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posted "Brilliantly Staged Confections & Concoctions" about Nightcap.   October 08, 2014
Brilliantly Staged Confections & Concoct
In many respects, Hollywood has murdered the conventional murder mystery.  In their attempt to keep the masses focused, they’ve manufacture
posted "A Werewolf Tale With Too Little Bite" about Werewolf Rising.   October 08, 2014
A Werewolf Tale With Too Little Bite
Like most men of a certain age, I have a definite soft spot for monster movies.  I’ve discussed before why I think that is, so let me summa
posted "Smart Talk On Skin: PRISON GIRL Questions Whether Our Prisons Are Real Or Imagined" about Prison Girl.   October 07, 2014
Smart Talk On Skin: PRISON GIRL Question
Every now and then there’s an adult film that comes along and actually tries to do something a bit different with the subject matter.  Unfo
posted "Smart Talk On Skin: It's A Wonderful Life By Way Of The Busty, Lusty Housemaid!" about Milk The Maid.   October 07, 2014
Smart Talk On Skin: It's A Wonderful Lif
One of the things I’ve always found a bit surprising about skin-related and/or adult-style films is that there are storytellers working in the i
posted "Stylish But Empty, THE SCRIBBLER Feels Like Its Main Character ... Who Too Was Stylish But Empty" about The Scribbler.   October 06, 2014
Stylish But Empty, THE SCRIBBLER Feels L
Here’s the thing about flawed characters: we already know they’re flawed at the outset if that’s all you – as a storyteller –
posted "Not Too Good, But Not Evil Enough" about The Devil Incarnate.   October 06, 2014
Not Too Good, But Not Evil Enough
I know what you’re thinking: another horror release?  Come now!  That’s not such a bad thing!  With as broad and complex as
posted "Though Predictable, YELLOW BOOTS Is Still Quite Impressive" about That Girl In Yellow Boots (2010).   September 11, 2014
Though Predictable, YELLOW BOOTS Is Stil
Issues of abuse – sexual or otherwise – have been the subject of many films of many nations of the film.  While some might take this
posted "ATTACK On The Senses!" about Armored Attack! (1957).   September 10, 2014
ATTACK On The Senses!
I do so love a great war picture.  As I get older, methinks they’re grower a bit harder and harder to find in any current studio’s re
posted "As Fun As It Is Imperfect, LAST PASSENGER Is No Train Wreck" about Last Passenger (2013).   September 09, 2014
As Fun As It Is Imperfect, LAST PASSENGE
Let it be known that it’s very difficult to achieve the good action movie these days.  I suspect that there are probably hundreds upon hund
posted "Talent In Search Of A Mission" about God's Pocket (2014).   September 09, 2014
Talent In Search Of A Mission
(NOTE: The following review will contain minor spoilers necessary solely for the discussion of plot and/or characters.  If you’re the type
posted "Killer Queen" about Queen: Live at The Rainbow '74.   September 09, 2014
Killer Queen
I have to admit that I kinda/sorta missed the whole Queen bandwagon in my youth.  Oh, I knew who they were at the time; while I can appreciate th
posted "If You Like Found-Footage Films, Then Here's Another Capable Entry" about Willow Creek (2013).   September 03, 2014
If You Like Found-Footage Films, Then He
Do I believe there’s something in reality that we call Bigfoot?  Well, let me answer by saying I don’t disbelieve.  I’m of
posted "... And Then There Were None" about Aftermath (2012).   September 03, 2014
... And Then There Were None
For those of you who haven’t thought about it, there are a couple of ways to capture the Apocalypse on film.  One way is the road followed
posted "Clever Idea Undone By The-Kid-Next-Door Filmmaking" about Blood Soaked (2014).   September 02, 2014
Clever Idea Undone By The-Kid-Next-Door
Look: with the advent of low-cost digital filmmaking, practically anyone with a couple of bucks and a good cell phone can write, produce, and shoot a
posted "It's A Wonderful Life. Grindhouse-Style!" about Monika (2012).   September 02, 2014
It's A Wonderful Life. Grindhouse-Style!
