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Cenobitch's Favs of 2010-2011 (DVD releases & Theatrical)

  • Sep 8, 2011
Cenobitch picks his top films which kinda sorta carry over into 2011. Mind you, I didn't get out much to see films in 2010 & I still haven't seen many this year but....we've seen some very impressive films in the past year and a half. Hollywood, I will say it again. You might have once been all the rage but you really need to step up your game son. Indie & foregin films everywhere are kicking your ass.
Good, sweet gory fun!
Hobo with a Shotgun
Grindhouse entertainment at it's best. Rutger is back!!
Serbian film
Need I explain myself. Don't say it. Just see it for yourself if you're intrigued. Form your own opinion instead of letting everyone else tell you whether or not they think you should see it.
See the full review, "The Movie America Doesn't Want You To See".
Black Swan (2010)
Nat rocked the role! She won an Oscar. Aronofsky makes great flicks. Done.
Payton Collins Serial Rapist
Because indies are good too. Lest we forget.
See the full review, "Best Indie Film Of 2011".
Enter The Void
Gaspar Noe has made yet another solid film. Worth owning. ;-)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2010)
I love this series yet so does everyone else. I'm not joining Team Edward or Team Jacob though.
Winter's Bone (2010)
Damn. All I can say is damn. Yes, that good.
I Spit On Your Grave
Remakes suck. No, they do! Really, I swear!! Here's the 101 on how to film a revision. I'm impressed.
See the full review, "It's Date Night".
Gainsbourg was robbed of an Oscar.
Super 8
How did this end up herr? OMG This actually brings back fond memories of when I was a kid. Cenobitch loves this film.
The Horde (La Horde, 2009)
One of the best zombie films in years. No shit!
The Runaways Movie
Joan Jett. Cherie Currie. Lita Ford. Rock on!!! Warning: This film is super addictive.
Grindhouse entertainment. Yes!!!!!!
L.A. Zombie
Last but not least, this was a very pleasant surprise. :-)
See the full review, "Back In L.A.".
The Beaver
This was quite the surprise but I think it flopped at the box office. Great little film though.

What did you think of this list?

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September 24, 2011
Great list
September 26, 2011
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Do you have any favorites recently or have you seen the ones I've mentioned? :-)
September 15, 2011
You changing your name?
September 15, 2011
Not as of yet. It's just that I think a few people around here associate me with the term "bitch" so I altered my moniker just a tad. At any rate, what did you think of my list? LOL
September 15, 2011
It's pretty groovy, but I'm shocked you included "The Runaways"!
September 17, 2011
But of course, I love Joan Jett! This may be one of the few movies Kristin Stewart or Dakota Fanning will ever make that I absolutely love!!!
September 17, 2011
I was impressed by some of the performances, but the screenplay and the direction weren't very good and they got so many of the details regarding the band and the members all wrong. I mean, they reduced Lita Ford's character to almost a cameo appearance and Joan didn't look or act much like they way she was depicted.
September 17, 2011
I think they took quite a bit of poetic license with the film. They made up names for band members of course & also fictionalized a great deal of the story. I had read somewhere that Lita NEVER responded when she was contacted by the crew so unfortunately her character wasn't fully fleshed out as fans would've hoped for. I think Joan was fairly accurate but Kristin had spent time hanging out with Ms. Jett so it wasn't a huge feat. The visual aspect was very cool & overall the film was entertaining. Overall, I think they did as good as could be expected considering only Joan & Cheri contributed their ideas to the story. It's a shame Joan & Lita didn't get along any better than they did because I would've loved to see some sort of collaboration in the eighties from the two women.
September 17, 2011
Even Joan who was a producer on the film pointed out all the inaccuracies during the audio commentary (one big point was that in the film she is shown as wearing black leather most of the time and Joan wasn't wearing all-black back then and as an animal rights activist she is opposed to leather and usually wears black denim).
September 17, 2011
I was hoping for an interview with Joan as a bonus feature much like the Cheri Currie one but no such luck. Yeah, I caught the leather jacket commentary & I don't recall her wearing that either in her days with the Runaways. overall, I was fairly pleased with the film as it was definitely an entertaining movie if nothing else. Michael Shannon was a total riot as Kim Fowley & the music kicked ass too. I guess I found it ironic that two of the Twilight babes took on this film right around the same time that New Moon was being filmed, which I still no interest in seeing. It was cool to see Dakota take a more adult role & Kristin playing the "rebel chick" as supposed to a waifish, whiny Bella.
September 14, 2011
How did I almost miss this list?! Sweet selections and I am glad that Black Swan and VGVFG made your list though I am a little stunned that you also included Super 8 here since I wasn't impressed with that one. # 13 I need to see, The Horde is sure to be a great hit.
September 14, 2011
I'm kinda sorta shocked that you didn't like Super 8 as much as I did but it's ok. Thanks for checking out the list. There are a few more that will probably be added on at some point. I'm still trying to crack away at the stack of films around me. ;-) Cheers!
September 14, 2011
13 was awesome! I rented it ocne thru Redbox & then immediately had to own it. :-) I am hoping you review it.
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