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TOP HORROR Movies 2000-2009

  • Jan 5, 2010
We all have our preferences and doing a list like this is pretty hard but I'll do my best. Please forgive me if I forget any titles. This comes in no particular order, I'm just winging it. I don't think 35 movies is enough, I can go on and on with this list up to 50.
A Tale of Two Sisters
Kim Ji-Woon's Blockbuster Asian Hit that is both head-scratching and puzzling at the same time. Drama, emotion and mind-bending elements make this a classic horror film from South Korea. Remade as "The Uninvited"
See the full review, "Mind-Bending and Beautifully Creepy--Fairy Tales Have NEVER been this Grimm".
Let The Right One In
The Swedish Vampire Film that is due for a Hollywood remake called "Right One". THIS IS NOT A LOVE STORY.
See the full review, ""To FLEE is LIFE...To LINGER...DEATH"".
Park Chan-Wook's Vampire Film that blends dark satiric elements with eroticism and emotional HORROR
See the full review, "South Korean Director Park Chan Wook's Take On Vampirism and The Seven Deadly Sins".
Poster for the film.
The ORIGINAL Spanish Horror hit that inspired "Quarantine"
See the full review, "Intense, Terrifying Simplicity that would grab you by the Throat and Never Lets Up...".
The Girl Next Door
Based on the harrowing REAL events in the 50's. A disturbing, soul-scorching masterpiece. Not for everyone.
See the full review, "4 ½ Stars: A Harrowing Look at the Destruction of Innocence".
Session 9
It is a sin that this wasn't given a widespread release when garbage like The Unborn was given a chance.
The Devil's Backbone
Guillermo Del Toro's next horror masterpiece after the vampire hit CRONOS.
See the full review, "A Hauntingly Beautiful Ghost Story That Exercises Humanity in its Storytelling...".
Incest, violence, abuse and horrifying that it can happen to anyone!
See the full review, "Sion Sono's Next Disturbing Masterpiece After "Suicide Club" ...".
EVIL IS A VIRUS...the German psychological Horror hit!
See the full review, "4 ½ Stars: Evil is a VIRUS....and You may Already be INFECTED....".
Dog Soldiers
Guns, training vs. Fangs and Claws! Special ops training against ravenous werewolves!
See the full review, "A Wild Blend of GUNS, Werewolves and GORE!!! (oh, I forgot to say Bullets..)".
Movie poster
A traditional Old-fashioned Ghost Story about Obsession and Ruin
See the full review, "A Systematic Ghost Story About Obsessive Love and Ruin".
The Descent
Atmosphere, action and solid thrills.
Ginger Snaps
Werewolfism as a sign of PUBERTY?
End of the Line (movie)
The sleeper Canadian horror hit that shocked horror fans!
See the full review, "4 ½ Stars: Do You Follow Because of What You Know Or Because of What You Believe?".
Pulse (Kairo)
Eerie, Gloomy and Atmospheric. A great J-horror film about technology and ghosts.
The Others
A Stylish, old-fashioned ghost story...gave me hope for Hollywood horror before its decline in the following years.
The French horror soul-scorcher!
See the full review, "4 ½ Stars: Stare Into the Dark Abyss of Brutality and Violence...".
28 Days Later... (2002)
The zombies redefned and re-imagined as fast-moving cannibals.
Inside (Unrated) (2007)
Brutal unrelenting violence that grabs you by the throat.
See the full review, "A French Gore Show, Brutal, Violent and Disquieting...".
A fantastic genre film; awkward, intriguing and definitely compelling!
a Horror Tale about Blind obsessive Faith!
One Missed Call (aka. Chakushin ari, 2003)
Takashi Miike's Japanese horror original that inspired the awful remake with the same title
See the full review, "Takashi Miike's Japanese Horror Original That Says Cell Phones Can be Hazardous To One's Health!".
The Orphanage
A Stylish, Fable-like Ghost Story!
See the full review, "A Sophisticated and Carefully Crafted Ghost Story....".
Wild brooding Existential Horror!
See the full review, "A Dark, Moody and "TRIPPY" Experience About Existential Claustrophobia".
The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Unrated (Special
Based on TRUE EVENTS of the life of Anneliese Michel.
See the full review, "Part Coventional Horror film, Part Courtroom Drama...Based on the Case of Anneliese Michel".
The Eye
The Chinese horror film that put the Pang Bros. in the map!
The Mist
Frank Darabont's adaptation of the Stephen King book has one of the best endings ever conceived.
See the full review, "Effective Portrayal of Pure Human Terror and Hopelessness".
dvd cover
The Japanese horror hit about the FEAR of the future.
See the full review, "The TERROR of Knowing the Inevitable and the Price you have to PAY".
Movie Poster
Mystery, Torture, Intrigue and Spectral Vengeance. This Korean Period horror film is surprisingly well-written and directed.
See the full review, "A Tense, Gripping South Korean Mystery Horror Thriller".
U.S. Dvd cover
Head-spinning dark horror fantasy.
See the full review, "Redeems the Pang Bros. and Angelica Lee just SEALS the Deal!".
Trick 'r Treat
A great horror film that channels the festivities of Halloween.
See the full review, "A Horror Film That Channels the Macabre and the Festivities of Halloween!".
The Thai Horror film that shocks, scares and depresses with its emotion-driven plot. Also remade by Hollywood in a horrible fashion.
Paranormal Activity (2009)
The sleeper hit of 2009!
See the full review, "EVER Wonder What Happens While You Sleep?...".
Jeepers Creepers
Pretty formulaic plot, but this had one of the coolest, baddest movie monsters ever conceived!

