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Favorite Bond Movies

  • May 8, 2010
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Like a phoenix from the ashes the Bond movies series after 1974's The Man With The Golden Gun 3 years later, The Spy Who Loved Me rocketed the series back to prominence even in the wake of Star Wars in the summer of 77. The Awesome Lotus submarine car, Barbara Bach, Carly Simon's theme song, and Jaws the henchman make this one of the better movies, yes even with Roger Moore-who is awesome.
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From Russia Movie Poster
The definitive Bond/Spy movie with Bond doing some real spy and tracking down a decoding machine in Turkey and helping a lovely defector escape in the process. Fantastic and pretty great story but has it's lulls. Robert Shaw's assassin is chilling and while everything is modest for a Bond film, you could believe that these events are happening.
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'Skyfall' Starring Daniel Craig and Directed By Sam Mendes
Tremendous Bond film has a battered Bond coming back after nearly being killed to track cyber criminals in possession of information on undercover agents. Great villian, cast, intro teaser and theme song. I hope the next Bond film we get lives up to this one.
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Casino Royale
In 2006, after a 4 year break we got Casino Royale with Daniel Craig, a Bond who can kick you ass as I've said many times before. The story is culled largley from the original source and rebooting the franchise here with a new Bond was awesome. Sure he makes mistakes on his freshman mission, but by the time it's over you know his name and it's Bond. For what it's worth, I would have liked Eva Greens character A LOT more if she toned down the one up manship with Bond.
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Give George Lazenby a chance, he's NOT that bad. SURE he wasn't Connery and could've been better but he was NOT awful. A VERY long run time with a good half hour devoted to setting up Bond's character but this one gives us a great heroine in Tracy played by Diana Rigg and the best Blofeld in Telly Sevalas in a bio warfare scheme from his Swiss Alps headquarters. Don't be surprised if the love story brings a tear to your eye, for more then one reason.
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Tomorrow Never Dies
YES I am putting this above Goldfinger and before you shun me and say this list just lost all credability, let me say that this was the first I saw in the theater and I loved it as a kid and still do seeing it as Pierce's best turn as Bond. Jonathan Pryce's villian character may be awesome but his plan is lame-a war with China and England to increase media exposure for his corporation which will have exclusive rights to cover the war in China. It is fun, moves at light speed and has Teri Hatcher as a Bond girl, who sadly isn't utilized much or that you would even know she was here with all Michelle Yeoh's publicity in the movie as another "Bond's Equal" girl, too bad The Spy Who Loved Me isn't better remembered, they'd realize that concept is over 30 years old now.
See the full review, "Every Tommorrow dies, not every Tommorrow truly lives.".
YES I am finally getting to it. THE Bond movie, I rate it lower because it's just TOO easy to like and it's loved by everyone else already, but with good reason. IT'S AWESOME. The Aston Martin DB5 is coolness on wheels, Honor Blackman, Harold Sakata and ESPECIALLY Gert Frobe are magnificent as the villians and the plan to irradiate Fort Knox is genius. Maybe I SHOULD have rated it higher. Hey, at least it's on the list.
See the full review, ""Now this button Mr. Bond makes the movie really awesome. Push it now."".
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There was no way a Timothy Dalton Bond movie is going above Goldfinger, by a long shot. I DO like this movie as it was an attempt to freshen up the series after Roger Moore sadly overstayed his welcome (in fairness with prodding from the producers.) It's the late 80's, AIDs has set in so Bond was monogamous but at least the one girl he meets is the lovely Maryam D'Abo and she was great if a little on the bland side. Bond was also Timothy Dalton and played dead serious so the tone changed with him. The story about diamonds, opium a defector and illeagal gun running is mind spinningly hard to follow on the first watch.
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Dr No movie Poster
The first and some would say arguabbly best with Bond on a mission to Jamaica to find out why satellites are being disrupted. Is surprisingly close to the book, has very little tech to get in the way and is amazingly produced for only a million bucks back in 62. Bond is definetely a more cold hearted bastard and the villian is classic. Oh, and we can't forget Honey.
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What should have been Moore's last turn as Bond harkens back to the old days with a simple goal with some less fantastical settings with a computer system needing to be recovered and Bond after it with a beautiful woman out for revenge helping him out. Has a lot of the Bond series set pieces (skis, car chases, underwater battle) and even has a mountain climbing scene. Would have been perfect if the figure skater Bibi Dahl was dropped and Topol's Columbo introduced earliar. Bill Conti's score is HIGHLY 80's.
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Live and Let Die
Moores first adventure as Bond has him go to New York's Harlem, down to the carribean to New Orelans and back as he's on the trail of a drug lord in league with the dark arts. Black magic touches make this one a bit of a cool, unique edge to the story. The editing of the story for the script leaves something to be desired, but between all the chases in car or by boat, action and alligators you can have so much fun watching this you might not notice. Jane Seymour is quite lovely as Solitaire and Yaphett Kotto has a nice and memorable army of tough guys at his disposal.
See the full review, "The Adventures of That Honky Cue Ball Bond!".

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May 10, 2010
Whooooa, nice list, John!  I don't know if you've seen the Bond, James Bond community, but your Bond reviews and this Bond list would totally go great there.  Thanks for sharing!
May 10, 2010
I thought I talked about a community for the Bond movies and Coen Brothers movies at one point with some of the head people here along with my Star Trek one, but I think they said to concentrate on the Trek one first. Thank you. I'll take a look at that community.
May 08, 2010
Nice list! But I have to be honest, I am a little surprised that Thunderball and Goldeneye isn't on here. But it is your list...nice work!
May 08, 2010
I don't have the same attraction to Goldeneye that a lot of other people do. It's OKAY but thats it. Thunderball is great but it needed an edit. With all the underwater footage and some other scenes, theres no way it couldn't have escaped a trim here or there and not make it feel so long. But it's good. I really like the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. meeting room.
May 08, 2010
yeh, I guess I can see that about Thunderball (guess that's just me exercising my love for Connery), some scenes were overlong . As for Goldeneye, I didn't like it at first but somehow it grew on me after a few more watches. Thanks!
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