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Oprah and Katherine Jackson

An interview with the Jackson family on Oprah on November 8, 2010.

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Katherine Jackson Speaks About The Loss Of Michael

  • Nov 8, 2010
Michael's beloved mother Katherine has just come out with a book called "Never Can Say Goodbye" which is a tribute filled with thoughts and memorabilia about her son that she still so desperately misses.  Oprah sat down with Katherine at her home on the Oprah Show today, and after watching it I wanted to share some thoughts about the interview.

First of all, Katherine is a beautiful lady; you can see where the Jackson's got their looks from - certainly not from their father!  She is very soft-spoken, lovely, and an absolute lady all the way through.  Michael adored her, as the whole knows, and she adored him - it was very hard for her to talk about him without tears. Apologizing for not being able to finish some of her sentences was certainly understandable, and not a day goes by she does not think about him.

When Oprah asked about his addiction, Mrs. Jackson said she had been told about it, but when she asked Michael, he denied it and got upset that maybe she did not believe him.  This, I believe, is understandable, as usually true addicts are not even aware they are addicts because of denial.  She told him if something happened that he overdosed and died, it would kill her also, but he denied it.  I can only imagine how this may have hurt him to lie to his mother, even though he may not have considered it a lie at the time. Katherine did state to Oprah that she wanted so badly to believe him, but she had her doubts.  She admitted that some family members did try an intervention, but she was not a part of it.

Mrs. Jackson also talked about the hurt she went through when Michael, during adolescence, decided he was ugly.  A mother (being one myself) truly does get hurt when their children are hurting, despite what it is.  He decided one day to get his nose fixed - he told her he was going to have it done, then left.   It is clear that when Michael made a decision, he would do it without sticking around long - she believes it was because he was afraid she would try and talk him out of it.  She did not have much to say about the first nose job, but was getting concerned when he had more - she believed his nose was too small, and even admitted she talked to the surgeon who did the last surgery to not actually "do the surgery - just make it look like you did" - of course, it was done anyway and the rest is history.  Michael's nose tip ended up messed up and he had to wear a prosthesis.  She denied he had any other plastic surgery except for what he did to get rid of the patches of vertilligo that he was plagued with.  She was not sure exactly what he did to correct the problem, but that his face, chest, and arms were treated, but other body parts that were normally covered still had the skin disorder.  He did not want to look like a "spotted cow".

When asked about how she found out about his death, Mrs. Jackson was told on the phone after church service that she needed to get to the hospital because Michael was there - she was not told he was dead.  Her nephew was with her when they arrived there.  She was told by Dr. Murray, of all people, that Michael was gone.  Her heart was broken as she watched Michael's children, who were told separately in another room that their father was dead, cry.  Paris, she said, looked as if she would pass out, and Paris exclaimed that she could not live without her father and wanted to go with him.  The children went home with Katherine that same day, and have lived with her since.  Mrs. Jackson also said that when they were told they could leave the hospital now, Paris looked at her and said "But Grandma, where will we go?" 

Oprah asked her about her thoughts on Dr. Murray.  The only thing she would say was that she did not know whether he actually murdered Michael, or if it was an accident, and that she had her thoughts about him but would rather not say what they were.  Being the lady she is, she refrained from any more comments about him.

Joe (I can't stand him) was asked about the beatings Michael claimed he received.  He denied this, not liking the term "beat" - but did admit he used a strap to discipline his children and did not regret any of it. He kept repeating "none of my children were in jail and they were raised right" - so yes, Michael did suffer through physical discipline, but he considered it beating as he was growing up, and it scarred him emotionally.  Katherine also admitted that the allegation trial changed Michael.  He was a trusting man, and loved children, and could not figure why people would accuse him of doing something so wrong which concerned something he loved so much.  After the trial, he said he trusted no one, except his mother, and his world literally fell apart after this.

Paris, Prince and Blanket are doing well.  They were shown and interviewed toward the last of the show - Blanket is tremendously shy so he did not really say anything, but Paris especially was more than willing to talk.  She and Prince are now going to public school this year, and they love it.  Prince wanted to go when she did not, then she changed her mind after he started.  They have many friends and are happy.  Blanket has decided that next year, in 4th grade, he now wants to start public school, but as Katherine said, "He is not ready yet, as he is too shy" - and he certainly is.  Paris said she missed her time with Daddy, especially the times it was just Michael and her.  Standing at the top of a house in Las Vegas eating Snickers and drinking soda while gazing at the night city lights was one memory she cherished.  Prince misses when they used to get up early in the morning and go to walk on the beach. They both said they understood why they were veiled when growing up, as Michael did his best to protect them in any way he could.  They admitted it could be uncomfortable, but they knew and understood why it was done (and Katherine stated the mother Debbie told her it was HER idea to veil the children)!  They both admitted their dad could be strict and they did not get by with anything, although Blanket said the opposite.  Paris also said she really missed her dad's cooking, saying "he was the best cook ever" - he loved to make them breakfast, and he made awesome French toast; apparently he cooked for them quite often, which was something of a surprise to everyone, including Oprah.  Katherine said that Paris' room is filled with pictures of Michael, and she can't see how Paris can not cry when seeing them.  You can see that his children loved him very much, and that the world was not able to see when he was alive how wonderful a father he truly was.

