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Posted to LingEatsCake's profile July 09, 2009
Where are you, Ling??
July 26, 2010
Yep, still here. What can I say? I suck. :)
July 26, 2010
we're glad you're still around.
July 26, 2010
Thanks! Still here.
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile June 15, 2009
Why don't you review some films that take place in Chicago and expound upon the various locations where they were shot and whether you've ever been to them. Both the recent Batman and Spider-Man movies have done some shooting there, if my memory serves me correctly. :)
July 26, 2010
I was just thinking about this. You'll be happy to know that Transformers 3 was just shooting down the street from my office last week. They had to clear off Michigan Ave. Sadly, no Shia LeBeouf sightings.
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile April 13, 2009
Haha. I am actually about to upload a couple texts about carnivorous plants. When you say fruit flies, you mean those annoying things like these (and a close up!)? That is a Drosera filiformis that I used to grow. My favorite species of carnivorous plants are a tropical plant called Nepenthes. Here are some pictures of some others I have grown.

Good growing!
April 13, 2009
Eek, your pics are very accurate, too accurate. Yes, I believe we're talking about the same thing. I'll take note of the Nepenthes. It must be a less labor-intensive than using a fly swatter! Love the write-ups on your blog!
April 13, 2009
It certainly is much less involved than a flyswatter; however, it is a little disheartening to see fifty dead bugs at one time. Where did they all come from? How many more are there?!

I got a peace lily from my mother in law once that was infected with thrips and I placed a couple of plants like in that picture and a week later the pest problem was neutralized.

I just posted a review for a CP text with some more pictures you might enjoy. Thanks for the comment about my blog. I'm still getting familiar with the blog-o-sphere so it still has a pretty basic appearance. A work in progress, like everything!
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile April 13, 2009
2005 Epicuro Aglianico Beneventano  This wine will need a little decanting so it can open. This will go with most pasta dishes or even pizza.  The 2005 Franciscan Cabernet Sauvignon wine review is sold at TJ's as well and is very versatile wine! If you like a Chardonnay, the toasted head is very good and very inexpensive! Salute!
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile April 12, 2009
Ling thanks for the recommendation and the kudos! You ask a good question about the fermenting of frozen grapes and whether or not it's a faux pas? On the contrary it is actually something which is highly desired. There are Wines from Sauternes, especially the Premier Cru Superior estate Ch√Ęteau d'Yquem, which can be very expensive and highly regarded. Regarding Ice Wines some of the best come from Germany and Canada and are quite pricey as well. One of the categories they fall under is Tokaji wines & Trockenbeerenauslese,  which are referred to as Ice Wines and also as late harvest wines.  Some folks consider these to be a dessert wine! I hope that was helpful? Seeing you live in San Francisco you have access to some great wine shops like the Jug Shop and of course Napa and Sonoma, etc. on your doorstep! Have a great week!
April 13, 2009
Thanks, you're super-helpful. I feel very special to be friends with a wine expert! ;)
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile April 10, 2009
p.s. tell me if you see typos :P
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile April 10, 2009
hey, check out my new review (finally!) I included a picture too :) http://www.lunch.com/data/Shisem_eyelashes-1...not_the_eyes_-7350.html
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 27, 2009
Hey, thanks for your comments on the Hot water dispenser :) Yeah, I'll probably write a review on my favorite affordable rice cooker tonight... you beat me to the punch line... although it doesn't sing twinkle twinkle little star. That would be awesome if it did though ;)
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 23, 2009
You should add that shrill idiot Katherine Coulter to your political pundits list so I can give her a -5 along with that equally shrill idiot Sean Hannity. :)
March 24, 2009
You mean Ann Coulter? Well, the less we know about them, the better! But also, you should definitely create your own ExhilaRATE game full of villanous political pundits! I'd love to give Sean Hannity a -5! Let me know if you have any trouble creating it. It's pretty simple!
March 24, 2009
Ann Coulter, yes sorry! I will try to create one of those games sometime. I triedone time but my computer froze. :)
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 22, 2009
Thanks, I didn't end up making the trip due to a pesky medical condition I have, but I'm feeling better about it now. I appreciate the kind words.
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 20, 2009
That's cool, I can't pick one song that is my favorite... but "I'm not crying", "Business time", and "Boom King" always make me laugh out loud :)
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 19, 2009
hey. well it's known that britney lip synchs all her songs...except it appeared that she actually sang 'everytime' live.
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 16, 2009
Hi Ling, I just added you as a favorite Examiner- see you over there!!!
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 15, 2009
Yea that was just the first episode. I will probably try to see if it improves. But hey I like the CITY! and the Hills! Even though I think Whitney is pretty dry
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile March 03, 2009
Lily Allen covered Womanizer??? Must find!
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile February 27, 2009
Who knew my tirades on Top Chef and Goop could take me so far?
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile February 27, 2009
I loved your review of Goop. All of your reviews are very insightful and entertaining, looking forward to connecting more here at Lunch.
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile February 24, 2009
Looks like we both have fantastic taste!:)
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile February 22, 2009
thank you for your comment I've always loved that style too, hopefully i do that myself how are you?
Posted to LingEatsCake's profile February 22, 2009
According to our similarity, we both can't agree on Spencer Pratt. How is this so?!?!
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