orders and Evacuation of the Pegasus, the ship has sustained serious damage, he knew it was going to be a one way trip. The crew up out in Stand by raptors while Pegasus Slams into the nearest Basestar, the ship explodes sending its Port Flight pod into another basestar, destroying that one too.

The Rescue is a Success, most of the people on the planet have be saved, but not without loses, The Pegasus has been lost and its stated that at least 2000 people were left on the planet. Also the damage Galactica Sustained at this battle stays with it for the rest of its life.

Watch it here

Battle of the Ionian Nebula
After finding the Tomb of Athena the fleet decides to make its way to the Ionian Nebula, once they reach, all the ship mysteriously lose power, once its restored Dradis Shows Four Cylon Baseships around the fleet and launching Raiders. Since all the ships lost power after the jump, it will take 20 minutes to Spool up the FTL drives. Raiders are inbound and they just don't have Twenty minutes, Adama Orders everything that can fly up in the air. Vipers, Nugget Viper Jocks, and even Raptors Armed to the teeth with missiles.

In addition to Galactica The Zephyr and the Astral Queen Suffer missile hits, Colonial One is saved from a Missile by Hardball. All seems lost when suddenly The Raiders turn back their attack and the Cylon Fleet jumps away.


Battle of the Trinary Star System
In response to the Raiders turning back the Attack in the nebula, The One, Fours and Fives, decide to dumb down or Lobotomize the Raiders. The Sixes, Eights and Twos are fiercely against that, in addition to this they want to unbox the Threes (the D'annas). After requesting that the Ones, Fours And Fives stop lobotomizing the raiders multiple times the Six known as Natalie takes matters into her own hands; she removes a chip from the Centurions that blocks higher brain functions. The Centurions kill the Ones, Fours and Fives, in retaliation for the raiders.


The Cylons become segregated by two distinct factions. Under a banner of truce the Ones agree to meet with the rebel Cylons (The Sixes, Eights and Twos.) to negotiate. The Fleet jumps to a Trinary Star System where Cavils (the Ones) Five Basestars Surround Natalie's Three and begin to open fire on them. Because the Resurrection ship never made the jump all the deaths on the Rebel Basestars are permanent. Somehow Natalie's ship survives the assault.
Battle of the Resurrection Hub
The Rebel Cylons have joined up with the fleet, and if not for the Demetrius Jumping in with them, Galactica would would Blown them out of the sky. The Rebel leader a number six named Natalie has come aboard Galactica to propose an Alliance between the two. In addition she gives the Colonials the Coordinates to the Cylon Resurrection Hub, the facility that controls all Cylon Resurrection. If its destroyed all Cylons will become Mortal.

In preparation for the attack Half of Galacticas Vipers are Transferred over to the Baseship, unfortunately an incident happens Aboard Galactica that causes the Rebel Baseships Hybrid to panic and jump the Ship. The Mission however is still a go as everytime the Hybrid jumps the ship gets Closer to the Hub.

When they finally reach a combined Force of Cylon Heavy Raiders and Colonial Vipers take on the Hub. The Rebel Baseship engages the other Baseships While Cylon Heavy raiders and vipers Take on the Raiders. Another Force of Vipers Armed with nukes Destroy the hub. It goes up in a Brilliant explosion that take out two Basestars With it.

Assault on the Colony
This was the last battle of the Series, The Battle of the Colony was basically a rescue mission for Hera Agathon. Thanks to Ellen Tigh the Colonials knew she was being kept on the Colony, a Massive Station that acts as the Cylons homeworld, it orbits a Black hole. Adama Calls upon volunteers as the mission is likely one way. Once the Flag has been transferred to the baseship, Galactica departs.

Galactica Jumps directly in front of the Colony and is battered relentlessly with weapons Fire, Once the Colonies hybrids are taken offline A massive Number of Raiders are launched. In response Galactica launches her Vipers in order hold off the raiders; but they are hopelessly out numbered. At the same time Raptors are infiltrating the colony from another point to get by its defenses. Galactica then Rams the Colony breaching its walls, allowing an Assault Force of Colonial Marines and Rebel Cylon Centurions to storm the base. 

Hera is Found and Brought back to the ship but not before Cavil threatens her life.  A cease fire is called and in exchange for Leaving humanity alone forever The Final Five agree to give the Cylons the tools Needed for resurrection. The Download is cut off though as Tyrol finds out that Tory is the one that killed his Wife Cally, in anger he kills her and the Cylon attack resumes.

Elsewhere Racetrack and Skulls Damaged Raptor is hit by a Piece of Debris, and accidentally fires its nukes against the Colony; pushing it into the Black hole. Adama Orders Starbuck to Jump the Ship. Not having the Rendezvous Coordinates she Blind jumps the ship. It is presumed that the entire Cylon race is (save the Rebels) are destroyed on the Colony.


What did you think of this list?

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May 04, 2012
The pictures are good.
April 29, 2012
I almost missed this list of yours! Great stuff!
April 30, 2012
Thanks Ive been "trying" working on one for Star Wars but Because Ive missed the majority of the Clone Wars series all thats gonna be on there are the battles fom the movies. That is once iget around to working on it.
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