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reviewed Gummo (1997). April 13, 2001
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Gummo (1997)
This movie is really weak, I am not sure what the point of it is. I have watched it two times through and it is sad that I am admitting that. The movie has no beginning and no end, only a middle. I also …
reviewed Big Chill. April 13, 2001
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Big Chill
Pros: Writing, directing, acting, soundtrack     Cons: none     The Bottom Line: Good tunes and good acting, what else do you want?     On occasion …
reviewed Stage Fright. April 12, 2001
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Stage Fright
Jane Wyman and Marlene Dietrich star in the suspense-laden thriller STAGE FRIGHT, centering around the London theatre district and a murder involving a famous stage star.Eve Gill (Jane Wyman) seizes the …
reviewed Dangerous When Wet. April 12, 2001
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Dangerous When Wet
Esther Williams and Fernando Lamas star DANGEROUS WHEN WET, a delightful musical about an American girl and her dream to swim the English Channel.Katie Higgins (Esther Williams), and the rest of the health-savvy …
reviewed Million Dollar Mermaid. April 12, 2001
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Million Dollar Mermaid
MILLION DOLLAR MERMAID is Esther Williams' best work on film, and is the most successful attempt at combining a passable dramatic story with water ballet that was crucial to the plot of the story.Esther …
reviewed Running on Empty. April 12, 2001
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Running on Empty
Pros: Wonderful acting, script, directing     Cons: none     The Bottom Line: Family is the foundation that builds the world     The Story   …
reviewed Jupiter's Darling. April 11, 2001
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Jupiter's Darling
This was Esther Williams' last film under her MGM contract, and what a send-off! This unique musical is set in ancient Rome, with our heroine romancing Hannibal and saving the fair city of Rome.Amytis …
reviewed Python. April 11, 2001
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Pros: Do the movies still say "The End" when they are finished?      Cons: P Y T H O N     The Bottom Line: Bottom Line? Just stay away     …
reviewed Alien 3 (1992). April 10, 2001
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Alien 3 (1992)
Out of all four films of the Alien franchise, this is the most disappointing. Besides breaking rules previously established in the first two films (a facehugger can lay only one egg before dying, the …
reviewed Spiders. April 10, 2001
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Pros: One darn fine spider     Cons: as the saying goes .... "the rest of the story"     The Bottom Line: For the special effects and the darn spider - worth the …
reviewed That's Entertainment III. April 09, 2001
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That's Entertainment III
Gene Kelly, Esther Williams, Debbie Reynolds, June Allyson, Cyd Charisse, Mickey Rooney and Howard Keel all come together to remember and pay homage to the movies that made them famous, and the studio …
reviewed It's a Great Feeling. April 09, 2001
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Made to cash in on the big box-office profit generated by ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS and MY DREAM IS YOURS, Doris Day was re-teamed with Jack Carson for IT'S A GREAT FEELING.Featuring cameos by some of …
reviewed Annie Get Your Gun. April 09, 2001
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Annie Get Your Gun
Never before available on video and unseen on television since 1973, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN is the musical masterpiece we have all been waiting for, and it now comes home in a deluxe collector's package.Betty …
reviewed Titus (1999) (2000). April 09, 2001
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Titus (1999) (2000)
Doesn't the title of this review say it all? During Shakespeare's prime time, TITUS ANDRONICUS was the most popular of all his plays. The audiences ate this work up. However, as time went on the play …
reviewed Waking Ned Devine. April 09, 2001
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Waking Ned Devine (1998)
WAKING NED DEVINE is a delightful Irish film sure to tickle your funny bone in one way or the other. The story revolves around two old friends who figure out someone in their small village (population …
reviewed Remember the Titans. April 08, 2001
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Remember the Titans
This movie should be remembered for its accurate portrayal of race relations. Denzel Washington is shown as a no nonsense coach who does not care about ther ace game that seems to shadow this movie. He …
reviewed Almost Famous (2000). April 08, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Almost Famous (2000) (2000)
The tone of this movie left so much promise from all the trailers put out upon its release. When I finally rented it last weekend, I was quite dissapointed. The fifteen year old genius seems out of place …
reviewed Whipped (2000). April 08, 2001
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Whipped (2000)
Ignore completely the terribly slanted review of the....... writer and the top of this page. This movie is laoded with side splitting scenes. Its basically a light-hearted looking at the scamming side …
reviewed Octopus. April 08, 2001
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Pros: Oh no - I'm not setting anything to writing in this section     Cons: movie, acting, monster, special (?) effects, well everything .....      The Bottom Line: …
reviewed Sling Blade. April 06, 2001
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Sling Blade
Pros: Decent enough movie, good direction and acting     Cons: none, offhand     The Bottom Line: What a difference five years can make in someone's career     …
reviewed Nutty Professor II - The Klumps (Coll.... April 04, 2001
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Nutty Professor II - The Klumps (Collector's
Eddie Murphy is undoubtedly a talented man. I do give him credit for attempting to play nearly all the characters in this film. However, the humor is regulated for the stinkiest toilet. This movie lives …
reviewed Don't Bother to Knock. April 02, 2001
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Don't Bother to Knock
Marilyn Monroe proves she really could act in this film, a chilling psychological thriller set in a luxury hotel. Also starring Richard Widmark and Anne Bancroft, DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK is a fascinating …
reviewed Monty Python and the Holy Grail. March 31, 2001
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Monty Python's Holy Grail
So thus, I thrust. Oop's cut ya arm off...Tis but a scratch, right? You've had worse? Only a flesh wound? Thats jolly. ______I was so glad when I was introduced to this movie a year ago! It is just th'illy. …
reviewed Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991). March 31, 2001
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
Pros: Very funny (in a silly sort of way); can watch it repeatedly     Cons: None. I've seen this movie at least 14 times a year since it came out     The Bottom …
reviewed Always (1989). March 30, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Always (Widescreen Edition) (1989)
I love Spielberg movies. He is a director in an echelon all by himself. Much of the negative criticism about his work is that his pictures are too happy: good wins over evil. That is the very reason Spielberg's …
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