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We can't take it anymore: The Banned words of 2010

  • Jan 5, 2010
  • by
This list is adapted from the TIME article Say No More: The Banned Words of 2010.

Now that 2009 is over, we are all thrilled to get these overused words out of our lexicon!

(In no particular order.)
This word implies that a project is completely ready to begin; the only step needed is the proverbial lifting of shovels. I find this word to be pretty cool, though it doesn't seem like 2009 was filled with very many successful projects. Hmmph.
After The Enron scandal, it was unanimous that businesses be upfront with their practices. 2008 and 2009 saw a surge in "transparent" business decisions. As long as businesses are being truthful, I say go ahead and overuse this word as you please!
Calling high-level government officials czars? How is this not hilarious?
As a Twitter fan, I don't mind using this word as a verb. Constantly.
I mean...that's what its called. I guess there was a bit of overkill with the "There's an App for that" commercials...but I can take it.
NO, I HATE THIS WORD. I hate the incessant news coverage about tweens sexting. The entire concept really grosses me out and I refuse to think about it until someone tells me it's been actually, legally, legitimately banned forever.
Friend (verb)
"Hey, how come we haven't friended each other yet?"

This is similar to Tweet (as a verb) but possibly worse because I dislike Facebook much more than Twitter. I hate that its entered my own personal lexicon....
Teachable moment
I haven't heard anyone use this phrase at all so I don't think it's overused...I guess everyone has been using it to describe an educational opportunity. Hmm...
In These Economic Times...
Ugh. It's clear why this is on the list: no one wants to be reminded of the economy! Booo! Hopefully 2010 will bring a rise to things so we can all cheer up a little. Jeez.
This word has been used from everything to tax returns to grocery store promotions. Yawn.
Toxic assets
A seriously epic way to say "bad" stocks or other financial burdens. Another phrase that makes everyone pray for better financial times so we don't have to hear it over and over again!
Too big to fail
Another phrase that I've barely heard.
Brody and Spencer
This slang word was created from the show by the same name, so I used that data point to clarify.

I find this word to be AMAZING and like to use it facetiously from time to time. The show? Not so much.
2009? Don't they mean 1999??? I definitely used this word in high school.
Obama (as a prefix)
Compiled by the Oxford Dictionary in 2009: Obamanomics, Obamanation, Obamafication, Obamacare, Obamalicious, and Obamaland. A little much.

What did you think of this list?

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January 08, 2010
You forgot "green jobs" Nice list regardless.
January 08, 2010
I know, right?
January 06, 2010
Thanks for sharing, very entertaining!
January 06, 2010
Great Job Melissa. I can add quite a lot to this list such as Maverick, Rogue, hydrated, gadget play (new football term).
January 06, 2010
January 06, 2010
i'm horrified by the how often I STILL hear chillax. die already!!!!
January 05, 2010
WOO WOO WOO CHILLAX will never die! The Czar one is kind of scary if you ask me. I don't really want a high government official of my country called a Czar.
January 05, 2010
Very good review! Makes me laugh. I always like the way you think. I agree with you on #6.... be gone for good I hope!
January 05, 2010
I knew something horrible/awesome was coming to Lunch when I saw you adding these data points yesterday :D I use some of these with no guilt, while others, I've never heard of. And I'm with ya -- I've been chillaxing for quite some time now. Great list, Melissa! :)
January 05, 2010
Great list! Very funny. I'm guilty of saying all of these. I will try to cut them out this year.
January 05, 2010
terrific list! I love it! nice one with # 14
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