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10 Things I Miss Eating at LMU

  • Mar 4, 2010
Just because I'm now an alum of LMU, I can't help but remember when I lived on campus and was only a One-Card swipe away from eating like a freshman.  While I got sick of even the thought of standing in line at the lair during Convo by the time I graduated, I have to admit - there has been nothing like eating ice cream, chicken tenders and sushi rolls first thing in the morning or ordering a pizza right before 2AM. To celebrate these great (in retrospect) eats, below are ten of my favorite foods that if I could, I'd come back and eat away!
Rotisserie Chicken (The Lair)
Probably my most frequented meal when I lived on campus. True classic. I loved getting the quarter dark meat portions, because the white meats were cooked too dry all the time. If you were ambitions, you could get the half chicken, but I recommend a nice juicy thigh and leg. Add some mac and cheese along with a side of mashed potatoes and you're set. Prob the closest things to a home cooked meal if you're on campus.
Club Sandwich (Iggy's Diner)
I love this one too. But if the line extends to the jukebox, then skip this selection for next time. They don't cook chicken until it's ordered, and so it'll take a while to get your order + any waiting in line. It comes with bacon and tomatoes and made on classic white bread. Take a Gatorade or Sobe right before you pay.
Fresh Baked Apple Pie (Iggy's Diner)
Stick around after the chicken club for a nice slice of apple pie. I highly recommend this one, because I don't think there is anywhere else on campus you can get such goodness. I order a scoop of vanilla ice cream and ask them to microwave the pie so it comes warm. Best desert to eat right before knocking out, trust me! (I lived in McKay.)
Chicken Tenders (155 Grill)
Best food to eat while at convo because they're so easy to eat and share. Well, not sure if you want to share - but at least you can eat and go. The line for these is SO long at convo, so try to snag a batch that has been left behind in the express lane. I like to get the fries and throw on the seasoning. Don't forget sauces that are after the counters.
Chicken Ceaser Wrap (Simply to Go, The Lair)
See those green, orange or brown tortillas wrapped up? Inside those is something great. Salad in a tortilla? Why not. I used to think I wouldn't get full of one of these as compared to eating a full burrito. But it gets the job done. It can get kinda messy though, so watch out.
Pizza Delivery
When living in the dorm halls, this was pretty much a staple. By the end of the year, I learned that the best pizza was the thin crust, cut into squares. Best food to order right at 1:30ish in the morning if you're hungry and everything is closed. Plus, the deliverers know where all the dorms are at which makes it easy. Also, without microwaves in the dorms, pizza came in handy the next morning!
Clam Chowder (The Lair)
A soup had to make it in here, and the clam chowder is my choice. It's right next to the salad bar, so I suggest snagging cheese and croûtons right before you place the lid over it. They might charge you extra though, but it's worth it. I loved soups in general at LMU, but the creamy ones like clam chowder were the best ones to look forward to. I wasn't a big fan of the bread bowls, just because they were often stale, so I preferred the cups instead.
Beef and Broccoli Bowl (Far East Fusion, The Lair)
Not the best dish, ever - BUT, it's the only place you can get white rice on campus. And yes, I know the white rice always tasted funny, but by Christmas break, you'll get used to it. You'll know which spot to find the rice bowls, because you'll see the L shaped line that forms from the salad bar right up to the counter. They cook up bowls like an assembly line so you'll be out of there in no time. I always say to go, because that way you already have food in a portable container if you've got to leave for class.
Steak and Eggs (Iggy's Diner)
This plate might be extinct, because I can't find it on the website. But when I was a regular at Iggy's - this was the magic item that got around to everybody living in McKay in a matter of minutes. Steak n Eggs. They'll cook them in the morning all the way until they run out of steaks, so if you're lucky you'll catch one before 5PM or so. Anything afterwards, you might be out luck. Even though its $10 - just get it. You may never have an opportunity to spend $10 at Iggy's once you graduate!
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (Pizza del Ray)
Wow, how could I forget? Chicken Parmesan sandwich at Pizza del Ray. Best deal on campus! Are you telling me I can really get a heated sub on campus topped with sauce and Parmesan cheese? Awesome!

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March 05, 2010
Ugh, you're making me all nostalgic for my college cafeteria with this! The difference between me and you though, is that I never got sick of my food ;P Great list, Angelo!
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