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reviewed The Book Thief. April 27
posted in Movie Hype
The Book Thief
As the story opens, it is 1938, and a young German girl, whose mother cannot keep her, is sent to live with strangers.  Little Liesel adjusts to her new life with the help of her kindly new Papa …
reviewed Saving Mr. Banks. April 24
posted in Movie Hype
Saving Mr. Banks
When the author of "Mary Poppins" comes to see Walt Disney about making her books into a movie, we learn about her childhood and the inspiration for her characters. She's a rigid sourpuss, …
reviewed Noah. March 29
posted in Movie Hype
*I Laughed at:      Rock People/Transformers who built the ark   Noah was a crazy killer   The animals slept for 9 months with no food or water   Noah …
reviewed Non-Stop. March 15
posted in Movie Hype
Liam Neeson stars as troubled air marshal Bill Marks, who is enroute to London. He starts receiving text messages saying someone onboard will be killed every 20 minutes unless $150M is sent to a secret …
reviewed The Impossible. January 25
posted in Movie Hype
'The Impossible' Starring Naomi Watts & Ewan McGregor
Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star as parents who take their three sons to Thailand on vacation where they become victims of the deadly tsunami of 2004.      Every minute of this true …
reviewed Captain Phillips. January 23
posted in Movie Hype
Captain Phillips
Captain Rich Phillips (Tom Hanks) was taking his American cargo ship on a routine voyage off the coast of Africa, when a small band of armed Somali pirates boarded the ship. While most of the crew stayed …
reviewed Broken Flowers. December 04, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Broken Flowers
A man receives an anonymous letter informing him he is the father of a 19-year old son, so he sets off on a journey to visit his old girlfriends to see which one wrote the letter.      …
reviewed The Details. December 04, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Details
Jeff Lang (Tobey Maguire) seems to have it all, a great career,   beautiful family...and then it starts to fall apart: Raccoons tear up   his new lawn. This drives him crazy and is …
reviewed My Left Foot. November 27, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Christy Brown was born in Dublin to a very large, poor family. He had severe cerebral palsy and could only control his left foot. Without formal schooling, he became an acclaimed painter, writer, and …
reviewed All is Lost. November 24, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
All is Lost
A man wakes up to find his tiny yacht sinking in the middle of the Indian Ocean. He's alone with no radio, but his experience and resourcefulness help him save the boat (until the next disaster strikes). …
reviewed The Station Agent. November 10, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Station Agent
Fin (Peter Dinklage) is a middle-aged train buff and a dwarf who has been ridiculed his whole life and has no friends. He moves into an abandoned train station, ready to spend the rest of his life alone, …
reviewed Love is All You Need. October 31, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Love is All You Need
Pierce Brosnan plays a wealthy but grouchy businessman whose son is   getting married in Italy. When he first meets the bride's mother, they   instantly loathe each other, but …
reviewed See No Evil. October 28, 2013
See No Evil
This thriller stars Mia Farrow as Sarah, an English horsewoman who was recently blinded. When she comes home after rehabilitation, a mysterious maniac starts stalking her family and she must fight …
reviewed Mud (2013 film). October 13, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Mud (2013 film)
Two fourteen-year old boys befriend a stranger (Matthew McConaughey) who has been living on their secret island in the Mississippi River.  His name is "Mud," he's wanted for murder, …
reviewed The Paperboy (film). October 05, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Paperboy (film)
In a small Florida town, a sleezy woman (Nicole Kidman) asks a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) and his young brother (Zac Efron) to help free her boyfriend from prison. Their quest leads them to the swamps …
reviewed The Bling Ring. October 02, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The Bling Ring
Sophia Coppola's film is based on the true story of some jaded, amoral LA teens who stole millions of dollars worth of designer goods from celebrities they admired.  They get high, take a lot …
reviewed The Last of Sheila. September 28, 2013
James Coburn stars as a Hollywood bigwig who hosts six pals for a week on his yacht in the south of France. He loves intricate puzzles and has planned a clever game that will identify the killer of his …
reviewed Frances. September 22, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
This biopic of Frances Farmer traces her life from outspoken teen to Hollywood starlet, followed by long periods of mental illness and barbaric treatment in institutions. Jessica Lange is magnificent …
reviewed Behind the Candelabra. September 19, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Behind the Candelabra
The movie opens in 1977 as Liberace (Michael Douglas) is starring in Las Vegas and seventeen year old Scott Thorson (Matt Damon) has just become his latest boy-toy.  They carry on a passionate affair …
reviewed Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013 film). August 31, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013 film)
"Lee Daniels' The Butler" is a shocking, sad, heartwarming, and important movie, dealing with the civil rights movement from the fifties to the present.  Forest Whitaker stars as Cecil …
