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by    Posted december 13, 2010
So, what do people think of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in these new photos from the Spider-Man reboot?

Read more here.
by    Posted december 13, 2010
In a way I am happy that they are putting Gwen Stacy back into the Spidey continuity but I think the reboot is unnecessary since it only has been awhile since Raimi finished with the trilogy. Gwen's been dead for a long time and the obvious approach would be to expand on Mary Jane. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Rather have Daredevil rebooted or maybe make Black Panther.

Emma Stone looks fine as Gwendolyn.
by    Posted december 15, 2010
I think (and hope) that Stone will be a nice fit. Like woopak, I don't think it's the right time to reboot the Wallcrawler. I'd much rather see Daredevil rebooted or at least a Gambit flick.
by    Posted january 14, 2011
Any thoughts on this article about the two female characters in The Dark Knight Rises?

I'd also love to hear what people think of the costumes for Spider-Man and Captain America...

Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
by    Posted january 15, 2011
Captain America looks like the 'ULTIMATE UNIVERSE" version which would be the stronger nastier version of Cap; but I doubt Disney would portray him as such. Spidey...well, sorry, I was against the idea of another reboot in the first place. LOL!
by    Posted january 15, 2011
I actually think that the cast for the new Spider-Man may be an improvement on the original Sam Raimi-directed trilogy, but I expect nothing as far as the script goes. The new Cap outfit looks ridiculous to me. First of all, it doesn't fit him and anyone familiar with martial arts knows that if you're going to wear heavy apparel it needs to be tight and if it's loose then it needs to be light. The villains in the background look like something out of a bad G.I. Joe film. Let's face it, Marvel's committing filmicide.
by    Posted january 15, 2011
well, like I said, Cap looks like the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE version and for that to work, they need to make him darker, meaner and way nastier. This version was the one who is lots stronger than the 616 version. He managed to topple the Hulk and he beat up Giant Man when he committed domestic abuse.
by    Posted january 15, 2011
yeah, Raimi made the Spidey franchise campy but I liked the first movie and # 2. Nope, it is just too early to reboot webhead (please keep the organic web-shooters as with the comics before the stupid BRAND NEW DAY storyline). As for the Dark Knight Rises, you already know what I think.

I know you may not like what I say but comic book movies have become H-wood's new money making machine; I hope most of these movies fail in the box-office so that they can start taking the material seriously again. You know why I am in a bad mood--holly wood is making some live action flicks adapted from anime--you know those only have a 20% chance of working.
by    Posted january 16, 2011
Will, what do you mean by 20%? If you look at all of the live-action films made in the past 20 years that were based on TV cartoons or animated films and TV series, not one of them has been good. If you're referring to the live-action "Ghost in the Shell" or "Akira", I'd count on them being a predictable failure. As for Cap, I think that if you're going to make a Cap film you've got to go back to the Cap stories of the '40s, '60s, and '70s.
by    Posted january 16, 2011
well, as for the anime adaptation, there is always a chance it can work. Afro Samurai is being directed by Takashi Miike so it may work. Yes, American renditions of anime are almost always a failure, but I do have some hopes. But hearing Keanu Reeves in the lead for COWBOY BEBOP---oi.

 as for Cap, I agree but Disney had already had the script re-written twice. Anyway, Raimi's Spidey and even Iron Man, Hulk and Thor looks inspired by the Ultimate series (Nick Fury and other undertones) so I imagine them going for more modern adaptations
by    Posted january 16, 2011
If you like the modern stuff, maybe, but I prefer the comics before the New Millennium. The '90s kind of killed the classic quality in most series by pulling off gimmicks and cheesy story lines that took away the original characters' appeal (remember the manga version of Ghost Rider? oi). LOL! I will be curious to see how people react to these new versions of Thor, Hulk, Nick Fury, Captain America since they really kind of show no respect to the creators of the original iconic versions we grew up with. The new Nick Fury (as portrayed by Sam Jackson) has none of the attitude or slyness of the comic book character from the '60s and '70s comics, though it's not nearly as bad as his portrayal by Hasselhoff. I wonder what Steranko thinks...
by    Posted january 16, 2011
Nick Fury is an iconic character and the classic version is the best. I know how you feel, Cap would fit as the modern adaptation (I know, trust me the Ultimate version isn't so bad). Hulk and Iron Man were mixed versions of the Ultimate and 616 versions. Please don't mention that Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four movies around me... please have mercy LOL! as for Batman, I hope they keep away from Batman Incorporated. Which reminds me...I have a comic book I need to review real fast..
by    Posted january 17, 2011
I actually love that Gwen is being touched on, I mean she is the whole reason the "clone saga" happened.
by    Posted january 17, 2011
don't forget, Norman Osborn also got Gwen pregnant which further expands on the idea why Gwen was confused during the time she was kidnapped. Hey that new costume looks like the clone Peter's costume...
by    Posted january 19, 2011
by    Posted january 19, 2011
Really? I was hoping she would be Talia. She seems way too young and too sweet to play Catwoman. Hmmmm...
by    Posted january 30, 2011
Henry Cavill is the NEW Big RED "S"! I think as with Spidey, they should leave the franchise alone. Supes is not that much of a compelling character, his villains have proven to be more intriguing...
by    Posted january 31, 2011
Superman could be compelling if they toned down the powers he had and made him more realistic as Denny O'Neil attempted to do and as Siegel and Shuster did when they first created him.
by    Posted january 31, 2011
well, I think John Byrne arguably did the best changes after Crisis but now, it seems like they've restored most of his power levels in the pre-crisis days. I still don't think he is the best character unless DC gets it in their heads that the goodie-goody thing is not working and intelligent people cannot be fooled. (yeah, sure, he killed some Kryptonians in the Phantom zone..)
by    Posted january 31, 2011
I think that if they ground the film in some sense of reality and don't go for campy villains (ala Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor) and that if they can successfully convince audiences that Superman has some human vulnerabilities, then it may work. Still, I think Snyder is the wrong guy for this since characterization isn't his strong suit and that's exactly what a good Superman story needs.
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