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Fifteen Movies that Left us With Burning Questions and/or Gaping Plot Holes!

  • Sep 27, 2009
God, I love picking at movies!  Sometimes it's fun.  In fact, it's VERY fun!  Let's be clear, just because I pick at it, though, doesn't mean it's a bad movie.  In fact, there are some movies that I really like on this list.  See, I got to thinking that a list on Lunch shouldn't just be so straightforward and such.  It should be fun too!  So let's have some fun!  By the way... and I shouldn't have to say this but you'll find MAJOR spoilers here.  Also, uh, let's not complain about the language.

Also, a lot of people would probably refer to these as Plot Holes.  Not all of 'em are, some of them are just big questions the movie left unfilled... okay so they are Plot Holes.  But nevertheless, let's have some fun.

Also, it's highly recommended you watch the movies on this list for the sould reason being you'll understand the questions better if you do.
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Poster
The Big Scene:  Actually, it's in the very beginning when they're running amok through Hong Kong or whereever the hell they are.  We later learn that the Transformers are a big secret that no one knows about.  In fact it's such a well kept secret that it's an internet conspiracy.
The Big Question: Did Michael Bay suddenly think we all took stupid pills?  In the first film the Autobots and Decepticons fight in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world... IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!  People are running around screaming all over the place.  If you look close, you can even see Shia crap his pants (when he's running around a brown stain appears out of nowhere much like that bandage around his wrists in the second film).  So the big question: How the hell did the Government cover it ALL up and make sure no one could remember ANY of that?  Are they secretly the Men in Black with that flashy thing?  Come on Michael, if you're going to insult my intelligence, uh, be smart about it at least!  Oh wait...

See the full review, "Headache Inducing".
The Big Scene: Jack buys some doughnuts and then a bus near him explodes.  The mad bomber then calls Jack up and tells him there's a bomb on bus 2525.  Jack then decides he must chase down this bus.  Earlier in the film, however, we learn that the elevator job took two days to set up.  LATER Jack must break onto a subway to save Annie...
The Big Questions:  This is my favorite: The first is simple: If it took the bomber two days to set up the elevator job, how did it take him such short time to set up the bomb on both busses?  And how did he know that Jack would be near the first bus that blew up?  And how did he know which pay phone to call?  Better yet, how did he get that goddamn payphone number?  Then there's that subway scene which bothers me the most.  Jack tries to save Annie and discovers he doesn't have a key.  Then he discovers that the train tracks haven't been finished and THEN he discovers that just pushing a lever forward speeds it up.  A few things about this.  The first being... why are they operating a train on a route that hasn't been completed?  Second, if pushing the lever is all it takes to speed it up, then they can easily pull back on it to slow it down.  Whether or not it stops is of little concern but you'd think Jack would at least try to stop it and then get another cop later who had a key.  But he doesn't.  He opts for the less intelligent option.

Die Hard 2
The Big Scene: At some point, to show everyone just how bitchin' they really are, the terrorist crash a plane and it stays on fire and everyone is sulking while John McClane is worried his wife was on the plane.  Later, after McClane blows a plane up in the worlds most illogical manner he realizes that now the planes circling the airport have a landing light!  YES!  John McClane 1.  Terrorst... actually they had many points at that moment.
The Big Question: If anything John gets an epic failure for not realizing that the planes circling the airport would've already HAD a landing light thanks to the terrorist crashing the FIRST plane.  It was a smoldering inferno.  If the pilots could see the flames from plane McClane blew up at the end of the movie, it's interesting that none of them would've seen the flames from the plane the terrorist blew up... on the runway...  Let's be honest, plausibility was never Die Hard's strong suit.

DVD front
The Big Scene:  You all know that scene where Peter Parker and Mary Jane are in the restaurant and Mary Jane is asking Parker if she loves him?  Peter stares at her like a stupid little bitch and finally says, "I don't..." and then she goes on with something or other that neither Parker nor the audience is paying attention to.  Suddenly Parker leaps at Mary Jane while a car comes crashing through the huge gigantic window
The Big Question:  We, of course, know Doc Ock throws it after Harry Osborne has instructed him to find Parker because Parker will lead him to Spider-Man.  So then... if Doc Ock NEEDS Peter Parker to live because that's his ONLY lead... why did he throw a big fucking car at him when it could kill him?  It makes no sense that Doc Ock would even consider doing something that would endanger Parker's life like that.  Did he just assume Parker was going to dive out of the way?  What makes this moment even worse is that Parker isn't even LOOKING at the damn car!  The big big thing about this moment, though?  DOC OCK DOES NOT KNOW PETER PARKER IS SPIDER MAN!  Not at this point in the movie, anyway.  If Doc Ock doesn't know he's Spider Man and therefore needs Parker to find Spider Man... throwing a car at the guy you need with the potential of killing him just isn't a smart idea.

