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My Favorite Miscellaneous Eldritch Gods Movies

  • Aug 31, 2009
I'll be doing another list dealing  with movies involving black magic and the Christian devil a bit later. For now (in NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF PREFERENCE) here are my favorite flix featuring non-Christian devils and/or demons.. 
The Call of Cthulhu
Made to look like a silent movie filmed during Lovecraft's lifetime, this fanmade film is one of if not THE best HPL adaptations you'll ever see.
See the full review, "When Cthulhu Calls You'd Better Answer!".
Based upon "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" this is a pretty damned good modernization of Lovecraft starring Chris Sarandon that doesn't forget to have a sense of humor.
The Unnamable 2
The only good thing about THE UNNAMABLE was Mark Kinsey Stephenson as Randolph Carter, so they brought him back in this sequel and built the movie around his character adding a bit more humor and a lot more nudity.
All I could think of during this Stuart Gordon movie was how much better it would be if he had actually written it for an older Jeffrey Combs rather than casting a younger lookalike,
In The Mouth Of Madness
While not techincally part of the Chtulhu Mythos this film certainly feels like it.
Cast a Deadly Spell
In this made for HBO movie that Hollywood magic you keep hearing about is REAL magic! It's the pulp world of the 1940s and private eye Phil Lovecraft (who hates magic and won't use it) finds himself up against the strongest black magic in town, one that threatens the entire world. This is so smart and funny that I can't understand why it was never given a DVD release. Or maybe that's WHY it never got one.
Q, The Winged Serpent
Another winner from Larry Cohen starring Michael Moriarity as a small time thief who gets involved with a modern day Aztec plot to resurrect the god Quetzalcoatl when he finds the critter's nest in the spire of the Chrysler Building. Police detective David Carradine is investigating a series of gory murders that are in actuality the sacrifices for the resurrection. The trick is the sacrifical victims are all willing participants.
The Last Wave
A surprisingly good Australian film dealing with Aboriginal myths. Richard Chamberlain stars.
The Manitou
Tony Curtis is a fake psychic in San Francisco who gets mixed up with an ancient Native American evil that it is trying to be reborn in this world. He's gone about it in sort of an unusual way however, he's attached to a young woman's shoulder.
Movie poster
Wes Craven's take on voodoo in Haiti.
The Wicker Man
This is the original Christopher Lee version we're talking about here NOT that Nic Cage abomination! This is simply The best wicca film ever. My DVD has both the British release and the shorter American release which was shorter and considered to be of inferior quality. To my great surprise I prefer the shorter version! Still it's nice to be able to compare the two.
Movie poster
Okay, there aren't really any gods to be found here but the movie does hint at all those things that do lurk just beyond the limits of our sight and there may be one or two gods among them.

What did you think of this list?

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