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Favorite books

  • Sep 30, 2009
These books speak for themselves.  Books make this list because I like them so much that I would give greater than a five star rating to each.  To me they are "must-reads" for everyone.
I, Claudius
When people ask me my favorite book of all time, I say I Claudius without hesitation. I have read this book about five times and it never gets old. This book has it all from rich history to suspense to unbelievably good plot lines. If you are going to read just one book, this is it!
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The Time Traveler's Wife
My favorite time travel book. Though there is no real science as to why Henry time travel the story is so well written and the relationship between Henry and Claire, so intense that this book is a definate classic.
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The Devil In The White City: Murder, Magic,
This book is a total work of non-fiction that reads like an intricate and well scripted novel. The author did a phenomenal amount of research to put together this exciting and historically detailled work that actually transports the reader back to 1893 and the wonder of the Chicago World's Fair. We also learn the gruesome story of one of the biggest serial killers of all time.
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millenium
This book had the intrigue of the Collins family of the 1960's soap opera, Dark Shadows. This book is listed as part of a trilogy but stands on its own The characters of Bloomkvist and Salander are so compelling.
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God's Debris: A Thought Experiment by Scott Adams
One of the best short books I have ever read. It reads like one of Plato's philosophical works, exploring the meaning of life in a fun way.
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What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson
One of Richard Matheson's best tales, it explores what happens are you die.
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One of the best books ever written about the history of New York City and how many things there got built. Robert Moses was a brilliant tactician and usually got people to do things they didn't want to and got a lot of the key infrastructure works in New York built.
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Crime and Punishment
This masterpiece explores the question if it is possible to commit murder and not get punished. The main character commits the perfect crime where there is no way he will ever get caught. His punishment is living with his own guilty inner self.
See the full review, "The Ultimate Tale of a Man who Regrets a Crime He "Got Away With"".
The Count of Monte Cristo
The greatest tale of revenge ever. Edmund Dante, convicted of a crime he didn't commit, becomes a whole new person with the goal of exacting vengence on those who wronged him.
Les Miserables
Can a criminal reform? Jean Valjean does just that but like Richard Kimble in the tv series, The Fugitive, he is relentlessly pursued by Javert. No matter what great things Valjean does he will always be considered a criminal in the eyes of the law.
PIllars of the Earth
Great medieval tale of Builder Tom loaded with non-stop action and high voltage tension throughout.
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Gary Jennings Azteca
Gary Jennings was a great author who penned several amazing books and this one was the best of the lot. Full of rich history of the native Mexican cultures it culminates with the conquest of Cortez.
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Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand's catchphrase, "Who is John Galt?" grabs you from the start and the book takes off from there. The book asks pertinent questions such as is it okay to make a lot of money because you create a new way of doing things? Or are you required to share your wealth or possibly not do something innovative because it will put other people out of work? The best book on anti-socialism that I have read.
See the full review, "An All-Time Classic!".
Similar in ideas to Atlas Shrugged, this book focuses on architecture in New York City. Though not quite as good as the other title, this book is a marvelous read nonetheless.
See the full review, "Classic Rand!".
Ender's game cover
Orson Scott Card's classic work of science fiction. Children are taken by the government to train in simulated war games so they can later defeat an alien intergalactic force. Ender is different from most boys and goes against the system.
See the full review, "What a Great Book!".
Calculating God
Can science prove the existance of God. It takes an alien to make an Earth scientist realize it.
See the full review, "Does this Prove Divine Existence?".
East of Eden
The best book by the best American writer of the 20th Century. Can how one interprets one passage from the bible account for how one's life should be led? The Cain and Abel story may just fit the bill.
See the full review, "Had Me Searching the Bible".
The Grapes of Wrath
Steinbeck's second best book. The Joad family and their struggle to escape the dust bowl with the other Okies is classic.

What did you think of this list?

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October 20, 2009
Wow, somebody really hated your list. I'm a socialist at heart so I really don't like Rand, but to each his own.
October 21, 2009
Whether you agree or not the two books I listed are extremely well written. I feel you should see both sides of every coin to make up your mind and to have better arguments against what you disagree with (why I mentioned I watch O'Reilly).
October 21, 2009
That's why I read more than one of them. But someone else left you negative votes and didn't bother to comment on why.
October 21, 2009
Maybe for the Rand books?
October 21, 2009
We'll never know. I hate it when people do that. I always say why I dislike or disagree with something.
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