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My top 10 films of 2010

  • Apr 2, 2011
This has been a year of horrendous mainstream features and breathtaking indies that literally saved an otherwise dull uneventful year. Now this year has come to an end and we have entered 2011 so it is time for me to make an end of the year list to compile the best of the best of this tragic year.
Rabbit Hole

Out of all the films, I have seen this year no film has made my heartache like John Cameron Mitchell and David Lindsey Aubry's heartbreaking, gut wrenching "Rabbit Hole.” "Rabbit Hole" depicts the end stages of a married couple going through grief over the death of their young son Danny. Mitchell and Aubry have created the most extraordinary film of 2010 a heartbreaking and at times melancholy film that will have you crying as well as engrossed. This is the year’s most powerful film a real film that proves that the film business still has a few aces left up their sleeves and "Rabbit Hole" proves that much. This is 2010’s most powerful and emotional film to come out in years. It is a powerful film that gives the ever-relevant message that while moving on is not an easy thing to do it also is the first step to healing your emotional wounds.

See the full review, "4 stars: The only way out is through".
True Grit

I have been a fan of the Coen Brothers since I was eleven years old I have always loved there style of blending offbeat humor, quirky characters, rapid-fire dialogue, and non-traditional stories. The Coen's are the two best director writer team working in Hollywood today and with "True Grit" (there adaptation of Charles Portis' legendary novel that inspired a much beloved 1968 film that won John Wayne his one and only Oscar for best actor) is nothing short of sheer movie making brilliance. A true masterpiece and one of the Coen's best works since "Fargo" (1995) and "No Country for Old Men"(2007). A true work of art that not only surpasses the source material, the 1968 classic film(which was not so much a classic to begin with) making this reworking of the beloved story one of the best films of one of the worst years for films. A shining star in a black abyss of nothingness "True Grit" is, as I have been saying, a true masterpiece.

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The Social Network
 "The Social Network" the fictional retelling of the creation of the social media sensation FACEBOOK by Harvard undergrad student Mark Zuckerberg who overnight redefined the way people socialize and jump started a craze that is to this day going strong after 8 years. "The Social Network" is a film for our time the film for our decade, a film that is literally the "Wall Street" for a new era of geniuses and wiz kids. Thanks to taunt direction from David Fincher and an Oscar worthy screenplay from Aaron Sorkin as well as universally excellent performances, all around "The Social Network" is an instant cinematic classic.
Inception teaser poster


Out of all the films this year no film has come this close to literally redefining the Science Fiction genre like Christopher Nolan's mind bending, twist a minute thriller "Inception." This film is the work of a wild imagination, genius writing, and one of the best and most talented casts this year with names such as Ken Watanabe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, and the late great Pete Postlethwaite. "Inception" is not only the best film of the year but one of the best films of the new decade a film that literally redefines a genre bringing it to new heights and standards that will never be surpassed this is truly a magnificent film.  