Citizen Kane
The Big Scene:  The very beginning when Kane utters his last words... "Rosebud" that sets the whole thing in motion.
The Big Question: I'm not the first one to shit on Citizen Kane.  Nope.  But you probably know exactly what I'm going to ask... who actually HEARD those last words?  The answer... no one.  A nurse comes running in AFTER he's already dead.  So they're trying to figure out what the word Rosebud refers to despite that no one heard it in the first place.  Unless that nurse has super hearing abilities.  Maybe she's secretly working for the Government and had him bugged... I don't know.

See the full review, ""Rosebud..."".
The Sixth Sense
The Big Scene:  The very end.  Spoiler Alert: Bruce Willis finds out he's dead.
The Big Quesetion: Well, that just makes the whole fucking movie make no sense when you think about it!  Bruce Willis was dead the whole time right... and HOW long after the shooting does the movie truly "begin?"  If this is the big question then it brings up other questions... how the hell did Willis's character come to be hired to help this kid if no one can see him?  We get the whole moment with his wife, but it makes you wonder about how Bruce is really "living."  We know they see only what they want to see, but I'm quite sure that if his wife doesn't see him, then no one else does.  So how was he hired?  What about eating?  Did he just not eat?  And if he DIDN'T eat, did he ever question why he never had to eat?  Going further... if he goes to a restaurant and orders food, uh, does he get pissed when the waiter doesn't even acknowledge his existence?  It's a cool movie and all but... that one question actually bothers me.  Since we're on M. Night Shayamalamadingdong...

See the full review, ""I See Dead People..."".
The Big Scene: Mel Gibson and his kids just discover that the aliens can be killed with water.  Oh hell...
The Big Question: If they were weak versus water... why the hell did they come to Earth?  Were these aliens so dumb they didn't know their weakness?  I know, I know, "What if their planet didn't have water," and all that stuff... well, I don't know about aliens but our scientists tend to find out if something unknown will hurt us (to a disturbing degree... they even look at things that don't harm us and try to figure it out).  It would be a bit much to expect Aliens not to try to learn anything about their prey.  Especially if they were supposed to be smart like M. Night is saying we think they should be.  But seriously... WATER?  If they DID know their weakness why would they come to a planet that's just teeming with water?  If M. Night wanted to go with his Godly theme he'd have set it up so that at the very end Mel would've prayed to God to smite the aliens and then he would've made it rain.  That would've been better... much better.  But no, we have to deal with water.  The only thing that would've amused me would've been to see an alien burning once they ate a human.  We are, after all, mostly made out of water!

Poster for the movie
The Big Scene: Marty goes back into the future and finds out that his parents are now cooler and hipper as a result of him going back into the past.
The Big Question: Did his parents ever find it strange that their kid looks EXACTLY like the kid they met in 1955?  And if they do recognize that... what exactly is George going to think?  Surely to him it won't be a coincidence.  To him it would have to be something along the lines of, "You're still seeing THAT guy?" or something like that.  I like this movie and all but it's kind of funny to think that the parents wouldn't say, "Wow he looks exactly like Calvin Kline."  Oh, that's another thing... does anyone realize that Calvin Kline became a brand name?  Do they ever think about that?  Or that Johnny B. Goode was a real song?  Do they ever think about those things?  Nope.  No one says a word.  No, "Hey, Calvin Kline isn't that amazing?"  And George never says anything like, "Some guy--who looks just like my son--performed Johnny B. Goode at this dance when I was a kid... wait a minute..."

Back to Future 2 (1989)
The Big Scene: Old Biff goes back in time and gives young Biff the Sports Almanac.  While in the garage he explains all this stuff to him about a kid and a weird scientists going around and asking about it or something like that.  Later, however, Doc Brown explains to Marty that if he runs into himself he'll cause a paradox that could destroy the entire Universe so then...
The Big Question: Why didn't Old Biff destroy the goddamn universe?  Does age matter?  No, it can't be because Doc runs into his younger self and talks to him just fine.  It's only Marty that has the potential to cause a paradox.  With all that, "Don't run into yourself," talk... a lot of people sure run into themselves when they go back in time.  Biff, Loraine and Doc are the three... but when they run into themselves, everything is all fine and dandy.  But Marty?  "You'll fuck up the universe if you run into YOUR self."

