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The Top 10 Worst Films of 2011

  • Dec 31, 2011
I saw a lot of great movies this year. Unfortunately, for every good movie, there are at least three bad movies. The following list represents what I feel is 2011's worst of the worst – films that make me wonder why part of my job includes having to see them. I'd tell you to enjoy it, but that's not exactly the point, is it?
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
It's astounding to me that these movies are still being made. It's even more astounding that they started making them in the first place.
See the full review, "The Latest Entry in Bay's Awful Franchise".
Bucky Larson Born To Be A Star
If you think Nick Swardson as a simpleton aspiring to be a porn star is funny, perhaps you should speak with Christina Ricci. No one told her the film was intended to be a comedy.
See the full review, "It's Not the Size That Counts, It's How You Exploit It".
'Jack and Jill'
Forget about Adam Sandler in drag. For the love of God, what was Al Pacino thinking? Was he really so desperate for a job?
See the full review, "How Exactly Does Sandler's Mind Work?".
Serbian film
I refuse to be part of a world where pornographic necrophilia and the raping of newborns qualify as "symbolism."
See the full review, "From What Dark, Evil Recesses of the Soul Did This Movie Emerge?".
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
It's inutterably depressing to me that there's actually a demand for movies in which hapless victims are graphically sewn mouth to anus.
See the full review, "Why Do They Make Movies LIke This?".
Bad Teacher
It isn't often I come across a character so reprehensible that I actually wish him or her dead. Cameron Diaz plays someone very much like that.
See the full review, "She Deserves an F, and so Do the Filmmakers".
The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman
One of the most incompetent martial arts films I've ever seen. I'm not sure anyone knew what they were doing when making this one.
See the full review, "A Morass of Martial Arts Madness".
Just Go with It
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston have made their share of bad movies, but the real kicker is Nicole Kidman, who's usually capable of much better choices.
See the full review, "A Movie as Phony as the Marriage it Depicts".
Atlas Shrugged: Part I
A movie made with just about no audience in mind, not even believers of Ayn Rand's original novel. I can't remember the last time a movie has been this unendurably boring.
See the full review, "We'll Probably Never Know Who John Galt Is".
Black Death
Some movies go too far in their efforts to push an agenda on audiences. By espousing hatred and violence on both ends of the religious spectrum, this one does exactly that.
See the full review, "There is a Pestilence Upon This Film".

What did you think of this list?

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January 01, 2012
I remember the old days when Siskel and Ebert both moaned aloud on television about seeing bad movies. They said that movie reviewing was not what it was cracked up to be. Back then I ropled my eyes, but today I appreciate their (and your efforts). I call it night time savings time, and thank you very much for your assistance. I only saw 'Atlas Shrugged,Part 1,' and I enjoyed it only because I read the book. Otherwise, I thought it was a lackluster, mediocre, made-for-tv event. Nice job, and THANKS! ;V)
January 01, 2012
I would add boring to that list of adjectives about Atlas Shrugged. And my God, that awful dialogue. As for the other films, as my list makes perfectly clear, you didn't miss much. In three select cases, you've even spared yourself from being shocked and offended.
December 31, 2011
Great list. I agree with most of your choices. I didn't dislike Just Go With It...but its not a great film by an judgement.
January 01, 2012
What I find both hilarious and appalling are the arguments in defense of Transformers.
January 01, 2012
There is no defense for
January 02, 2012
Oh, believe me, Larry, I have heard a lot of those defenses....
December 31, 2011
hee-hee! It is always fun to make a 'worst list"...I think I'll be making one list that emcompasses both the good and the bad. I feel that 2011 wasn't as good as 2010 movie-wise. Then, again, I did take quite a few breaks in movie watching so maybe it was just my limits. Nice list! Thanks goodness that I didn't see most of the movies in this list....
January 01, 2012
Yes, thank goodness. But you're right: It is fun making a worst-of list. At least, it is at first. It's when you start getting angry rebuttal comments that it stops. Believe me, I got flak a year ago for including Kick-Ass and the first Human Centipede on my list.
January 02, 2012
People just need to understand that it is the writer's list, we are not saying that we're right or they're wrong, it's just according to preferences and tastes. It is what a review site is all about anyway. You would not believe the trolls in amazon, saying that I was too detailed in reviews (all they want is I like it), but then there are those real movie fans who appreciate honest efforts. I was thinking of deleting my reviews in amazon (I don't review there anymore), but every now and then, I feel that some people can appreciate sincere reviews that help them.
January 02, 2012
I stopped posting on Amazon for the exact same reason, and also because, after a time, the sense of community that seemed to have developed simply disappeared. You would not believe the comments I got for supposed spoilers; I maintain my position that I never, ever gave away anything crucial to the plot, and I still don't to this day.
January 02, 2012
Yeah, I get those same messages at times too, but mostly from morons who write reviews lifted from other places. Too bad amazon had sunked so was where I began.
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