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reviewed Gnu Foods - Gnu Bar Cinnamon Raisin, .... September 01, 2010
Gnu Foods - Gnu Bar Cinnamon Raisin, 16 bar
I have been a Fiber One bar loyalist for a few years now - it's literally been my breakfast almost daily since 2008. I am not sure why, but I bought one of these Gnu Bars at Whole Foods on a whim, and …
reviewed Pure Bar Organic Wild Blueberry, Raw .... August 19, 2010
Pure Bar Organic Wild Blueberry, Raw Fruit & Nut
Unlike most all-natural foods that, in my opinion, tend to taste like tree bark, this one was not at all bad. However, since I tend to like bars for bigger servings of fiber vs servings of fruit and vegetables …
reviewed DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Rev.... August 19, 2010
DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Revolve 400X
Admittedly, I'm a pretty obtuse guy when it comes to thinks like personal beauty. I've never been one to wash my face with anything more complicated than soap and water, but as I'm closer to 40 than 30, …
reviewed Twilight (book). June 14, 2010
No, seriously.    The book itself should have come with a preface about the noxious characters it contained, but then, this book is really a reflection of a growing portion of our …
reviewed Get Rid of the Performance Review!: H.... February 25, 2010
Get Rid of the Performance Review!: How Companies
I have fortunately never had the displeasure of working for any of the managers or, per the author's contention, entire organizations that are allegedly hell-bent on making people miserable by measuring …
reviewed Black & Decker D6000 All-Temp Steam I.... February 18, 2010
Black & Decker D6000 All-Temp Steam Iron with
I am a guy, so ironing is about as low on my list of life-love's as it can possibly get.. and fortunately, I don't have to wear a lot of dressier clothes for work, so the need to iron is fortunately not …
reviewed Swash Steam It Out 10 Minute Clothing.... February 18, 2010
Swash Steam It Out 10 Minute Clothing Tumblers,
I really wanted to like this product because I hate over-washing clothes that just need a refresh (and what male on the planet doesn't use the dryer as a substitute for ironing??). That said, I have what …
reviewed Pyrex Pie Plate Portable. February 18, 2010
Pyrex Pie Plate Portable
Pyrex makes great glassware - most of the glass cookware I have in my kitchen (and measuring cups, etc) are all Pyrex standards.    This item is half-great - but only for the pie dish …
reviewed Philips Portable Speaker Dock for iPo.... February 18, 2010
Philips Portable Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone
For the size and price of these speakers, the sound quality really is quite good. There are only a couple of drawbacks:    1. No remote. I know, we're lazy anymore.. but being able …
reviewed I Look To You. August 31, 2009
I Look To You
There are so many different ways to say what a triumph this CD is, but at the end of the day, it's just a sheer pleasure to be able to say the words "I love the new Whitney CD!" after 11 years of waiting …
reviewed Logitech Professional Presenter R800 .... August 27, 2009
Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green
It seems silly to want something like a presenter to be ergonomic and comfortable, but facilitating 1-2 day classes means that I hold these things for hours at a time. This presenter is not only lighter …
reviewed Gillette Razor Power, Fusion Gamer, 1.... August 27, 2009
Gillette Razor Power, Fusion Gamer, 1-Count
I'm not 100% convinced that adding battery power to a standard razor adds a ton, but I have sensitive skin and have to shave carefully.    I do really like how great a job it does …
reviewed All I Ever Wanted. March 10, 2009
All I Ever Wanted
She had me at "My Life Would Suck Without You". How can you not absolutely lose yourself in pure pop/rock giddiness when Kelly's voice soars over a track like that?     The rest of …
reviewed My Life Would Suck Without You. January 30, 2009
My Life Would Suck Without You
There are few female singers out there anymore whose voices can truly soar over whatever track they're put up against, and Kelly Clarkson is one of those voices. Think the chorus of "Since You Been Gone" …
reviewed Folie A Deux. January 08, 2009
Folie A Deux
I had no idea who FOB was before I Don't Care was on the radio one day and the DJ said it was FOB singing. I had heard Thnks fr th Mmrs a thousand times and while I thought it was catchy, had no idea …
reviewed The Truth About You: Your Secret to S.... December 28, 2008
The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success
I am a huge fan of Marcus Buckingham's work. As someone who works in the HR field, it is wonderful to have someone like him 'on your side' when it comes to getting the message out that your life and your …
reviewed Bejeweled Twist. December 28, 2008
Bejeweled Twist
Once you play the 'full' version of ANY of PopCap's games - Bejeweled included - you will be hard-pressed to ever settle for the free versions online (Yahoo, MSN, etc) again.    Pretty …
reviewed Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800.... December 28, 2008
Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt
As someone who doesn't eat toast but ocassionally needs to toast something (like a Pop Tart) it has always beenf rustrating not having an alternative to firing up the broiler in my full-size oven. However, …
reviewed mix 1 Berry, Protein & Antioxidant Dr.... December 28, 2008
mix 1 Berry, Protein & Antioxidant Drink, 11-Ounce
I tend to prefer my drinks to be a bit lower in calories, but this one is pretty good.     The cons:  - Calorie count (200 per 11oz serving)  - The taste is actually …
reviewed Circus. December 02, 2008