Star Wars - Episode III, Revenge of the Sith
The Big Scene:  At the very end of the movie, Padme dies (that's not a spoiler) and Anakin becomes Darth Vader and Threepio has his memory wiped (while R2-D2 gets to keep his).  A bunch of other stuff we can point out but we'll leave it at these moments.
The Big Question(s): Padme dies because she just... "Loses the Will to live."  Huh?  You mean ALL THAT TECHNOLOGY and you can't save her?  You can't save her at all?  That also brings about another crucial question: Wasn't Padme supposed to be this really strong person?  It seemed like the entire trilogy was going on and on about this particular thing.  How strong Padme was.  So this incredibly strong, brave woman just dies because she loses the will to live?  Then there's Threepio getting his memory wiped and R2-D2 keeping his.  Did R2-D2 just not tell Threepio about everything else that happened through their time being with Princess Leia?  There are big questions about just when George Lucas stopped paying attention to his Star Wars movies (I'm going to go with somewhere between Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back), but this shows that Lucas was just running out of steam because he just couldn't think of ANYTHING at this point.

See the full review, "Still No Spark Coming Back".
Fight Club
The Big Scene: I can only remember Meat Loaf's character being referred to as "Bitch Tits."  So there's a scene when "The Narrator" meets up with "Bitch Tits" on the streets (aren't those delightful names for characters? Oh, and here's some advice for you guys... don't call your girlfriend bitch tits... she'll get very very angry).  Anyway, during their meeting BT starts talking about Fight Club--started by Tyler Durden.  He says this to the Narrator and they discover they're both in the Fight Club run by Tyler Durden.
The Big Question: First of all, they both broke the rules of Fight Club.  You're not supposed to talk about Fight Club!  God, you two suck!  But beyond that, the biggest twist in the film is that The Narrator IS Tyler Durden... so if Bitch Tits was going to Fight Club... he'd have seen the Narrator there.  Because the Narrator is in charge!  After all, he's Tyler Durden!  Of course, that's nothing compared to the rest of the movie which is so crazy it'll make your head explode upon seeing it.

The Bourne Identity
The Big Scene: When Bourne returns to his apartment home in Paris, France, he looks around, notices something is aloof and then out of nowhere a guy comes swinging through the window.  He battles him and takes him down, of course.
The Big Question: That guy who comes swinging through the window?  Why did he do that?  As Bourne and Marie are running down the stairs it is apparent the maid is dead.  And if THAT'S the case, one has to wonder why the guy came in and murdered her and then decided to swing in through the window... Wouldn't it have just been easier to murder her and continue on his way?  It would've been a whole lot less obvious to the guys down below.

King Kong
The Big Scene: Peter Jackson's King Kong.  There's that really really really really long scene in this really really really really long movie where they all knock Kong out and are able to finally take him back to New York.  Also the wall they used to keep Kong on the island is useless (everyone keeps telling me to mention that one).
The Big Question: How do they get Kong back to New York anyway?  No way could Kong fit on that freakin' boat they brought and they'd never be able to find a big enough raft.  Did they drug him and hope he pretended he was swimming through a field of flowers and then knocked him out again?  Luckily Peter Jackson had a cure... just cut back to New York.  And make sure that the horrible secrets of how they got Kong back to New York are never known.  Jackson had a scene in which they make a deal with God and his hand comes down from heaven and whisks Kong away, but they made Peter Jackson cut it because it would've made the movie four hours longer.

See the full review, "A Little Overdone... and Just Too Long".
Hancock (Two-Disc Unrated Edition) (2008)
The Big Scene: After Hancock is adored by the city he gets into this big fight with Charlize Theron's character once it occurs to him that he can lose his powers through her.  The bad guys then exploit it as well.
The Big Questions:  The first quesetion is simple, why did they hate Hancock for destroying the city before but then just not care after they love him?  I thought him destroying the city was part of why they hated him the first place!  Then, of course, the biggest most obvious question... how the hell did the bad guys find out Hancock's weakness?  You know, the guys you saw for ten seconds prior?  It's a little hard to understand this and quite a baffling trait.

