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Best Science-fiction/ supernatural/paranormal Television shows of all time!

  • Aug 28, 2009
  • by
This list is of course composed of my choices based on my opinion. It is ultimately a matter of personal taste.
Star Trek
The Original and still the Best! Classic Science Fiction! Characters so real that you care about and admire them. Stories so well written, produced and directed you feel as if you lived them. Gene Roddenberry was a visionary! He also knew to employ the best writers,actors,directors,designers and technicians his budget would allow.
See the full review, "STAR TREK (TOS)".
The Outer Limits (original series)
If you like your science- fiction to be story driven, have a moral message and delight in the shoestring-budget,hokey but remarkably effective special-effects science fiction of the 50's and early 60's you will love this series as much as I do. Best episodes: "The Galaxy Being", Demon with a glass hand","Keeper of the purple twilight","Zzzzzzz","The Man who was Never Born","Cry of Silence","Soldier"and "The Inheritors". I admit that I am overlooking the many bad episodes and ranking this series so high because it was my first exposure to Sci-Fi so it holds a special place in my heart. So sue me! At least I'm honest! Seriously though, it was way ahead of its time!
See the full review, "The Outer Limits".
The Twilight Zone
This was a great tv series from the 60's created and hosted by a unique guy named Rod Serling. This show was innovative and very well written ( a lot of them were written by Rod Serling) and the stories always had a twist at the end. Kind of hard to watch them today because the pacing and unfolding of the stories is from another time (meaning very slow) and once you've seen them and know what's coming it kind of spoils the fun. All in Black & White, very little in the way of visual effects, lots of dialogue. A great show nonetheless! If you haven't seen it, you should!
See the full review, "The Twilight Zone".
The X-Files
This series in it's early seasons was brilliant! As the series went on however the brilliant episodes became fewer and far between. Still, it was one of the best!
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The second best of the Star Trek franchises because Gene Roddenberry still had a hand in it.
Fringe Poster
Great characters and good writing make this a great series! Walter is a classic character!
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
This show was consistently great as a sort of Sci-Fi soap-opera but started to fall apart after James Cameron severed his connection with it. It better be really, really good right out of the gate for its third season or it will not survive. Am I the only one to notice the trend in Sci-Fi TV of the strong female as the central or co-central character ( "X-Files","Dark Angel", "Fringe", "Warehouse 13"). I have a theory that it is a by-product of all the single-parent kids raised by the mother alone. Nothing wrong with strong female characters but please stop making the lead guys the comic relief.
Warehouse 13
I was undecided about this new show at first but it has gotten better with each passing episode. I find that it is consistently entertaining and consistently surprising and inventive. The characters were much too cartoon-ish for my taste at first but if they continue to flesh them out it will be interesting to watch.I particularly liked episode 5 "Duped" where the actress,Joan Kelly,who plays Myka got to stretch her wings and show her sexy side.Wow! Hope this series keeps getting better and continues to suprise and entertain!
See the full review, "Warehouse 13".
The Prisoner
This was a very unique, British show which lasted for 17 episodes in 1967-1968.The opening sequence and music are great! It starred and was co-produced by Patrick McGoohan (one of my favorite actors).The show has an Orwellian plot-line concerning a British secret-agent (McGoohan) who resigns in anger and wakes up to find himself held prisoner in a seemingly idyllic completely isolated coastal town called "The Village" from which there is no escape. Defiance of authority,resistance to indoctrination, paranoia and individualism are central themes .A real mind twister!
See the full review, "The Prisoner".

What did you think of this list?

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September 09, 2009
Great list. You need to add Dark Shadows!
September 09, 2009
"Who's Number One?"  "You are, Number Six!"I've got a list like this too which also includes the shows Woopak names along with AMERICAN GOTHIC, BRISCO COUNTY JR, and EERIE, INDIANA along with a few others.
August 31, 2009
nice list! Mine would include "Angel", "Buffy" and "Supernatural"...
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