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Obsessed with the Best in 2009!

  • Oct 23, 2009
  • by
2009 was a big year for me - I moved to CA and made a lot of changes to my life through diet, exercise, and even the products I used! This is a list of all the things I was obsessed with in 2009.
I eat about 2 a day, especially now that I live in CA. You could probably keep feeding them to me, one after another - forever. Go ahead, try. I DARE YOU. :D~
I'm not really into juices and soda...I think water just quenches my thirst the best. I LOVE IT. I drink so much water!
Hiking trail marker
Hiking keeps you in the best shape of your life, and its fun, not boot camp! Also, it's free, so that's a serious plus.
The Band
My favorite band forever. I can always listen to them when I'm sick of all the other music I have. I went through a huge phase in the Spring that keeps coming back to haunt me (in the best way ever).
This should really say "All dogs of all shapes and sizes" BUT I am partial to weenie dogs because it's what I had growing up. Cute and wiggly companions!
I'm not vegan but I love eating vegan food. This is a great cookbook with lots of basics that meat eaters will love too.
Canon 400D XTi
I currently use this camera and it's great for everything from everyday life to vacations! I take photos of everything with it.
See the full review, "Good for an intermediate-level photographer/Canon loyalist but perhaps nothing more.".
I'm a proud Italian, so this is a must! I need to make a whole other list dedicated to my favorite TYPES of pasta. Yum. Also great for budgeting - hello, recession of 2009!
Walt Disney
I love Disney, from the movies to the parks to the history. I'm totally obsessed! Read the Wikipedia sometime, you won't be disappointed.

Check why Disneyland Makes Me Foam at the Mouth!
I went to a concert not too long ago and in between bands I did a Twitter search on my phone to see who in the room was tweeting about the same concert. NERD. I have an addiction, legitimately. And to think I used to denounce Twitter when I first heard of it earlier this year!
Cute Overload!
Cute animals, usually babies. Enough said.
See the full review, "There is nothing I love more than this website.".
I love drinking Mate to get amped without all bad jittery caffeine side effects. I can't start my day without it!
See the full review, "Look ma, no more caffeine jitters!".
tofu scramble with tempeh bacon
Um, who doesn't love bacon? I just happen to be obsessed with the meat-free kind ;)
See the full review, "I'm addicted to bacon.".
iPhone 3Gs
I got this phone last night and I'm already totally addicted. I didn't think I would be either - Apple makes great products.
Snapea Crisps
My favorite salty snack!
See the full review, "I can not keep a bag of these in my house for the life of me.".
Medjool Dates
My favorite sweet snack is dried fruit, and dates are my recent favorite - so good for you too. I love foods from the Mediterranean.
Apple iMac
I got this in Jan 2009 and have learned to love using my iMac for small graphic design/photo editing projects. The screen makes everything look 10x better!
Farouk CHI Original Cermic Flat Hair Iron
My hair is sort of frizzy and curly and there is no other iron that works when I want it pin straight! This is the best iron on the market - worth every expensive penny.
I love being a totally different person for a night! I've had some pretty eccentric costumes before, I'll tell you that much!
There Will Be Blood
The best movie I've seen in the past few years, DEFINITELY. Certainly better than the movies I saw in 2009 :-/

What did you think of this list?

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October 24, 2009
very cool list, soo diverse... i love the guayaki line!!! knowing we have similar taste in beverage and i try to drink a boat load of water every day, i am curious your preferred intake of your #2 favorite thing, 'water'? again, great list!
October 24, 2009
Oh man....ONLY distilled water! the best.
October 24, 2009
i've been wanting to switch to a system for the house, been doing bottles of smart water til now.. i hear there are some machines which ultimately create better water for you and i have such environmental guilt about the bottles.. any suggestions would be mucho appreciated, thx!!
October 26, 2009
Hmmm...I've been looking into them for awhile but sadly haven't settled on one. One major downfall is that it takes about 3-4 hours to distill 1 gallon of water or so. It could be worth it, though - most bottle water still contains chemicals and metals that tap water has - distilled is the only way to removed all that junk and get great tasting water.There is more info on the internet - this is a pretty good link!
If a distilled converter seemed like too much of a burden, check out @EcoMama 's review on Nikken PiMag Aqua Pour - sounds pretty cool.
October 27, 2009
Great info, thank you so much... this is something i wish to do and am going to do... ya know what, i have just decided, this is my early new years resolution, by 2010 i will have a new distilled water system in place for the house... thank you for sending me on my way, i will definitely keep you posted as to what i end up doing... thx again!!!
October 27, 2009
Glad I could help! Yesterday my roommates were complaining about how the convenience store near our house doesn't stock distilled and and I cut them off and said "LET'S JUST BUY THE WATER DISTILLER. NOW. " haha we keep putting it off! We need to get one ASAP...we're just going through money like water (see what I did there?) Please do keep me posted - I'm interested to see how it works out! If I get one before you I'll do the same :D
October 28, 2009
"see what i did there?", that was too funny, reminded me of billy crystal in mr saturday night... i will definitely keep you posted (and you the same), you can hold me to having a new system in place by year end, hopefully right out of the gates the new system will be a leading candidate to make the favorite things (2010) list ;D.
October 23, 2009
Most of your favorite things are some of my favorite things, too! ;D
October 23, 2009
You have blown my mind with this list on a number of levels. Tempeh bacon??? Hello!?? And I toyed with the idea of putting avocado on my list, but 10 was such a lovely, well-rounded number. I guess I could have gone for 20, huh? Melissa, you overachiever, you. ;) You have great taste!
October 24, 2009
Your comments always make me blush! thanks for the nice comment.
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