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Favorite Chick Flicks

  • Sep 13, 2009
Warning: Spoilers if you [somehow] haven't seen these movies yet.  The themes of this list: girliness, love, unrequited love, fate, plus a splash of humor and ditziness.  Time to grab a pint of ice cream (and maybe a box of tissue for a couple of these) and let your brain melt with the tube to these fine selections.
The Notebook
Like I said in my micro review, The Notebook made me cry and cry and cry. Total chick flick extraordinaire! Not too chick-ish to the point where guys wouldn't watch it though. Really touching and heartbreaking love story.
Mean Girls
This movie is surprisingly feel good, and its got so many quote-worthy moments. Ditzy, yet has its moments of clarity, and I love all that happens after The Plastics go their separate ways.
The original Mean Girls, except the girls are less conniving and are, well, genuinely clueless. I loved the entire cast. Alicia Silverstone + Stacey Dash + Brittany Murphey + Donald Faison + Paul Rudd = Amazingness. I love how Cher takes it upon herself to "adopt" a "tragically unhip" girl as a means of doing a good deed.
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
What's not to love about this movie? I absolutely love the Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino combo. They're super cute together and so is the plot. lol @ them claiming that they invented post-its at their high school reunion.
The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing is just that! Every time one of my gal pal goes through a break up, this is the movie I always bring over, along with a pint of ice cream, of course. The Chinese restaurant scene = Win. That scene was actually played as part of a male revue act that I saw once. For obvious reasons.
Legally Blonde
I thought that I was going to hate this movie because of the name, but I ended up loving it. I find Elle Woods' trials and tribulations so endearing, and how things end up unintentionally working in her favor.
Movie Teaser
I love how Carrie was proposed to with a pair of Manolo Blahniks and was promised a big closet instead of a big diamond ring. It was cute how her best gal pals took care of her after she was left at the altar. It was also cute how months later, she ended up marrying Big anyways, and in the white dress suit that she had initially planned on wearing. It was full of "awwwwwwwww" moments.
Serendipity (2001)
Love the word "serendipity". Fate totally takes the reigns in this plot. Makes me ponder about my missed opportunities and encounters.
Wicker Park (2004)
I watched this movie like, five times on a flight to Tokyo after a bad break up. Yes, it kinda brought on the waterworks and it didn't help that Coldplay's The Scientist was the theme song to this film... but at least Josh Hartnett is hot, right? The plot's really twisted and can be confusing, hence having to watch it a few times (hey, there was no wikipedia to explain it to me on the plane!).
Simply Irresistible
Dude, there's a magical crab in this movie! As a food lover, I can appreciate how food plays into this movie. I wish a magical crab would come along, wave its magical little claw at me and turn me into a celebrity chef whose food makes people fall in love with me.

What did you think of this list?

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July 04, 2010
Excellent list, I have yet to see them all but "Mean Girls, and Clueless" are great flicks.
July 07, 2010
Thanks, Alex! I would suggest going with Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion next. It's girly girly, but I've watched it with guys before who have loved it and they definitely appreciate the humor in it.
July 04, 2010
Cool list, D. I love "Romy and Michelle". Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino were so funny in that! I also really liked, though I'm a little loathe to admit it, "The Sweetest Thing" purely because it's the first female raunch comedy I've seen and it levels out the gender playing field in that sub-genre. Didn't Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have incredible chemistry?! They need to work together again.
July 07, 2010
Romy and Michelle was so good! I need to watch that again. And The Sweetest Thing is a great break up movie for chicks :P Yes, I'd love to see Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams work together again!
July 03, 2010
o.em.gee. I cannot believe it. I saw all of these movies save for # 7 (but I have seen about 25 minutes of it till the climax). This is a great list, Debbie! I think the only one I really didn't get into too much was #5 but a friend of mine was an extra in it. (shot in SF y'know!). # 2 I really liked because it has Lohan in her better years; # 1 wasn't my thing but I appreciated what he wanted to do. # 4- the post it thing? who wouldn't find that funny? LOL! Thanks for the heads up, Lady D!! Guess this list was created before we could vote on lists right? I see me down there in comments LOL!

Featured it :)
July 07, 2010
Yup, this list was created before anyone could comment or rate them, so one of my firsts! Of all of these movies, I would've expected you to have seen #7 for some reason. I can't believe you've seen all the others though. Good for you! ;P

Thanks for featuring! :)
December 02, 2009
Wow. I've only seen Mean Girls and Legally blonde! Looks like I need to brush up some. But the two I've seen are perhaps up there in my top twenty favorite flicks.
December 02, 2009
Better add these to your Netflix queue then! ;P
December 02, 2009
Getting through my queue is going to take literally FOREVER! :P
December 02, 2009
Not if you put your mind to it ;)
December 02, 2009
You have a very good point there, miss! *adds to queue*
November 17, 2009
wow! your list is amazing i like this movies too! you have a good selection for movies. i like in special the sweetest thing movie
November 28, 2009
Thanks, Josue! The Sweetest Thing is definitely a good one :)
September 23, 2009
You have got to see the original Korean "My Sassy Girl" and the Japanese "Cyborg She"!!
September 23, 2009
Uh oh, after I watch those, I might have to start a Favorite Foreign Chick Flicks list! Thanks for the suggestions :)
September 24, 2009
Oh, I hate romantic comedies (foreign or otherwise) but I really enjoyed those two movies. You may check out my reviews for both movies in this site...
September 14, 2009

I rather enjoy chick flicks... well, some of them.  If they're good.  Like The Notebook.  I liked it.  Quite a bit.  I rarely cry at movies, though.  So The Notebook didn't make me cry, but it was a good story.  Have you ever read the book?  The movie, for the most part is pretty close to it.

But there are some chick flicks I'm kind of fond of.  I LOVED Clueless.  If I had a Chick Flick list that would actually be number one on mine.  I also enjoyed Mean Girls but that's not exactly something you want to admit to the guys when you're out at the bar tossing back a few (but by now I'm sure they're used to it from me).  I just saw Serendipity the other day when watching ummm... Oxygen.  No I'm not kidding.  So I have a fascination with some chick flicks.  Speaking of which where's The Princess Diaries?  And does  A League of Their Own count as a Chick Flick?  Does Say Anything?  I don't know but I liked those a lot too.  Gosh I could go on for a bit with this... My Big Fat Greek Wedding is another good one... I should probably stop before I incriminate myself and mention a movie that I love which apparently it would be against the law for a man to like.  But I'll give you a hint... it's on your list!

I guess what it boils down to is that I'm actually a pretty sensitive guy deep down inside. 
September 17, 2009
Sean, you are too awesome! I don't know of too many guys who would admit liking this many chick flicks and chick-esque TV shows, though I do know a few guys who would name The Notebook as one of their favorite films.

And thanks for the suggestions!  I don't know about A League of Their Own, but I still haven't seen The Princess Diaries or My Big Fat Greek Wedding yet.  I think Mamma Mia! would go really well on the list, too.  Next time!

And nothing wrong with being a sensitive guy ;) Thanks for your comment, Sean!  Much appreciated!
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