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  • May 26, 2010
I like movies that make me sit on the edge of my seat; either because of action, suspense or just because I'm trying to figure out what's going on in the character's minds.  Here is a list of my favorite flicks; some horror, some not!  After all, I AM multi-faceted!! LOL
The Exorcist
Oh My God, this one made me have nightmares for a week, which never happens with me. It was truly a scary movie and played brilliantly by Linda Blair. Being possessed by the Devil has never been more scary than in this movie. It seemed so damned real to me that I still get the shivers even after watching it about 100 times. If you don't believe possession can happen, you will definitely believe after seeing it. In my opinion, this was the most brilliant scary movie ever to hit the big screen. I also watched the version of the movie that was uncut - it had a few more scenes in it that were absolutely spine-chilling.
See the full review, "Trivia, facts and blunders from The Exorcist - Part 2".
The Silence Of The Lambs (Widescreen Special
Jodie Foster is trying to catch the infamous Buffalo Bill who kidnaps young girls and then kills them, skins them and leaves them in various places, and Foster must try and find out who he is by conversing with Dr. Hannibal Lechter, a brilliant Doctor who happens to be a cannibal. The writing of the movie and the characters were brilliant.
This was a murder mystery with some ghost action in it also; double the whammy for me! Berry is committed in her own institution where she is a psychiatrist for murdering her husband, she has a patient (Penelope Cruse) who swears she is being attacked at night by a man with a gruesome tattoo, and she sees a girl who has been dead for quite some time, supposedly by committing suicide, and this dead girl is trying to send Berry a message. How does all this tie together? Watch it and see. I thought it was a gripping movie with a wonderful ending.
The Panic Room
When there's a huge amount of money is at stake, robbers invade the house that Foster and her daughter just rented. A panic room was built by the previous owner, and they must make use of the room to avoid being killed. Foster has to use her wits to survive and keep her daughter safe. Extremely interesting plot, wonderful acting by Foster as usual, and just downright suspenseful.
Secret Window
Another Depp movie, a Steven King flick with a wonderful plot and surprise ending. Who else but Depp could look like a complete dweeb but still be hot?!?! He plays a writer who is in the middle of a divorce and a man accuses Depp of stealing his story. This guy just keeps following him around and messing with Depp's mind. How will Depp prove he is the author of the story and get rid of this creepy man? This movie has lots of Johnny's wit mixed in with it, and the story line and ending are fantastic.
Sleepy Hollow
I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, and while some people did not think this movie was all that great, I loved it. I believe it was the humor of Depp that made this interesting. Depp is supposed to be a brave one, yet he passes out several times which I thought made the character more realistic - after all, I get really tired of movies that have a main character that is so brave, he never flinches (Steven Segall for instance!) - Christopher Walken plays a wonderfully spooky character. I've watched this one many times, yet it never gets boring!
A Perfect Murder
Michael Douglas is married to Gweneth Paltrow; he is in financial trouble, she is having an affair with a starving artist, and Douglas must do something to take care of all his problems. He makes elaborate plans, which all seem perfect at the time, but then things go awry. Douglas, who I think is a wonderful actor anyway, plays an arrogant and controlling husband, and I loved it.
I loved this movie!! John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are brilliant!! Full of action and suspense, Cage plays a bad guy, Travolta a good guy and cop who's son had been killed years earlier by Cage. To avoid telling you the whole story line, I will say that the 2 men end up having to change their faces to look like each other and of course their characters are exchanged also. Truly an interesting plot, and Travolta and Cage play each other's parts so well it was amazing.
Sweet Hostage
This is an old one; from 1975 and I only saw it once. I was quite young when I saw it, and I remember being really emotional with it. Linda Blair is kidnapped and held hostage by Martin Sheen, an escaped mental patient. She tries everything she can to leave tell-tale signs so she can be found, she tries to escape, but then she ends up falling in love with him and they become lovers. Martin Sheen was wonderful in this movie, and the emotional ups and downs left an impact with me. It was traumatic also, and I hope to see this one again.
I never thought I would like a movie like this; when I hear Transformers I remember my son playing with the toys back in the day, but my hubby wanted to see it, so I went. How surprised I was! It was full of action, humor and wonderful special effects, and I fell in love with Bumblebee. I thought the writers of this movie were brilliant to bring to life Transformer toys into a story line that was fun to watch and suspenseful at the same time.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
I am definitely not a pirate movie fan, but I had to see this one since Johnny was in it. As many times as I have seen this movie, I really don't understand some of it (dummy me) but Depp's performance was brilliant and I loved seeing him with the black eyeliner - sexy!! Depp claimed this was his favorite character to play, and it shows. I read where he was to have played a Burt Lancaster type of character, but surprised everyone on the first day of the shoot with his own version of what he thought the character should be. "Is he drunk, is he gay, what is he doing?" was the response they all had. Shows how brilliant Depp is, cause if he played the type of character they wanted him to do, it would not have had the charm and comedy this movie had.

What did you think of this list?

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June 07, 2010
I like movies that are a little more off the beaten path like Maurice Devereaux's SLASHERS and END OF THE LINE or Jet Eller's NIGHT FEEDERS. of course there's always EVIL DEAD 2. =)
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