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Phrases That I Wish Would Go Away

  • Dec 23, 2010
There are many phrases that people say that butcher the English language, may be totally illogical, or are just so overused that I cringe when I hear them.
Describing something as being on steroids
Describing something as being on steroids.  I am sick of hearing that something that is enhanced beyond what we think it to be, must be on steroids. For example, "this new version of the operating system is like Windows on steroids." Remember that steroids alone do not make people into Atlas by themselves. To bulk up with large muscle still takes many long hours of physical training.
In case I don't see you have a great holiday
In case I don't see you, have a great holiday. Why do people continue to use this phrase? It is logically the opposite of what you mean. You are literally saying "only if I don't see you" should you enjoy your time off or vacation. I always answer people that tell me this, "well I hope you have a great holiday, whether I see you or not."
Pre-planning and other incorrect uses of the prefix pre.
Pre-planning and other incorrect uses of the prefix 'pre'.  People no longer say they are planning. Many say they are "pre-planning. " If the word planning literally means to thing ahead as to the actions you should take, what is pre-planning? Does it mean to plan before you plan? This is nonsense. I was going on a trip with a collegue who gave me a stack of papers and said that they were pre-reading. I asked him what he wanted me to do with them (what should I do prior to reading?). He responded he wanted me to read them. So where does the prefix "pre" come in here? "Pre" is correct when saying pre-history which means before recorded history. Pre-planning and other such nonsense do not exist and I challenge you to find it in the dictionary.
You need to multitask
You need to multitask.  This is virtually impossible to do. I remember trying to pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time. It is so hard. People cannot drive well and talk on a cell phone at the same time. Literally trying to do two things at the same time means that you cannot fully focus on either one individually and you will do both things poorly. Does someone really give you their full attention when they are reading messages on their Blackberry. I also, contend that most of the time when we say we are multitasking we are actually doing two separate tasks sequentially.
Do you live at home?
Do you live at home?  What an illogical statement! Unless you live on the street as a homeless person, you live in some type of home. Even if you lived in a hotel all the time, the hotel would be by default your home. Why can't people say the obvious and ask you if you still live with your parents?
I Kid You Not!
Just because Jack Paar was famous for uttering this, do we need to be a society of Yodas and repeat this phrase endlessly? Why can't we say "I'm serious?"

What did you think of this list?

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January 04, 2011
Hahaha, I'm guilty of using the first two. Great list, Michael! Will there be a part deux? :P
January 04, 2011
Rather than a part two, I will just add to the list as I think of more.
January 03, 2011
Most of these I would agree with, though I think that there is a difference between "home" and "housing". As far as I'm concerned, and this is probably due to my hippie mentality, but a home is where you feel love and comfort and not all forms of housing provide this.

I would also point out that multi-tasking is entirely possible since all living things have bodily functions which occur at the same time. Therefore one can perform multiple tasks without being conscious of it and consciously one can perform multiple tasks so long as they are cognitively and physically capable of doing so. I can rub my belly, pat my head, and jump on one foot at the same time... for example. LOL!
January 03, 2011
Good answer! Didn't consider unconscious activity.
January 03, 2011
Great list LOL! I do #4 every day though- right now, watching TV, reading your list and responding. Usually, I am doing two or more things at the same time, I think it's how I'm wired. I know that women are mult-task dominant creatures while men tend to be single task dominant creatures- I'm not saying one's better than the other, just wired differently. In the past, men had one task to do- hunt. Go find the prey, stalk the prey, kill the prey, eat the prey. Women had to be able to scan a field of berries, know which ones were edible, collect the berries, and of course, all the while raising their children, cooking the meals, and "keeping the house". I'm not saying this means that women should be driving and talking on the cell phone, that's dangerous for whoever you are. I also agree that if you're doing multiple tasks at once then, you're not doing either incredibly well. But, impossible...I don't think it's impossible :)
January 03, 2011
Great response! I still think if you try to do two things at the same time, you will not be able to do each one as well as you would if you focused your entire attention to one and then did the other.
December 29, 2010
Ha Ha Pre Planing, so true, why on earth would you want to plan you planing.
December 29, 2010
There are many people at my job that constantly use it and when I tell them it is illogical they agree and then proceed to say the same thing.
December 23, 2010
LOL! Love this list! There's another that I keep on hearing--"I need this asap". God, give me a time due, will yah? It helps when you have projects coming in and out. asap means whenever you can get to it in my book..Oh well....
December 24, 2010
That's good Woopak. My boss wants things "yesterday" though.
December 23, 2010
:) Haha, on #4 I'll have to say it is possible, but you're right - you end up doing neither perfectly. Although mothers do this all day, every day! I eat while I play with my toddler because she demands my attention. I actually read while I play with her and it is working quite well, otherwise I don't have any other time to read! My husband on the other hand, and most men I know are just wired differently. I think since men are generally more logical and organized it is harder for them to multi-task, am I right? I don't have a cell phone, so I don't have many of the issues that people attached to their wireless devices do.
December 24, 2010
I actually read a study done by psychologists showing that multi-tasking was not possible.
December 24, 2010
Well, why don't they tell that to real moms who multi task on a daily basis! ;) I don't always believe everything the 'experts' say, but I believe things that are real in life, things I can see. :)
December 23, 2010
LOL! What a fun list! I hear some of these phrases often too. :-P
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