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Best Reads of 2013 (Part 1)

  • Jun 25, 2013
We are midway through 2013 and it is time for vacation. That being said I thought I would put together a list of the best books I have read through the first six months of the year. Maybe you want to grab some of these for those times where there is nothing to find on the boob tube.
Perfect Alibi a book
Mike Daley and Rosie have to defend the boyfriend of Rosie's daughter, accused of murder. The thing that complicates things is that they are not sure if the boy's story is true and to make matters worse, Rosie's daughter is the boy's alibi.
See the full review, "Mike and Rosie Do It Again".
A Killer in the Wind
Dan Champion is a former undercover cop that was looking to bust the mysterious "Fat Woman." After a sting to catch her goes bad, he is kicked off the force and goes to work in a small town. A woman that he thought he imagined, shows up with a message that he is in danger. Champion realizes that bad people are after him and everything leads back to the Fat Woman.
See the full review, "A Riveting Suspense Thriller".
Frozen Solid: A Novel
Hallie Leland, a microbiologist and diver gets an assignment to work at an Antarctic station. Immediately people start dying mysteriously and it seems that everybody is against Hallie. She must protect herself and solve the mystery before the weather turns and she is forced to remain at the station through the winter.
See the full review, "Another Compelling Thriller in Tight Spaces!".
Two Graves, a book
Pendergast is finally re-united with his wife Helen for a "few seconds" before she is kidnapped. This starts a tense and heart pounding chase by Pendergast to rescue her. Later we see Pendergast fall to the lowest emotional depths of his life and none of his friends (Vincent, Laura, Viola) can do much to get him out of his funk. As Pendergast is wrestling with his demons, a serial killer tabbed the "hotel killer," is killing hotel guests and leaving weird clues at the scene. Vincent knows that he needs Pendergast's help to find this killer but it seems that will not happen given his current state.
See the full review, "Good Wrapup to this Trilogy".
The Kronos Interference, a book
A man has the opportunity to go back in time to kill Hitler before he came to power. Will doing so make history better or set things in motion that are more frightful than the holocost?
See the full review, "Would Killing Hitler Save the Earth?".
No Way Back a book
Wendy is mad with her husband and lets a lapse of judgement ruin her whole life. While drowning her "sorrows" at a bar she meets Curtis, who she is immediately attracted to. Against her "logical" mind she lets her libido take over and agrees to go with him to his hotel room. Once there she has second thoughts and tells Curtis she changed her mind. Curtis takes it ok and she goes into his bathroom to freshen up. While there she witnesses a terrible crime and is told by the bad guy "you don't realize what you stumbled into." Pretty soon Wendy is on the run chased by law enforcement and bad guys who all want her dead.
See the full review, "Another "On The Run" Thriller from Andrew Gross".
The Boyfriend
Jake Till is a private investigator who finds a pattern that may mean that high end call girls are being targeted by a serial killer. He then is in a race with the killer to save the next target before she is murdered.
See the full review, "A Very Good Investigative Tale".
Pinned A Kentucky True Crime a book
Charlie Massie thinks he has met his dream woman on the Internet. When he meets her everything is great and after moving in with her, things start to slowly turn bad. It may be that Charlie's dream woman is in fact a "black widow." Based on a true story this one is really hard to put down.
See the full review, "Trapped By a Human Black Widow!".
No Show a book
Terry is moving to the US from England to live with his American wife (Sarah). When he arrives at the Airport, Sarah is nowhere to be found (thus a "no show"). After waiting a long time and failing to reach Sarah on her phone, Terry hops an airport bus to "their" home, which he has never been to before. Trouble ensues immediately because Terry has no keys to the house and has to "break in" to get in. He discovers that Sarah left the house abruptly, apparently several days prior because of the pile of unread mail. To make matters worse, one of his overzealous "new" neighbors has called the police on him so he gets off on the wrong foot with the local authorities. Terry's efforts to find his wife go in vain and he must report to work to start a new job, because the biotech firm that recently hired him, went through a lot to bring him to the states and insists that he must come to work. He finds the new workplace very stand-offish and his new boss is a real "cold fish." Effectively, Terry is stuck in a foreign country with a missing wife, a job he really doesn't like and only one friend (Oscar who he meets in a mini-golf arcade). To compound matters, Sarah had no living family and those who worked with her barely knew her because she was a freelance reporter.
See the full review, "Where is Terry's "Wife"?".
Life II a book
Max Thorning is 42 and in a rut with his life. He works as an Auditor, is married to a woman he really doesn't love and has two young children. One day he finds an old book about the theory of time travel. He is obsessed with the book and finds some patterns that lead him to an address in Athens, Greece. Max encounters Dr. Time who has a time machine that can both let him view any event of the past and to transfer his concious to an earlier version of himself. Max feels he wants a total career change and that he would want to go to Medical School. That would require having a different high school curriculum so he decides to go back to when he was 16. Dr. Time warns him that if does go back, everything that happened in his life will change, which means that his children would cease to exist. Max thinks there would be a way around this and decides to go ahead.
See the full review, "Can You Make A Better Life For Yourself If You Could Do It Again?".

What did you think of this list?

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July 02, 2013
Frozen Solid looks like the best.
June 25, 2013
Nice one, Michael...maybe I should begin to make my list now for movies...
June 25, 2013
William I would love to see what makes your list. It seems like this year you were not as enthralled by the bigger films out of Hollywood as in past years.
June 25, 2013
I drafted it, but I wasn't sure if I should do a partial list. You're right with that observation, I was even very disappointed with WORLD WAR Z. ...maybe I do need a break from watching/reviewing movies..
June 25, 2013
i think we are all zombied out by all the zombie movies. Everyone seems to like The Walking Dead though.
June 26, 2013
well....the Walking Dead is good for a show playing on TV....would've been a lot better if it was on Showtime or HBO.
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