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reviewed Galaxina. April 01
BARBARELLA.  FLESH GORDON.  CHERRY 2000.  HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN.  The more pulpy sci-fi films never shy away from taking advantage of female attributes.  Heck, George Lucas threw …
reviewed Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion C.... April 01
Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion Collection
This is no joke: as a huge fan of science fiction films, I’d heard plenty about ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS throughout the years.  The simple truth of the matter is that I’d just never gotten …
reviewed Things to Come (1936). April 01
Things to Come (1936)
In all seriousness, I hold classic films in very high regard.  I’ve always been fascinated by what storytellers have been able to accomplish in cinema, and it’s even more captivating …
reviewed Noah. March 29
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*I Laughed at:      Rock People/Transformers who built the ark   Noah was a crazy killer   The animals slept for 9 months with no food or water   Noah …
reviewed SABOTAGE. March 28
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Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in “Sabotage”, with an ensemble film that is part thriller, part action, and part western. Schwarzenegger plays John Breacher, the leader of a top …
reviewed War of the Worlds: Goliath. March 28
War of the Worlds: Goliath
For a while now, I’ve argued with friends that Hollywood has been really missing a terrific opportunity to capture some of the magic belonging to vintage science fiction stories.  For example, …
reviewed Knights of Badassdom. March 28
Knights of Badassdom
Although I like to privately imagine myself still of that age group acceptably dubbed ‘fanboys,’ I’m probably a bit older than most to be a true card-carrying variety.  I’ve …
reviewed Gone With The Woman. March 25
Gone With The Woman
One of the reasons I tend to struggle with romantic comedies is that, despite perhaps the best intentions of the involved creative types, the uniqueness of the male perspective just gets lost in the translation.  …
reviewed Cyxork 7. March 25
Cyxork 7
Erm … well, as I pride myself on being perfectly honest, I made it thirty minutes into CYXORK 7 before I reached for the remote and began fast-forwarding.  That’s because so very little …
reviewed Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. March 25
Jusitce League: Flashpoint Paradox
With as long as many of these DC characters have been around, I would imagine that some writers and illustrators certainly have their work cut out for themselves when it comes to crafting a tale that’s …
reviewed Justice League: War. March 25
Justice League: War
I grew up reading DC Comics.  Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern were always on my bookshelves, and, as I grew more and more familiar with them, I was even happier …
reviewed Forgetting the Girl (2012). March 19
Forgetting the Girl (2012)
We’ve been spoiled.  No, I’m not talking about plot details; rather, I’m talking about whodunits.  Those of us who truly enjoy whodunits have been inundated for decades with …
reviewed The Truth About Emanuel (2013). March 19
The Truth About Emanuel (2013)
As a viewer, I personally feel I can only asked to suspend disbelief through so many layers of the narrative.  I’m OK with quirky characters.  I’m OK with pretentious teenagers.  …
reviewed 300 Rise of an Empire. March 17
300 Rise of an Empire
Sometimes the best that can honestly be said about a motion picture is that it knew precisely what it wanted to deliver and, in the final sum, it did so.  300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE falls into that category, …
reviewed Headhunters (film). March 17
Headhunters (film)
HEADHUNTERS is an extremely well-produced black comedy that borrows liberally from the cat-and-mouse white-collar caper flicks of many nations.  Executive headhunter Roger Brown is played by Aksel …
reviewed Non-Stop. March 15
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Liam Neeson stars as troubled air marshal Bill Marks, who is enroute to London. He starts receiving text messages saying someone onboard will be killed every 20 minutes unless $150M is sent to a secret …
reviewed Swerve (2012). March 14
Swerve (2012)
Oh, what a man won’t do for the right woman!  Or should that properly be phrased as, “Oh, what a man won’t do should the right woman ask … the right way!”  Similar …
reviewed Uncut (2009). March 14
Uncut (2009)
Given how many production companies big and small as well as wannabe media mavens presently occupy planet Earth, I suspect that it’s really quite difficult to come up with something that feels not …
reviewed Iron Sky: Director's Cut (Steelbook). March 14
Iron Sky: Director's Cut (Steelbook)
If the movies taught me anything as of late, it’s that Nazis are due for a comeback!  They’re taken center stage in some pretty solid World War II era zombie flicks, and I recall watching …
reviewed Contracted (2013). March 13
Contracted (2013)
I’m a big fan of zombie films.  I’ve always loved stories that have tinkered in this world wherein the dead aren’t quite dead – not, at least, the way they should be – …
reviewed Wicked Blood (2014). March 12
Wicked Blood (2014)
Seriously.  Hollywood screenwriters have some increasingly macabre fascination with American small towns.  If the motion pictures they churn out are any indication, then an intelligent person …
reviewed Commitment (2013). March 12
Commitment (2013)
I’m the first to admit that I don’t have a firm grasp on all of the geopolitical history involving North and South Korea.  In fact – outside of what little bit that got covered …
reviewed Sparks: The Origin of Ian Sparks (2013). March 12
Sparks: The Origin of Ian Sparks (2013)
I kid you not: I read my first comic book in 1970.  (It was a Batman story, but I honestly don’t remember any of the specifics.)  Bitten by the superhero bug at such a ripe, young age, …
reviewed Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013). March 10
Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013)
Seriously: what’s not to love?  Last I checked, men love war movies.  And – the last I checked – men love zombie movies.  How can anyone one-up that?  Simple: you …
reviewed The Outsider (2014). March 10
The Outsider (2014)
I love a good thriller as much as the next (online) critic.  Seriously, I do.  What’s practically universal about thrillers is that they can be accomplished on practically any budget; …
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