Like others, I tend to believe that life is best lived with a little mystery.  A little fantasy.  It’s hard enough getting through how
posted "Magnificent Practical Horror Effects Highlight This Gorefest! Extra Points For Slutty Scientist!" about Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014).   September 02, 2014
Magnificent Practical Horror Effects Hig
Before this film, I can say with no shame that I knew absolutely nothing about the CABIN FEVER franchise.  Oh, I knew it existed, and – whi
posted "The French Sure Have A Way With Films About Sexual Awakening" about Young & Beautiful (2013).   August 21, 2014
The French Sure Have A Way With Films Ab
I’ve written about my fascination with French films before.  It isn’t as if I believe they have any particular ‘hold’ on
posted "Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Those Who Can Get Past The Obvious Blemishes" about Blood Glacier (2013).   August 21, 2014
Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Th
Of all the various sub-genres within the pantheon of horror films, my personal favorite has been and will probably always be the classic monster movie
posted "A PROMISE Kept" about A Promise.   August 21, 2014
Love is an emotion that defies all explanation or understanding.  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love remains something that can be
posted "Old School Chiller Given A Modern-Day Makeover" about The Possession of Michael King.   August 19, 2014
Old School Chiller Given A Modern-Day Ma
I have a long, happy relationship with horror films.  As one who firmly believes there could possibly be ‘something’ to that thing ca
posted "Despite Some Feel-Good Packaging, There's A Lot Of Depression In This HEART" about Home Is Where The Heart Is (2013).   August 19, 2014
Despite Some Feel-Good Packaging, There'
I grew up in a small town.  Granted, it might not be as small as the one depicted in HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, but it was still pretty small. 
posted "Good Cop, Bad Script" about Jesse.   August 07, 2014
Good Cop, Bad Script
Well, there’s a subtle truth to filmmaking that never quite gets reported on.  Regular folks like you and me?  We might speak it behin
posted "Charming HATESHIP Shows America's Midwesterners Have A Respectable Stick-To-It-Iveness" about Hateship Loveship (2013).   August 07, 2014
Charming HATESHIP Shows America's Midwes
Hollywood and/or Hollywood-types have a long fascination in depicting what they perceive “the regular folks” to look like in America.  Oft
posted "Cookie Cutter Crime Drama With Everything But The Crumbs!" about Rage (2014).   August 07, 2014
Cookie Cutter Crime Drama With Everythin
Hey, look: forgive me if I don’t want to be the one to tell you to put the latest Nicolas Cage effort back on the video store shelf where you pi
posted "Exquisite Production Pulls At Your Heartstrings. I Just Don't Know Why." about Breathe In (2013).   August 06, 2014
Exquisite Production Pulls At Your Heart
Some films end up being so well made that the filmmakers inadvertently siphon all relevant meaning from them.  This doesn’t imply that ther
posted "Sure, Parenting Sucks. So Do Some Filmmakers." about Zack Parker's Proxy.   August 06, 2014
Sure, Parenting Sucks. So Do Some Filmma
Parenting can be tough.  That’s for sure.  As a parent, you have no only the weight of the world on your shoulders but also you share
commented on review of Guardians of the Galaxy, "It's a Lot of Great Fun".   August 05, 2014
posted "Amazing Ghost Story Worthy Of Academic Study For Its Technical Prowess" about Rigor Mortis (2013).   August 02, 2014
Amazing Ghost Story Worthy Of Academic S
Someone far wiser than I said it best: the truest horror films are the ones that scare you with the strength of their ideas.  They scare you with
posted "Perfectly Acceptable Though Mildly Predictable Time Travel Yarn" about I'll Follow You Down (2013).   August 02, 2014
Perfectly Acceptable Though Mildly Predi
Like most folks, I love time travel flicks.  I’ve seen many of the classics which explored the idea of moving through time, and I’ve
posted "A Nice Idea Gets Smothered Under Directorial Excess" about Dragonwolf (2013).   July 30, 2014
A Nice Idea Gets Smothered Under Directo
Crime dramas get great mileage out of allying their stories with the themes of William Shakespeare.  And why not?  Has there been an author
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