OK, I am not nor have I ever been what I would consider a Britney Spears "fan" .. I definitely have enjoyed several of her songs in the past - Toxic, most of all - but her personal life has been distracting …
reviewed Live Your Life. November 27, 2008
Live Your Life
Does Rihanna need to release 38 singles a year? And do 37 of them really need to have some kind of 'aaa, aaaa, aaaaa' hook to them? Seriously, her songs sound like she's learning her phonics (ella ella …
reviewed Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip--Conf.... August 21, 2008
Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip--Confessions of a
I ordered this book with great anticipation, given that others of its ilk (Plane Insanity, from the point of view of a veteran flight atttendant, for example, was hilarious) have shed some entertaining …
reviewed Sweetheart. August 21, 2008
I tend to love books like this because they waste no time getting right into the plot and the stories move at a quick pace. I travel, I read these types of books on planes and at airports to distract …
Direct Your Own Life: How to Be a Star in Any
I really enjoyed the premise and the writing, not for my own career but in teaching career development to employees and managers across industries day-to-day. I really like anything that encourages people …
Sell the Feeling: The 6-Step System That Drives
Overall a good book, but I tend to shy away from any books that trend towards emotional manipulation. I think it could have all been said in a much more brief manner - be authentic, pay attention to the …
reviewed WALL-E. July 04, 2008
Since many of the reviews here have more words in them than the actual movie, I'll keep this short.    From a purely technical perspective, WALL-E deftly weaves together a future-looking …
Etymotic Research HF2 Earphones / Headset (iPhone
I have owned several pair of Etymotic earphones, and was pleased when the Vine program afforded me an opportunity to try out this new product.     The reason I've owned several pair …
reviewed Flavors Of Entanglement. June 19, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Flavors Of Entanglement
"Jagged Little Pill" is one of the most memorable CD's of all-time for me, and like many others, I have vivid memories of the summer of 1995 that are associated with the many brilliant songs and moods …
reviewed Code of Conduct. June 04, 2008
Code of Conduct
The title of my review pretty much sums up (at a very high level) the two things that will decide a book's fate for me: did it keep me engaged and did I care about the main characters?    The …
reviewed Hard Candy. May 05, 2008
Hard Candy
I have been a fan since I had to beg my parents for the $5.98 to buy her first album (yes, album) in 1983. Having followed Madonna's musical journey for 25 years has been an amazing experience - and every …
IZZE Fortified Sparkling Juice, Blackberry,
I'm admittedly not a fan of sparkling water, but I did used to drink a ton of Clearly Canadian as I really liked the flavors, and IZZE makes a nice substitute as I haven't seen Clearly Canadian available …
reviewed E=MC2. May 03, 2008
I'm admittedly much more of an old school Mariah fan than anything she's done in the last several years - Music Box, Fantasy, Emotions and Butterfly are 4 of my favorite albums of all time.    When …
reviewed Samsung LNT3253H 32-Inch LCD HDTV. March 27, 2008
Samsung LNT3253H 32-Inch LCD HDTV
I bought this TV from Amazon last August and, it being my first LCD, instantly loved it. I'm not as technical as many of the reviewers on here but from a layperson's perspective, here's what I liked:   &nb …
reviewed Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and.... March 27, 2008
Harman Kardon SoundSticks II Plug and Play
I love products that are truly and literally plug-and-play - no software to install, no messy diagrams, just a simple plug into the back of the computer and the power outlet and you're good to go.     …
reviewed Windows Live OneCare 2.0 (Up to 3 Users). March 03, 2008
Windows Live OneCare 2.0 (Up to 3 Users)
The jury is still out for me and this product, not to determine whether or not it's any good - I think it is - but whether or not it's something I actually need. That said, I bit the bullet and purchased …
reviewed Discipline. February 26, 2008
posted in Music Matters
There's nothing that does a better job of showing the generational gap between Gen X and Gen Y (Z?) than looking at the reviews of a Janet Jackson album. Thankfully, someone else has already crucified …
reviewed Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ea.... February 22, 2008
Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones (Black)
As the title of my review indicates, this is my third pair of ER6i's. The first one my dog chewed the earbuds up - lesson learned, don't leave them in reach of Fido.    My second pair …
reviewed The Tin Star. January 21, 2008
The Tin Star
OK, so it's not anywhere near Brokeback Mountain, but the country / ranch theme kinda made me think that this is what Brokeback Mountain would have been had either of the characters from that story been …
reviewed It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for L.... January 14, 2008
It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a
I come from a long family history of hoarders - with a father in medical sales who received boxes and boxes of pens, post-it notes and brochures, to a mother who keeps every coupon, plastic drink cup …
reviewed Celine Dion: A New Day - Live in Las .... January 05, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Celine Dion: A New Day - Live in Las Vegas (2007)
That Celine Dion is one of the most generous and sincere artists in music today is pretty well-known. While she has taken a beating from the media and from detractors for being over-the-top in some of …
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