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by    Posted may 23, 2011
Saw this in fandango:

'The Dark Knight Rises' Launches Viral Campaign, First Image of Bane Released
By: Erik Davis on May 20, 2011 at 12:53PM Comments (19)
We were extremely impressed with the viral campaign for The Dark Knight and believe it directly contributed to the film's monster box office haul. The campaign, which began shortly before Comic Con with the launching of various websites, went on for months, revealing Joker-esque codes that unlocked images, trailers, sound files, meet-ups, websites, newspaper clippings and more. There was plenty to keep the Batman fanatic busy till release, and while it all became a bit taxing at times to cover, the payoffs were pretty cool at times.
Though we're only 24 hours out from Warners officially announcing the beginning of production on The Dark Knight Rises, they're not wasting anytime in launching the next film's viral campaign via its first website, which also happens to be the movie's official website: If you head over there you'll see a black screen with a weird audio file titled "rises" that automatically plays on a loop. It sounds like a crowd chanting, and one message-boarder over at Superhero Hype claims they've decoded it to reveal what appears to be a Twitter hashtag, #TheFireRises.
What that means and how that factors into the film's marketing strategy is unclear at this time, but feel free to keep an eye out on the website (and that Twitter hashtag, as well as the Twitter page for @thefirerises) to see what happens next. From the looks of it, whoever uses the hashtag in a tweet gets put onto some sort of scrolling map that you can click on to identity twitter users tweeting with that hashtag. Weird. Have at it!
As part of the viral campaign launch, Warner Bros. has revealed the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane. Check it out below and let us know what you think.The Dark Knight Rises is due in theaters on July 17th, 2012.

by    Posted may 23, 2011
Not sure what I think of that. I still think Bane is the wrong choice for the next villain.
by    Posted may 23, 2011
Bane can work as long as he maintains that mythic feel to his character. I still cringe on Catwoman...(despite Anne Hathaway is playing her)
by    Posted may 23, 2011
Catwoman can at least be done realistically. Bane is just too sci-fi comic book-ish for Nolan's take on Batman so far. I still think Penguin or Talia would have been better.
by    Posted august 04, 2011
What do people think of Henry Cavill as Superman in the new Zack Snyder directed film Man of Steel due to be released in theatres in the Summer of 2013?

And what are thoughts on the first image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in next year's The Dark Knight Rises, the finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy?
by    Posted august 05, 2011
Zack Snyder may do a good job since he does always try to stay on point on the source material....I said 'on point' as to if it wasn't always the best adaptations but they showed respect. I really don't care about who plays the man of tomorrow, as long as they develop the story well and stay away from Luthor's real estate schemes. As for Anne Hathaway as Catwoman....I think she'll do well. But Bane and Catwoman? I think one or the other or both will either make or break the film. Bane is darker and meaner while Catwoman is a light heard me; a lightweight (compared to the other major villains in Bats rogues gallery). It would take an entire movie to develop her. I trust Nolan, but I think it was too early to get into Catwoman....and in this case, to get into Catwoman along with Bane.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
From what I'm guessing Catwoman won't be a true villain so much as a potential new love interest for Bruce and a potential antihero ally for Batman. I've never viewed her as a true villain anyway since her scheming usually involves theft for personal gain rather than killing people or trying to take over Gotham. She's really more of a rogue figure since she just does what she wants and sometimes that has her working for just causes and other times it has her breaking the law.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
In current continuity, she is in control of a part of Gotham. Yeah, she isn't so much a villain, and as I've said she is a good character, but it would take too much to develop her. It is easy for her to become campy. Love interest? What is it with Hollywood always thinking that there has to be a love interest. There is sexual tension between her and Bats; as with Bats and Wonder Woman...but it isn't necessary to incorporate stereotyped elements.

It would make sense to focus on Bane, in the hopes that he'll be developed properly this time. He is much more intense than Selina Kyle.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
to add Lady Shiva would be the better choice since she trained Wayne again after Broken Bat.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
Well, you and I both know what story arcs they're basing these films on (The Man Who Falls, Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, Knightfall, etc.), so there are some hints just in the source material. In Batman Begins they ended the film of Batman's origins in a similar manner to Year One which leads into the Joker character and then in The Dark Knight they incorporated some elements of both The Long Halloween and Knightfall. Now, from what I've read, this film will have a flashback sequence with Rā's al Ghūl and there are two other female characters and a mad scientist type figure. Put these clues together and it's likely that Batman and Catwoman team up (hence the image of Catwoman on Bat's motorcycle) to fight against Bane and the other villains which I theorize may be Talia and Dr. Hugo Strange. It would make sense.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
You are right on those inspirations.Catwoman teaming up with Bats to take on Bane is silly. That would ruin the Bane character. Now, if she started to work for Bane to keep her territory, then that would make sense. I really do hope they stay away from the love interest thing (that has been done to death) and instead focus on a strong female lead. Catwoman needs to be the focus, and for her in a movie would take away from the Bane character. I dunno, we'll see. I tend to not read into all these rumors and not to speculate since I'd rather be taken by surprise.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
Just remember that this is a story of redemption. Batman was a fugitive and an outlaw at the end of the last film and Catwoman, if they go with Miller's version in Year One would be a prostitute looking to find herself again, so a team up with them both looking for their own salvation and then fortuitously falling in love would work quite well... especially if it proved tragic because of a showdown with Bane. Remember, Catwoman in on Batman's bike. It kind of suggests something might happen to the Batman and of course in the comics Bane broke Batman's back. Plus, one of the important themes of this series is escalation and the idea that the presence of Batman in Gotham made things worse, so having Batman out of the picture (temporarily anyway) might be part of the story. And I can't say anymore lest I ruin in for people who don't read the comics. LOL!
by    Posted august 05, 2011
well, alll I can say is you lost me with "...falling in love." That would be really silly. Wayne is too much of a pessimist and would not do that. I am keeping my fingers crossed. At least Robin would not be around LOL!
by    Posted august 05, 2011
He fell in love with Rachel and she's dead now, so he needs a rebound relationship and no heterosexual man can resist the charm of Catwoman. LOL!
by    Posted august 05, 2011
that is what I am saying....he now knows the futility of falling for a woman. Wayne is too smart to make the same mistake. As for the actual continuity, he loves Talia, but he chooses what he needs to do....all the time.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
No, he chose to save Rachel instead of Harvey Dent and it cost him Rachel and Harvey. He isn't infallible.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
Wayne knows emotions can affect his decisions. He should be on guard. I cannot believe you are counting on a mickey mouse love-rebound drama in "Rises"....
by    Posted august 05, 2011
Take into consideration how love stories go in Nolan films such as "The Prestige" and "Inception". Doesn't mean it's gonna have a tagged on happy ending. Expect a duplicitous and passionate relationship.
by    Posted august 05, 2011
I prefer a real "Dark Knight" and this means no time to love and really a dark tone...after all, this is the last of the trilogy. Lost love or unexpressed tragic love has been overdone. Give me something new! Bring out the true Bane!
by    Posted august 05, 2011 addition, if Nolan does a rebound relationship, it will lose a star rating from me immediately. That shows lack of many times has a female character just become a vehicle for romance? That is a h-wood staple. I sure hope he doesn't do it.
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