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reviewed Pearl Harbor. May 29
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Pearl Harbor
Will someone please tell me what it is about dangerously stupid military recruits that not only fascinates moviegoers, but allows us to suspend our disbelief enough to believe they basically get in trouble …
reviewed Kill Zombie!. May 29
Kill Zombie!
Here’s the thing about comedy: if you beg, borrow, or steal it, it usually isn’t as funny the second time around.  No matter how hard you try.  No matter how everyone involved tries.  …
reviewed Death Spa. May 28
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Death Spa
WARNING to all younger viewers: DEATH SPA will definitely unsettle you.  It won’t be the plot.  It won’t be the setting.  It won’t be any of the performances.  What …
reviewed Vendetta. May 28
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As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up reading a handful of what most would call dime novels.  Largely, these were of the ‘loner private eye’ variety.  They were scant on flowery …
reviewed The Machine. May 28
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The Machine
Any fan of science fiction worth his or her salt will tell you that the sci-fi stories that work best are those that are grounded in decidedly human tales.  For example, DISTRICT 9 works as well …
reviewed The Trials of Cate McCall. May 27
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The Trials of Cate McCall
Kate Beckinsale is one of those modern day actresses who – despite being in a series of major motion pictures – really has never quite ‘broken through’ the way some of her contemporaries …
reviewed X-Men Days Of Future Past A 2014 Film.... May 27
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X-Men Days Of Future Past A 2014 Film directed by Bryan Singer
X-Men Days Of Future Past is the latest film in the X-Men movie series.  All of the X-Men characters appear in the film, but only a few of them have major parts in it.  It is very exciting …
reviewed X-Men Days Of Future Past A 2014 Film.... May 27
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X-Men Days Of Future Past A 2014 Film directed by Bryan Singer
Full disclosure right up front: I’ve always been much more of a DC guy than I ever was a Marvel.      It isn’t as if I don’t enjoy the Marvel Universe because I probably …
reviewed Saving Grace B. Jones (2009). May 20
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Saving Grace B. Jones (2009)
All one need look at is the prevalence of Oprah Winfrey evolving into her own network (OWN, indeed!) to realize that women’s issue matter in the burgeoning world of pop culture.  And I say …
reviewed Piggy. May 20
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True story: I grew up in a factory town at a time when factories across the United States were starting to scale back and die out.  Consequently, the whole place ended up being a bit rougher than …
reviewed Rabid Love (2013). May 20
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Rabid Love (2013)
Truth: there are many, many people who look back on the 1980’s direct-to-video market with a tremendous amount of fondness.  For those of you needing a quick history lesson, the home video …
reviewed Way of the Wicked. May 19
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Way of the Wicked
I have always – always – been a fan of things supernatural.  Even when I was a kid, I can remember probably flipping around the channel changer for anything dealing with ghosts, demons, …
reviewed Raze. May 13
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Remember when you were a kid, and something came on the tube that looked an awful lot like it was going to feature women behind bars?  It looked like it was going to be filled with every sequence …
reviewed Chlorine. May 13
posted in Movie Hype
Seriously, I watch a lot of independent films.  For one thing, my still-evolving critical voice isn’t as well-traveled nor as well-read as others; as a consequence, distributors are far more …
reviewed We Went To War. May 13
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We Went To War
Back in 1970, British filmmaker Michael Grigsby was one of the first to document the experiences of American military personnel returning home from the Vietnam War in his film I Was A Soldier, made for …
reviewed Simon and the Oaks. May 12
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Simon and the Oaks
I don’t know about you, but I tend to struggle accepting some motion pictures that get adapted to the silver screen from the written page.  It isn’t as if these aren’t stories worth …
reviewed Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. May 09
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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
         DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK      This film is a remake of a made for TV film from back in the day so naturally the comparisons are going …
reviewed Poseidon Rex. May 05
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Poseidon Rex
Confession: I’ve always loved monster movies.  Yes, even the bad ones, too.  It’s probably because like any kid I always had a predilection to root for the monster.  It isn’t …
reviewed Special I.D.. May 05
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Special I.D.
God bless the films of Donnie Yen!  To me, he’s pretty much the Chinese version of America’s Sylvester Stallone.  I mean that to say he makes probably as many good Hong Kong actioners …
reviewed Apocalypse Kiss. May 05
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Apocalypse Kiss
As I always like to say, I’ve probably forgotten an awful lot more science fiction films than the average person has seen.  Largely because I’m willing to put in and watch almost anything …
reviewed Brownian Movement. May 05
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Brownian Movement
According to Yahoo!, a Brownian Movement is defined as “the random movement of microscopic particles suspended in a liquid or gas, caused by collisions with molecules of the surrounding medium.”  …
reviewed The Book Thief. April 27
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The Book Thief
As the story opens, it is 1938, and a young German girl, whose mother cannot keep her, is sent to live with strangers.  Little Liesel adjusts to her new life with the help of her kindly new Papa …
reviewed Saving Mr. Banks. April 24
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Saving Mr. Banks
When the author of "Mary Poppins" comes to see Walt Disney about making her books into a movie, we learn about her childhood and the inspiration for her characters. She's a rigid sourpuss, …
reviewed The Suspect. April 24
posted in Movie Hype
The Suspect
Are you listening, Hollywood?  Those of us who live somewhere trapped within the Left and Right Coast, requiring little more than four walls and a roof over our heads on these amber waves of grain …
reviewed Trap for Cinderella. April 23
posted in Movie Hype
Trap for Cinderella
Who doesn’t appreciate a good whodunit?  Furthermore, who doesn’t appreciate a good whodunit that grants two up’n’coming actresses a chance to showcase their acting potential?  …
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