I personally was glad to see Katherine speak of her beloved son, and I am looking forward to seeing the book "Never Can Say Goodbye" - a mother's tribute to the King Of Pop, I am sure, will not disappoint.

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December 30, 2010
thank you for this review, I enjoyed reading it, more then I enjoyed watching it. In fact I did not enjoy watching the interview at all, because as a communications master student, I understand (but I think anyone can understand really) how mean all the questions were. You luckily left out everything Oprah said. It just made me so angry to see her there with Katherine, pretending. I have forgiven so many people who have admitted they made a wrong judgement regarding MJ in the past but now have realised the wonderful person he really was, but Oprah has never apologised. I guess I should forgive her though, because of all the money she has raised and donated to charity. Let's leave it at that.
December 30, 2010
I'm glad you raised that issue Femkela - I agree there were some questions that Oprah asked that I felt were a little off the wall. I had heard there was a time Oprah put MJ down, but am not sure exactly what happened and what she did or said. I guess I try to avoid any of that because I get angry, just as you, about people who misjudged or put him down, yet acted as if they were his friend at the same time - I can only imagine how someone in his position felt not knowing who to trust, yet being such a trusting person because he wanted love so badly. I am not sure what Oprah needs to apologize for, but she needs to do it. Thank you so much for your reply!!
December 30, 2010
If you ever want to see it, watch the 2005 interview with LMP and Oprah on Youtube. But I don't recommend it because indeed it is very angering. Well, luckily there are fans around who see Michael for who he really was, and that is an amazing person with a heart of gold :-D
December 30, 2010
I may check this out, but like you said, it may anger me so I may not! I am VERY passionate with the subject of Michael Jackson - and you are absolutely right; no man ever walked this earth that had a heart as big as his. Thank you so much--I'm glad to meet another fan!!
November 25, 2010
WOW excellent write up
November 26, 2010
Thanks Alex -- I always enjoy writing about my inspirational icon!!
November 09, 2010
I love MJ! Thanks so much for this beautiful review on the interview with Katherine, who I agree is the epitome of the word "lady". It gave me yet another insight into him, just like my review on "This Is It" says the movie had done for me.
November 10, 2010
Thank you djevoke - I wrote a review on This Is It also, but it was one of my first reviews I ever did on Lunch so it may not have been all that great! LOL MJ is a true inspiration to everyone who has bothered to pay attention to the great things this man did for the world; This Is It truly showed us how humble and wonderful he really was - such a shame he was so misunderstood. Thank you for reading, and I am looking on your review on the movie-don't remember if I have read it yet or not. Thank you again!!
November 10, 2010
Thanks for stopping by my review- I really enjoyed your comments. I'll have to repay the favor ;p He was truly a giving man and an amazing father. I had no idea that he cooked breakfast for his kids, that's such an endearing picture to me. He loved Mother Earth, children (not in THAT way), music, his mother and family (not Joe- who can blame him? I can't stand that man, either!). If we would've just supported him and listened, where would we be now?
November 10, 2010
You are SO right!! I'll be the first to admit that I did not find as many endearing qualities in him when he was alive but we can thank the bad press for that - they only showed the world what they wanted us to see and I think it had to have been so traumatic for anyone, like him, to live in a world where only the strange or eccentric qualities were shown about MJ. It's sad that it took death for some of us to realize the man he was!! Thank you for your comment!
November 10, 2010
It is a shame....at least, hopefully some will feel some remorse and educate themselves on the real MJ! You are most welcome! Thanks for this amazing review :)
November 08, 2010
I'm glad you're still keeping up with this, Brenda. Nice work. I need to re-learn to do the 'mmonwalk'. ;)
November 09, 2010
I will keep up with Michael till I keel over LOL My daughter Brandi, who is 11, also adores Michael and has taught herself to do the moonwalk after watching his videos 1,000 times. She's gotten really good too except her little tongue sticks out and moves to the left and right along with her feet - I laugh at her and tell her Michael's tongue didn't do that! Thanks for reading Woo....
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The lovely and strong-willed Lady talks about the loss of her beloved son Michael - you can easily see how painful it has been for her to deal with her loss, and you can easily see how hurtful it is for her, as his mother, to see the struggles, heartache and pain Michael went through during his life as a misunderstood man. Raising his children since the night of his death, she has proven how strong she is, and seeing the children growing up on this interview -- WOW -- they are coping well and miss …
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