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Tarantino's Films, from top to bottom

  • Aug 1, 2010
Mr Tarantino we all know to be a big deal in Hollywood with his movies. His writing is sharp, the dialogue he writes pops with energy and his movies have great casting. In order are my favorite movies of his. Four Rooms and Sin City are not here since he only directed small parts of those movies and are not his whole original works.
Jackie Brown
Tarantino's most underappreciated movie simply for not living up to his breakout movie from 3 years earliar didn't knock the socks off it's audience like they hoped it would, but Tarantino said he already did that and wanted to make something different and laid back and that is certainly what this movie is, it takes it's time and is too good to rush through things and be flashy. It's also the first time Tarrantino told his story in a linear way instead of jumping around the story to build on certain themes. While some people say that this was the work of a man while watched behind a bulletproof vest, I appreciate the sentiment. When I first saw Pulp Fiction, I thought it was unique and different but freaked me out in a few too many places because of it's intensity. This movie allowed me to enjoy the talents of the man without the fear.
See the full review, "It doesn't have to live up to past expectations to be great".
Resevoir Dogs
I think most people saw this AFTER Pulp Fiction came out considering how tiny the movie was and only art house fans may have heard of it. This first film may be a little show offy with the dialogue, but the casting is supurb and the story while you watch it unfurl is great. It does stay on one note with it's tough guys talking tough and about the 70's pop culture but it's a great note.
See the full review, "On the way to a heist, three robbers all talked of their love of Kojak, Janis Ian and Boxcar Bertha".
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Volume 1 had the action and the foundation of the story but lacked the details and a lot of the characterisation that gets filled in here. REALLY feels like it takes longer then it should but the ending isn't in doubt-though the showdown really could have been more. I love Michael Madsen's Budd and Darryl Hannah and Uma Thurman's fight in the mobile home is fantastic.
Inglorious Poster
I would have loved to rate this higher up, but when every commercial showed Brad Pitt having a good ol' time scalping and murdering Nazi's with a Jewish Guerilla Army in World War II France, it's only a part of the movie and the rest is about a film festival and the Nazi high command and propaganda machine coming together for destruction. Tarrantino using a film festival-something he is very familiar with- to destroy Nazi's. In other news Cannes will fight the Taliban soon.
See the full review, "You are about to enter another WW II, a WW II not only of cinema and rednecks but of wackiness.".
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Super-high energy start to the two part series (or one big movie divided into two parts as Tarantino has said) which lacks Tarantino's strong points in favor of it's visuals and action scenes which the movie is in no short supply of.
Grindhouse : Death Proof
It might take it's time even longer then other movies on here but the payoff in each case when Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russel being awesome as ever) stalks his prey makes it all the more chilling as the tension of when something will happen does. The movie feels like a cheap 70's slasher movie and that is for the most part all it offers other then the same usually great casting and talking that you hear. It ends abruptly, saying "fu** it" to any loose strings and it's apropriate.
Original Film Poster
JUDAS!! TRAITOR!!! You put his most famous work at the BOTTOM!!?! Yes, as I said in my list of hyped movies that left me dissapointed, you CANNOT hype a movie worse then this one was and come away feeling fulfilled. As I also stated above, the movie when I saw it was a little too intense for me to really enjoy the way I should have, say for a few scenes. It's chock full of memorable lines and moments, like the talk of a foot massage or how a watch made it's way home. It deserves another view one of these days and maybe I can enjoy it more then, but until then I will say that a movie that inspried a new look at filmmaking and a million copycats-and all of them have been practically forgotten (except Suicide Kings) should say something of it's lasting power.

What did you think of this list?

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August 07, 2010
Jackie Brown is Tarantino's most underrated film. I liked it a lot because it's not so "cut-n-paste" like his other films.
August 02, 2010
whoa. Grindhouse better than Pulp Fiction...LOL!Hey, still a great list and it is pretty surprising. I do see your points and I did like Jackie Brown after all.
August 02, 2010
I don't think it's hyping up a movie so much that makes it disappointing... it's the viewer letting that hype get to him and raising his expectations that's happens.  As in... Overhype and perhaps Pulp Fiction does get a little much of it, and that always makes some people skeptical (or get expectations up).  I usually don't get taken in by a lot of hype in most cases, but I can understand why hype raises expectations.  It's like when someone tells you, "This is the best movie you'll ever see," and when you see it you still prefer something else.

On the other hand... I was never very fond of Death Proof.  It was pretty boring to me, and I've never seen Jackie Brown all the way through.  But I liked what I saw.  The one I don't like as much as everyone else is Kill Bill Vol. 1.  I prefer the second film.  I thought it was superior in every sense of the word.  Most people seem to like the first one because of the action and all.
August 02, 2010
I was in my young and impressionable teens when I saw Pulp Fiction in 95 on tape and I still remember it being THE movie talked about like this movie was the second coming of Christ, turned out it wasn't my movie and I was also bored by some of it, though as I grew up I did appreciate it more if still unable to watch the whole thing. It's been a while and I will have to see it again soon. Kill Bill vol 1 is nice, it's just missing a lot of what makes QT's films special. Nowadays rarely without exception, if a movie is TOO hyped (unless I planned on seeing it) I don't bother. It's one of the reasons I don't see the Bourne movies.
August 02, 2010
Thank you. I've always felt Jackie Brown is QT's best work--if for no other reason than it features the amazing Pam Grier. Dinero, Jackson, Forster and Bridget Fonda's feet are all outstanding along w/ a top notch soundtrack that make this a true gem.
August 02, 2010
It's also the first time QT used a Johnny Cash song in the soundtrack with the second time being in Kill Bill vol 2. Jackie Brown is awesome. I LOVED it when I first saw it, and still do.
August 02, 2010
Tennessee Stud! Yes, another great quirky element to this film...
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