What did you think of this list?

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January 05, 2011
Good list. I'm leaning more towards Girl Next Door, Martyrs, & Inside but I agree with most of the others you've mentioned too. Paranormal is still not ringing any bells with me but it's cool if you like it. ;-)
December 28, 2010
October 07, 2010
Wow am I ever powerful. I clicked on to vote and instead of my vote counting for 3 it counted for 12!
October 07, 2010
Your list is a lot heavier on the foreign flix than mine is but that's to be expected since you watch a lot more of them than I do. I liked PARANORMAL but I wouldn't include it on the list because it really isn't a film that holds up to more than one viewing and afterwards it left me sort of cold.
September 17, 2010
Some of these I haven't heard of (I need to get a life) - I have to agree with you on the Jeepers Creepers for sure. I started watching May one day, and I fell asleep. Maybe I need to try it again - it's On Demand as a freebie on cable so I think I should watch it when I'm fully awake! Awesome job as usual Woo.
October 07, 2010
MAY is a very creepy little flick but it's not mainstream so a lot of people don't warm up to it right away.
January 21, 2010
I've added 8 movies from your list onto my Netflix queue. Thanks as always.
January 05, 2010
Aw, crap. I've only seen four or five of these. Oi, I suck. LOL! What did you think of "The Ninth Gate" and "From Hell"?
January 05, 2010
I liked them (specially FROM HELL) both but I think they are more suspense dramas than horror. I'm planning on write ups for those two in the future.
January 05, 2010
Have you read either books that they're based on. I just bought a copy of "El Club Dumas", which was the inspiration for "The Ninth Gate". They changed quite a bit.
January 05, 2010
I have FROM HELL, but I haven't read EL CLUB DUMAS yet. I am pretty sure it was changed a lot. A lot of folks didn't like FROM HELL because they were expecting something else; I still think it wasn't a horror movie. NINTH GATE I think came out in 1999 I think.
January 05, 2010
Only in Europe. In the U.S.A. it was released March 2000.
January 05, 2010
oh. would've included that because I liked that one quite a bit. I told Scottie that I could make this list an easy 50, but nah. I'll stick to 35.
January 05, 2010
You could always do a sequel list!
January 05, 2010
that's an idea.
January 05, 2010
I'm still waiting for a list of your favorite comic book inspired films.
January 05, 2010
How about I make one of the worst comic book inspired movies?
January 05, 2010
Eh, too easy, though it could be funny. But I'd rather see your top picks and not the cruddy stuff.
January 05, 2010
BARB WIRE, HOWARD THE DUCK, STEEL, TANK GIRL would be some of the cruddiest ones LOL!
January 05, 2010
You can add the various attempts at Punisher, 3rd Spidey, Elektra, 3rd Blade, Crow sequels, Catwoman, 3rd X-Men, Fantastic 4 films, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc. See, it's too easy.
January 07, 2010
don't forget SUPERMAN 4: Quest for Peace.
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