reviewed A Little Night Music. August 31, 2013
This movie is so awful, it's torture to watch.  I can see how it would have been charming on Broadway, but everything went wrong when they brought it to the big screen, starting with the cast:   …
reviewed Raintree County. August 01, 2013
The story opens in 1859, in rural Indiana, as John and Nell (Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint) are graduating from school. Though they've been in love for years, John is bewitched by the beautiful …
reviewed Millions (2005). July 21, 2013
Millions (2005)
As the story opens, we meet brothers Damian and Anthony, who have just lost their mother. The family moves to a new house to begin life without her, and Damian finds a big bag full of cash. This sounds …
reviewed Random Harvest. July 18, 2013
Ronald Colman stars as John Smith, a shell-shocked WW1 soldier who suffers from complete amnesia. He is befriended by a kindly music hall singer (Greer Garson) and they fall in love. Inevitably, …
reviewed Quartet. July 13, 2013
The story opens in Paris, in the 1920s, where a wealthy, loveless couple (Maggie Smith, Alan Bates) goes from party to party and is still bored. He is disgusted with his older wife and she, in an effort …
reviewed Quartet. June 23, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
The story opens in a British retirement home for opera singers and musicians.  Here we meet the genial, still active residents who are happily rehearsing for an upcoming gala.  A new guest …
reviewed 'Hyde Park On The Hudson'. June 08, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
'Hyde Park On The Hudson'
It's 1939, and while FDR is preparing to host the King and Queen of England at his New York home, he makes time for a new mistress.      Bill Murray does a good job underplaying …
reviewed Great Expectations. May 12, 2013
Great Expectations
Young Pip has a hard life: His parents have died, he lives with his shrewish sister, and he's destined to be a lowly blacksmith. Fate smiles on him, however, when a mysterious old lady pays him to …
reviewed Dream House. May 09, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Dream House
Will (Daniel Craig) retires to live in his dream house with his family, but scary things start happening; it turns out the last residents were murdered and now someone is after his wife and kids.   …
reviewed A Royal Affair. April 28, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
A Royal Affair
This is the tragic story of Danish King Christian VII and his English wife, Caroline.  The King was a cruel dolt who made his wife miserable, until she fell in love with his wise and tender doctor.  …
reviewed Hitchcock (2012 film). April 13, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
'Hitchcock' Starring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson
Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren star as Alfred and Alma Hitchcock during the filming of the movie, "Psycho." We watch as they are forced to finance the movie themselves because no studio had …
reviewed The Other Love. March 31, 2013
Barbara Stanwyck stars as Karen, a famous concert pianist, who is sent to a picturesque Swiss sanitarium for a lengthy stay.  She's suffering from TB and the prognosis isn't good, but …
reviewed Argo. March 26, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
During the 1979 take-over of the American Embassy in Tehran, six Americans escape and are hidden in the Canadian Embassy. The CIA hatches a plot to get them out by having them masquerade as members of …
reviewed Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing. February 20, 2013
A lonely spinster (Maggie Smith) and an alienated teenager (Timothy Bottoms) meet in Spain, become friends, and then lovers.      This film is interesting mainly as a curiosity, with …
reviewed Bully (2012 film). February 16, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Bully (2012 film)
This shocking and painful documentary exposes the misery several middle-schoolers endure daily at the hands of their bullies.  We also see bereaved parents whose children couldn't take the abuse …
reviewed Suddenly, Last Summer. February 13, 2013
Suddenly, Last Summer
Long, slow, New Orleans-in-the-thirties talkfest filled with hystrionics and over-acting. Hepburn is excellent, playing a Southern grande dame with a decidedly New England accent, Taylor is gorgeous (complete …
reviewed The VIPs. February 01, 2013
The VIPs
The London fog grounds several wealthy passengers who must spend the night in the airport. The unrelated stories involve a wife running off with her lover, a cheap movie mogul, a businessman on the brink …
reviewed 'To Rome With Love' Directed By Woody.... January 25, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
'To Rome With Love' Directed By Woody Allen
Four unrelated vignettes involving tourists, newlyweds, and quirky locals play out in Rome.  The characters are neither sympathetic, likable, interesting, nor memorable.  The plots are like …
reviewed 24 Season Two. December 30, 2012
Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) returns to CTU as an impending nuclear bomb explosion threatens southern California. The President (Dennis Haysbert) must rely on Jack's help to prevent WWIII.   …
reviewed Arbitrage. December 28, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Richard Gere stars as a millionaire Wall Street financier with big troubles at work and a dead mistress, too.      It's always a bad sign when I have to look up the meaning of …
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