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Toy Story 3
This finale to one of cinema's most beloved and most cherished film franchise comes to a beautiful close with this finale installment, "Toy Story 3". This third chapter in this talking toys saga is possible the best and most emotional of the franchise with a bittersweet ending that will both make you cry and feel angry at the same time. You will be angry because this great series has to end and cannot go on; "Toy Story 3" is a fitting finale to one of the best-animated franchises in film history, a franchise that spans 16 years. "Toy Story" has been apart of many children lives it has been a major part of m childhood when I was growing up I grew up with these films and I hate to see this franchise end but it has been a good run for the "Toy Story" and now the story is complete. This end to this great series delivering the laughs, endearing characters and masterful storytelling that is expected of the great PIXAR. This is there best work since "UP" a true masterpiece of animation and emotions "Toy Story 3"hits all the right notes.
The American
Dark, brooding, methodical, meticulous, and absorbing Anton Corbjin's "The American" is a master class on the proper ways of filmmaking and how sometimes the best dramas are the ones, where your actions sometimes speak louder than your words and where your words speak louder than your actions. This is a beautiful stunning piece of work from an immensely talented director. Who once again shows that he [Corbijn] is one of the best working in the business today? This is a masterful and engrossing tale of redemption that should not be missed.
See the full review, "4 stars: A man who's art is death will only know death".
Despicable Me
The only type of animation that has caught my eye was anime. For 11 years, I watched only anime films and T.V. series avoiding the kiddy fare that the likes of Disney were putting out almost every month. The only few family friendly animated films that I have viewed over the years are revered classics such as "Beauty and the Beast"(the first animated film ever to be nominated for the academy award for best picture), "The Little Mermaid", "The Lion King" and the most beloved animated film of all time "Toy Story". Now I am proud to say that I am adding another family friendly animated film to my list of all time greats and I am proud to say that this is not a Disney film. No folk this animated fare is from Universal pictures and it is called "Despicable Me." Out of all the animated films this year "Despicable Me" is possibly one of the funniest and freshest comedies of the year a fantastical tale of a propaganda obsessed villain who has delusions of grandeur to be the greatest villain in the world or so he hopes the news will label him as such. "Despicable Me" is one of the years more appealing animated farces blending 3D animation with Looney Tunes slapstick to create a truly riveting comedic father daughters tale like no other.
See the full review, "4 stars: I've got problems how 'bout you? I want to be the number one villain do you?".
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" comes at a time when the themes and story of this larger than life corporate drama have no greater relevance than now seeing as America is at the height of an Financial crisis. "Money Never Sleeps" is a tightly bound, smartly written, exceptionally well-acted melodrama about high stakes business underhanded business tactics and the all-consuming lust for money and power. "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" is a movie for our time a movie for the moment and the movie for the decade, the movie for the moment.
See the full review, "4 Stars: "It's not about the money, it's about the game"".
The Ghost Writer
"The Ghost Writer" is a serious return to form for the great Roman Polanski, this conspiracy thriller based off the bestseller from Robert Harris (who also co-wrote the screenplay) "The Ghost". "The Ghost Writer" is a magnificent taunt, intelligent suspense thriller that blends theme from such films as "The Parallax View," "The Contender" and "Chinatown". This beautiful and methodical thriller is for the intelligent moviegoers. A tightly bound film that is as engrossing as it is mind boggling this is one of the finest thrillers of 2010, a true testament that not all thrillers need big explosions or loud action sequences to be an entertaining absorbing film.
See the full review, "4 stars: Are you sure you want to know, what you want to know?".
Green Zone
Out of all the films on this list my final pick for number 10 has been widely touted as one of the most controversial films of 2010. Mainly for its plot ideals that the U.S. Government sent U.S., soldiers into Iraq WMD's (Weapon's of Mass Destruction) that supposedly Saddam Hussein had been stock piling for years waiting for a chance to strike. "Green Zone" is a skilled and exceedingly well made political action thriller that not only makes a strong statement about the ethics of war but about the real reasons behind why we go to war in the first place. Paul Greengrass (director of "The Bourne Supremacy, "The Bourne Ultimatum," United 93" and "Bloody Sunday") has constructed a hyperkinetic intelligent film that is not only one hell of an action film but also a strong relevant war activist statement about war and politics this is one of the finest films of the year.
See the full review, "4 stars: "The reasons we go to war always matter!"".

What did you think of this list?

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April 03, 2011
Nice list. I missed The Ghost Writer, I'm sorry to say, and I thought Wall Street was okay at best. Rabbit Hole was, for a time, also my number one choice. Then I saw Blue Valentine, and everything changed.
April 03, 2011
Thank you. If you haven't seen "The Ghost Writer" yet I would highly recommend it and as for "Blue Valentine" I have yet to see it. But I have heard nothing but good things about it.
April 03, 2011
Great list, Lopez! Glad to see you were able to log back in ;)
April 03, 2011
Thank you very much and I'm glad as well I was going insane without being able to log in. I appreciate the help with that .
April 02, 2011
well, alright!! Save for # 9, I've seen all the films on this list! An awesome top 3!!
April 02, 2011
Thank you very much and sorry it took me so long to get this in I've been kind of busy lately. And if you haven't seen "The Ghost Writer" yet I highly recommended it, its a fantastic film.
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