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Top 10 most infulential Sci-Fi Noirs

  • Jul 20, 2010
I am an avid and passionate lover of Science Fiction  I have been since I was young and it has gotten stronger and stronger over the years   I love the Sci-Fi genre and how there best films challenge you think while leaving you completely and utterly baffled at the same time leaving you, the moviegoer, to decided for yourself what is real what is not and what you would change or do if you had the power to do it. The only other genre I am this passionate about is film noir and when I first heard about Blade Runner and that it combined the two   i knew that my love for both genre had come together to create a dark and visually impressive set of movies that not only blend the bleakness  of Sci-Fi and the dark surrealism of film noir but also challenge you to think about things that normally would not cross your mind. I made this list honoring the best of the best of Sci-Fi Noir.
Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" is considered the first and greatest of all Science Fiction films and the first film to ever uses the elements that would later become one of films most influential genres, Film Noir. Lang's bleak and dark vision of a desolate yet highly technologically advanced human society struck a cord with moviegoers when it was originally released in 1927 and still today remains one of the most beloved and most influential of all science fiction films and Sc-Fi Noirs.
Blade Runner (The Director's Cut) (1982)
Upon its original release Ridley Scott's beloved yet misunderstood Sci-fi cult classic "Blade Runner" was and still is a misjudged and misinterpreted classic of Sci-Fi noir it is the second and also one of the most beloved and coveted films of this intriguing and bleak mix sub genre. Scott's dark vision of a world turned into something straight from a Dashiell Hammett novel gives "Blade Runner" one of Sc-Fi's most unique and absorbing looks into the world of the future from a 1980's perspective.
Minority Report
Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report"(2002) is like a cross between Roman Polanski and Robert Towne's "Chinatown"(1974) and Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner"(1982) it has stark noirish dialogue mixed with a murder mystery so complex that it makes the case in "Chinatown" look like a purse snatching incident. Spielberg's dreary and dark Sci-fi noir is one of the sub genre's most influential and most daring pictures blending amazing special effects(courtesy of ILM), jarring plot twists and fine acting from the lead and supporting cast "Minority Report" is undoubtedly one of the wildest rides of the sub genre.
DVD front
After Alex Proyas success with one of the first mainstream comic book adaptions "The Crow" he set his sights on tackling one of the most popular and most powerful genres in film history with his vision of a world that is not as normal as it seems. His film is considered a major stepping stone for Science Fiction and one of the genres most influential and revered tales and is also one of Sci-Fi noirs greatest entries. Proyas' "Dark City" is as bleak as it is intriguing a film that works to provoke thought as it does to stir you imagination and blow your mind . "Dark City" does that and so much more.
DVD front
Does this film need any explanation to its greatness or its boundless imagination and endless theories and possibilities created by Andrew Wachowski and Laurence Wachowski the men behind this ground breaking and mind boggling first entry in the beloved Matrix trilogy. "The Matrix" is Sci-Fi Noir at its very best its whole style, dialogue patterns all are taken from Science fiction and film noir. This is and today still holds the title as the most influential Modern Science Fiction film of all time a title that no other Sci-Fi film has yet to take from this massively popular and mind bending blockbuster that gives its view on a blurred reality.
The Terminator
The first and possibly the greatest of all The Terminator movies "The Terminator" is the film that shot James to super star status in 1984 and begun what would be one of the most critically and commercially successful careers of any director . "The Terminator" is a potent cyber-punk science fiction actioneer that deftly blends the dark and bleak surrealism of film noir with the desolate and sometime unsettling nature of a nuclear fallout of a future where machines have nearly wiped out humanity. Whoa! is the only word that describe "The Terminator " , the same word was uttered again in 1999 in response to the Wachowski Brothers "The Matrix" a film that nearly rivals this Sci-Fi masterpiece.
2-disc DTS edition
There is not much I remember from this film but what I do remember is having the time of my life watching this gorgeous and searing animated portrait of a technology dependent future thrown into total upheaval by a devious and ever elusive hacker know as "The Puppet Master". "Ghost in the Shell" is a dark and visually impressive movie that brings to mind all the things that Science Fiction originally set forth to tell before it became a genre solely dependent on action to get its point across this film never falters in its telling of its story or to get its point across. It not only stands as one of the most visually stunning animated features ever made it also stands as the inspiration for another influential sci-fi noir , "The Matrix".
Inception teaser poster
To try and explain "Inception' would be like trying to explain why the sky is blue, why the sun rises in the east instead of the west, why the moon controls the tide, why the other planets revolve around the sun instead of us revolving around it and how Martin Sheen is a Latino. I know some of those questions don't make a lick of sense and some of them do however I would like you to try to explain the plot and premise of Christopher Nolan's twisty mind-bender "Inception" I can only figure a few things myself and those few things only make up the last two acts of the movie. Nolan's competently blends his own bleak and twisty vision of a blurred reality with the dark and solemn nature of film noir to create a potent and thought provoking film that has not been seen since "Blade Runner" and "The Matrix".
See the full review, "4 stars: The Dream is Real".
DVD front
You are probably wondering what an emotionally driven murder mystery time rift Science Fiction thriller like Gregory Hobbit's "Frequency" is doing on a list of such great and powerful films such as "Metropolis", "Blade Runner", "Inception", "The Matrix", "Ghost in the Shell" etc. Well I am here to say that "Frequency" is not your average Sci-Fi thriller it is an extremely intelligent, thoughtful picture about how some events in our life shape who we become in our future and how if we had the chance would we change our past to save the one we love? "Frequency" is not as potent as some of the other films on this list however, it is the most emotional and certainly one of the more thought provoking.

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July 20, 2010
whoa. This is some list..what happened to the descriptions to # 10? Also, don't forget "Inception" took some elements from the Japanese anime "Paprika" as well. I will feature this.
July 20, 2010
Thank you. I have not seen number 10 I included it in the list due to the fact that it is considered to be one of Sci-Fi Noirs most influential movies, actually I have seen parts of it but it was a long time ago sometime in the early 00's I really need to see it again. And I did not know that "Inception " drew its some of its inspiration from an anime film I thought Nolan took inspiration from other sources like "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner" That is what I took from it.
July 21, 2010
He did in some ways, but if you've seen Paprika, which defines the premise of a dreamworld then you know exactly what I am talking about.
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