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reviewed Headhunters (film). March 17
posted in Movie Hype
Headhunters (film)
HEADHUNTERS is an extremely well-produced black comedy that borrows liberally from the cat-and-mouse white-collar caper flicks of many nations.  Executive headhunter Roger Brown is played by Aksel …
reviewed Non-Stop. March 15
posted in Movie Hype
Liam Neeson stars as troubled air marshal Bill Marks, who is enroute to London. He starts receiving text messages saying someone onboard will be killed every 20 minutes unless $150M is sent to a secret …
reviewed Swerve (2012). March 14
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Swerve (2012)
Oh, what a man won’t do for the right woman!  Or should that properly be phrased as, “Oh, what a man won’t do should the right woman ask … the right way!”  Similar …
reviewed Uncut (2009). March 14
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Uncut (2009)
Given how many production companies big and small as well as wannabe media mavens presently occupy planet Earth, I suspect that it’s really quite difficult to come up with something that feels not …
reviewed Iron Sky: Director's Cut (Steelbook). March 14
posted in Movie Hype
Iron Sky: Director's Cut (Steelbook)
If the movies taught me anything as of late, it’s that Nazis are due for a comeback!  They’re taken center stage in some pretty solid World War II era zombie flicks, and I recall watching …
reviewed Contracted (2013). March 13
posted in Movie Hype
Contracted (2013)
I’m a big fan of zombie films.  I’ve always loved stories that have tinkered in this world wherein the dead aren’t quite dead – not, at least, the way they should be – …
reviewed Wicked Blood (2014). March 12
posted in Movie Hype
Wicked Blood (2014)
Seriously.  Hollywood screenwriters have some increasingly macabre fascination with American small towns.  If the motion pictures they churn out are any indication, then an intelligent person …
reviewed Commitment (2013). March 12
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Commitment (2013)
I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a firm grasp on all of the geopolitical history involving North and South Korea.  In fact – outside of what little bit that got covered …
reviewed Sparks: The Origin of Ian Sparks (2013). March 12
posted in Movie Hype
Sparks: The Origin of Ian Sparks (2013)
I kid you not: I read my first comic book in 1970.  (It was a Batman story, but I honestly don’t remember any of the specifics.)  Bitten by the superhero bug at such a ripe, young age, …
reviewed Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013). March 10
posted in Movie Hype
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013)
Seriously: what’s not to love?  Last I checked, men love war movies.  And – the last I checked – men love zombie movies.  How can anyone one-up that?  Simple: you …
reviewed The Outsider (2014). March 10
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The Outsider (2014)
I love a good thriller as much as the next (online) critic.  Seriously, I do.  What’s practically universal about thrillers is that they can be accomplished on practically any budget; …
reviewed Robocop (2014). March 04
posted in Movie Hype
Robocop (2014)
In my youth, a new ROBOCOP movie is exactly the kind of release I would rush to on the first night it was available to the public-at-large.  I just knew it had the kind of big-budget goodness that …
reviewed The Tall Man. March 04
posted in Movie Hype
The Tall Man
            THE TALL MAN      As a fan of Jessica Biel and of horror/thriller films I had to check this out. The cover alone was enough to …
reviewed Watchtower. February 26
posted in Movie Hype
Foreign films can be a mixed bag.  Often times, I’ve praised the fact that – because they’re made without the creative shackles of the American studio system – they tend to …
reviewed The Silence. February 26
posted in Movie Hype
The Silence
It would seem that murder mysteries have been around perhaps as long as the Earth has housed mankind.  Because of this singular truth, the only way modern storytellers can truly distinguish one gruesome …
reviewed A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape fro.... February 25
posted in Movie Hype
A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise
You’d certainly be forgiven if 2010’s A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy's Adventures slipped by you without notice.  In a literal, uh, sea of competition, STUDIOCANAL’s take on the …
reviewed Hazmat. February 24
posted in Movie Hype
I’ve seen scads of films.  Seriously.  Big budget.  Low budget.  No budget.  I suspect HAZMAT probably is one of those that falls in somewhere the ‘no’ and ‘low’ …
reviewed Firefly - The Complete Series (2002). February 24
posted in Pass The Remote!
Firefly - The Complete Series (2002)
First off, let me assure you this: I’m no fanboy who slobbers over all things Joss Whedon.  I don’t dislike the man, nor do I dislike his work.  I have a healthy respect for anyone …
reviewed Twice Born. February 21
posted in Movie Hype
Twice Born
I’ve yet to come across a wartime melodrama that I personally felt was worth its weight in gold … with the notable exception being the absolutely perfect CASABLANCA.  Mind you, there …
reviewed The Future (aka Il Futuro). February 20
posted in Movie Hype
The Future (aka Il Futuro)
Coming-of-age stories have been around quite possibly as long as folks have been coming-of-age.  The beauty of most of them is that they embrace that universal experience – that fragile emotional …
reviewed Alpha and Omega (2010 movie). February 18
posted in Movie Hype
Alpha and Omega (2010)
It’s been almost 3-years to the day since the film’s DVD release (1/11/2011) that I finally dug through my animated film queue deep enough to give Alpha and Omega its due.  The reason …
reviewed 419. February 14
posted in Movie Hype
In truth, is there a person alive who hasn’t received a spam email?  Honestly, I get hundreds of them a week – I’ve gone to some lengths to cultivate an online presence, and, as …
reviewed A Single Shot. February 14
posted in Movie Hype
A Single Shot
Because all of those middle American hicks have got nothing better to do with themselves but to either (A) hunt or (B) sit back and watch the paint dry.  Ain’t one of ‘em who’s …
reviewed Sleep Dealer. February 12
posted in Movie Hype
Sleep Dealer
The absolute brilliance of quality science fiction is that it almost always uses the future – either a distant tomorrow or the one lurking right around the corner – to tell us something about …
reviewed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. February 10
posted in Movie Hype
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
On the whole children’s books make for some excellent source material for computer generated features.  And why wouldn’t they? They’re typically cute stories for viewers of all …
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