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I Have Three Things to Tell You My Friend
    This review is based on an advanced reader copy (with many typos) received from the author but still reflects my own opinion.       In the near future (2033), …
Hollow World a book
I usually love a good time travel story and this one is right up there with some of the best. Ellis Rogers is dying from an incurable lung disease and enstranged from his wife after their son Isley committed …
SG - Suicide Game a book
My review is based on a reviewer copy received directly from the author but reflects my own personal opinion.      It is the very near future and for some reason society has gone …
Daughters of Twilight a book
My review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author.  However, the views expressed here are soley my own. I was intrigued by this tale right from the start.  The author gives us …
Upload a novel by Mark Mcclelland
My review is based on a copy provided free from the author but is strictly my own opinion. In the year 2060, Raymond is a misfit who is sent to live in boys home. He hates his life and is taunted by the …
reviewed Life II a book. June 13, 2013
Life II a book
Having previously reviewed Replay by Ken Grimwood, I was approached by the author to provide a review of this book which uses a similiar premise.  Max Thorning is 42 and in a rut with his life.  …
reviewed The Status Civilization and Notions: .... January 20, 2012
The Status Civilization and Notions: Umlimited
The Status Civilization is an excellent tale that never gets old. Will Barrent is among a group of prisoners from Earth who have had their memories wiped and are left to live on the planet Omega. This …
reviewed Cafe Libri. August 10, 2011
Cafe Libri
As reading is my number 1 passion it would make sense that a community with members that share similar interests would be my favorite one!  Adrianna has done a marvelous job keeping this community …
reviewed The Descent a novel by Jeff Long. May 14, 2009
The Descent a novel by Jeff Long
The book overall like its subject matter is both good and bad. It tries to explain the historical Satan as coming from a race of gargoyle like beings that inhabit underground passages that extend almost …
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
Card shows brilliance and great insight in a futuristic tale that has a group of researchers studying history by having a viewer into the literal events of the past. With their own reality in danger of …
reviewed Factoring Humanity. May 03, 2009
Factoring Humanity
Each Sawyer book I have read seems to outdo the previous one. This is no exception. It has a little of everything including family drama, unethical medical practices, alien messages, artificial intelligence, …
The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold
This is an interesting time travel book but it is difficult to say anything about the plot without creating spoilers. I really enjoyed it though it was riddled with paradoxes that seemed to make it difficult …
reviewed Spin (book). April 29, 2009
I really enjoyed this possible future where a membrane envelops the Earth causing a condition called the "spin" where time on Earth is passing slowly while the rest of the universe is aging at super fast …
reviewed Tyrannasaur Canyon a novel by Douglas.... April 24, 2009
Tyrannasaur Canyon a novel by Douglas Preston
This is probably Preston's best thriller as a soloist and it improves on the Codex of which it is loosely a sequel to.  The tie-in being that the main character is Tom Broadbent who was one of the …
reviewed Utopia. April 24, 2009
Utopia a novel by Lincoln Child
This book has all the ingredients a thriller should have. We have a futuristic theme-park with a bunch of terrorists threatening to kill people if their demands aren't met and any move to try to warn …
reviewed Timeline (book). March 05, 2009
This book had a lot of potential and is indeed rich in history.  What hurt this book a lot was that Crichton decided to emphasize and amount of time available for the characters to complete their …
Go-Go Girls Of The Apocalypse
Here is another classic after civilization falls novel as good as Alas Babylon, Lucifer's Hammer or The Stand. Don't be fooled by the cover or the references to Quentin Tarrentino. It is actually a very …
reviewed The Last Days of Krypton. March 05, 2009
The Last Days of Krypton
Mr. Anderson has wound together a wonderful "science fiction" tale that stands on its own away from the comic book universe. You would not need to be familiar with the Superman story to enjoy this book …
reviewed Prey. June 10, 2004
Crichton does an excellent job of writing a heart-pounding high tech thriller! This is a story of nano-technology gone out of control. Those familiar with Ben Bova's tales (Venus, The Asteroid War series, …
reviewed Planet of the Apes. November 04, 2003
Planet of the Apes (Signet)
This book was so good, I had to finish it once I started. It is very different than the first movie but a little bit like the remake. The book certainly has a better story than either of those two films.In …
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