See the full review, "The First Half Isn't So Bad... But the Second Half... What Happened?".
The Big Scne: In of the movies most iconic moments, The Joker breaks into Bruce's house and starts pestering all the people.  He eventually holds Rachel and goes on his second, "Do you want to know how I got these scars..." Moment.  Suddenly Batman breaks things up but the Joker then decides to throw Rachel out the window and our Dark Knight dives after her.  Once he's saved her the movie cuts to another scene.
The Big Question: Ummm... there's just one teeny tiny teeny TINY little problem with this moment... what about the Joker?  After Batman dives out the window to save Rachel it apparently doesn't dawn on him that the Joker is still up there and he could terrorizing and killing people.  Not to mention he could have (gasped) found Harvey Dent!  That's exactly why the Joker showed up in the first place.  Nothing wrong with saving Rachel but man oh man didn't he think that perhaps they shouldn't have been relaxing on top the car they crashed on?  Given the relentless nature of the Joker and all.  How does Christopher Nolan solve this problem... "You know we can cut to another scene... and no one has to know."  And they did.

See the full review, ""Upset the established order... and everything becomes chaos! I'm an agent of chaos."".

What did you think of this list?

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May 27, 2011
In Fight Club with 'Bitch Tits', the reason he never saw the narrator at any of the fights is that there was different divisions of Fight Club scattered across the city. Tyler and the narrator discuss these when they are using a baseball bat to smash a few cars.. right before the limo exits the car-park and its tires are slashed.
May 27, 2011
In Fight Club with 'Bitch Tits', the reason he never saw the narrator at any of the fights is that there was different divisions of Fight Club scattered across the city. Tyler and the narrator discuss these when they are using a baseball bat to smash a few cars.. right before the limo exits the car-park and its tires are slashed.
February 25, 2011
Your 6th Sense argument is a little weak. It's super common in literature for ghosts not to realize that they're dead. The fact that he "didn't notice" he didn't eat, etc., means nothing. In Fight Club, Bitch Tits specifically says at one point he doesn't know what Tyler Durden looks like. He's been fighting at a different fight club, that's why The Narrator has never seen him. Sorry.
February 22, 2011
November 28, 2010
Also here's another one for Star Wars, granted I guess we can just say the whole second half of star wars was gaping with wholes, but Leia mentions that she remembers her mother, by the time she told Luke this in the Fourth Film, she's probably in her 20s, If Padme died right after birth, how in the universe does Leia remember anything about her mother?!
February 01, 2011
maybe she is talking about her adoptive mother.
March 12, 2011
But Luke asks her if she remembers her "real" mother.
September 09, 2010
Really enjoyed the list and made me chuckle.
September 09, 2010
I think you missed the biggest plot hole in Back to the Future Two. You were so very close... (Doc does mention that the universe ending paradox is only a theory, hence why Jennifer faints) There are two glaring plot holes. 1: When old Biff brings back the time machine. Shouldn't he have traveled back to the Alternate 2015 and not the normal 2015? 2: The time machine requires two things for time travel, 1.21GW and 88 mph. Even when they are flying the sky ways to go back to 1985, they get up to 88mph. However, at the end of the movie, Doc is struck by lightening while hovering in the air, clearly not at the required 88mph, and is sent back in time. Those are the two glaring plot holes. Not the paradox. That is explained as a theory...
September 09, 2010
I didn't grasp the first one right away, but you're so right.  Biff travels back to 1955 and gives himself the Sports Almanac and 1985 has a different reality... but not 2015, which is very weird.  The second one I don't think I thought about at all until you brought it up.  Those two observations are way way better than what I put here.
September 09, 2010
The responses to this article have been very positive so far, but I need to weigh in with what I hope can be seen as constructive criticism. The majority of these so called "Gaping Holes" don't stand up to some very simple scrutiny. This smacks of laziness (not that a post on a blog called 'lunch' should be held to a high standard, but it's not really compelling). We have to assume that everything that we see or don't see was a conscious choice of the director. We don't see a lot of those things because the filmmakers don't want us to, it's called mis-en-scene, and it's often unconsciously why we consider directors to be geniuses. WE, the audience know Kane said 'rosebud' and that was what mattered. Everything else that doesn't fall into that criteria is just laziness and doesn't deserve your time and attention. Lastly, some of these plot points (or missing plot points) seem to have been taken (not necessarily verbatim) from other articles of a similar nature, see moviemistakes, cracked, etc... I'm not crying foul or plagiarism on this article, but it gets low marks for originality. You obviously love movies, so go the extra mile and say something that hasn't been said yet!
September 10, 2010
I appreciate the criticism, but I have to respond to just a point or two.  The first and most obvious being that I actually went into this list knowing most of what you pointed out.  Take the idea of mis-en-scene... that something I already knew.  That doesn't mean no one can poke fun at it, for instance.  The same is true of The Sixth Sense and The Dark Knight as other examples.  These are things you don't actually HAVE to answer or even ask.  We just accept what the director has given us.  For The Dark Knight we can easily fill in the blank ourselves... because we know movie goers have imaginations and that they're not dumb (just go to the imdb).  With The Dark Knight, for example... we know the director made that conscious choice (the same with The Sixth Sense etc.)... we know that, and it's also partially because of stuff like that these movies are enjoyable... because if they were grounded completely in logic, most of them wouldn't be entertaining at all.  So again, the point was to have some fun... not to be serious.  Just because I have that knowledge of what mis-en-scene is doesn't mean that I have to apply it every time I talk about film.  Or every time I decide to do something like this.  That's not fun and it makes it less fun for others who may read it.  Likewise I thought calling them "gaping holes" was clearly an exaggeration.

I can't be sure entirely, so correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you took a "lazy" list too seriously.  It's where all the content is user generated.  It's also why it looks so lazy.  I mean, there's only so much you can do with the features on this list.  I can't use fancy font types... I can't exceed 1000 characters and you can embed video and photos but you know not much else.  In short, I worked with what I had.  But at least I'm glad to see that you understand that a list like this doesn't actually take a long time to construct (there are always people acting as though something like this takes days... it takes less than an hour).

On the other hand, I'll give you full credit for the lack of originality.  I didn't go in hoping for originality and that's most certainly true.  The reason behind that is meaningless now, but it's actually because at the time when I created the list it was still when the feature on Lunch was still new.  And at the time I simply wanted to demonstrate to other users that not every list had to be "My favorite this..." or "My favorite that..."  And so as a result I did this list.  It IS lazy, I don't think anyone is going to argue with you on that... but just the same I wasn't doing it to dig up a new fossil or anything like that.  And even the stuff I put here that I was certain most people might not have heard of was stuff that was already well known elsewhere.  But other things like... the Back to the Future thing... these were things that we've been asking and saying ever since the movie was in its theatrical run.  My idea wasn't, "I'm going to share this with all the internet," just "I want to share it with my friends on Lunch."  I'm sure most of the people who come across this list will have seen most of this stuff before.  That doesn't mean they or I can't enjoy it.  So I can have a little fun even with that kind of knowledge in mind. 

What I'm saying is this.  All the criticisms you pointed out are things that I already knew before the list was even made.  There are times when it's perfectly fine to leave some things on the back burner.  Keeping in mind what you said about Citizen Kane, for instance... it's true.  We know that.  Most of us who watch the film know it perfectly well.  But again, it doesn't mean you can't pick at it.  I pick on and make fun of movies I love and like (as well as movies I don't like) all the time, even with specific knowledge in mind.  I just can't help but think you're looking at something that you clearly realize is not supposed to be serious or prestigious and you're still taking it seriously.  I'm probably wrong on that, but that's how your comment comes off.
September 09, 2010
For Fight Club, one of the points that Pitt's Durden makes is that "I see a lot of new faces around here, which means many of you are breaking the first two rules." Because of the final rule that "If this is your first time at fight flub, you have to fight" it is already accounting for the fact that even grown men can gossip and chatter like high school girls. And technically, Bob Paulson (Bitch Tits, played by Meatloaf) never says he personally met Durden. He just claims he's an amazing man. Which makes sense, by him throwing out the born-in-a-prison thing. He's just hearing the legends.
September 09, 2010
Great list but one big one was missed: Terminator 2 (before the next 30 sequels) - John Connor was the product of a man sent back in time to stop SKYNET. If John stopped SKYNET (as we were led to believe) in the end of 2 his father would never have gone back in time to create him = PARADOX (everything goes). Oddly, none of the smart people who have had time to think about this (future John Connor, Sarah, the good Terminator) NEVER stop to ask what would happen to John if the future doesn't happen & he isn't created.

Yeah, pondering time is a pain.
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