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reviewed Eyes Wide Shut. May 15, 2000
Eyes Wide Shut
Pros: Beautiful scenery     Cons: Way too long, plot was very thin, bad acting     What a let down this film was. After all of the hype and then Kubrick dying. …
reviewed U-571. May 14, 2000
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Pros: Great action sequences, fast paced     Cons: Maybe too much poetic license...     First a little factual history: the first Enigma machine was captured by …
reviewed Saint. May 14, 2000
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Pros: Kilmer     Cons: ......     I have never seen one movie where one actor could change is appearance so completely as Val Kilmer does in The Saint .   …
reviewed Carnal Knowledge. May 14, 2000
Carnal Knowledge
Pros: an alright movie     Cons: .........     A film centered around the lives of two college roommates, spanning a twenty year era.       …
reviewed Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. May 14, 2000
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Pros: A little eerie and a little bizarre     Cons: .....     Ryan Jacobs lives all by herself in daddy's house. Daddy died a long time ago, but Ryan doesn't want …
reviewed Little Man Tate. May 14, 2000
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Little Man Tate
Pros: Foster ... she is wearing me out!     Cons: none     What do you do when you have a child that is a genius and no way to further his education? If you are …
reviewed Jack Frost. May 14, 2000
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Jack Frost
Pros: cute little flick :)     Cons: ....     Well I'm not one for children's stories usually (except the Grinch that is of course) but I thoroughly enjoyed this …
reviewed Clean and Sober. May 14, 2000
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Pros: A story needed telling     Cons: addiction - a crime     Wow! What a powerful film. Clean and Sober , similar to When a Man Loves a Woman , takes you inside …
reviewed Carny. May 14, 2000
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Pros: Foster and Busey - powerful     Cons: .....     Creepy! Nasty! Moody! Hateful! Grotesque! Haunting! Chilling! Sad ..... these things and more when peeking …
reviewed Looking for Mr. Goodbar. May 14, 2000
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Pros: good acting     Cons: lousy ideas     OK, on the other side of the coin - lust, longing, murder. This flick has it all!       Diane Keaton …
reviewed Starship Troopers. May 13, 2000
Starship Troopers
Pros: Fun, action adventure     Cons: GORE extraordinaire     I really had no great expectations for this movie. I knew the era that the novel emerged from. We're …
reviewed Stargate SG-1. May 13, 2000
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Stargate SG-1
Pros: Good story, good values     Cons: Richard Dean Anderson's acting     It's been a long time since a cast of a television show played together as such a strong …
reviewed Where the Heart Is. May 13, 2000
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Where the Heart Is
Pros: chick flick, uplifting, good acting, nice cinematography     Cons: chick flick, silly numerology, one out-of-place scene, predictable     I am one of the …
reviewed Bowfinger (Spec) (1999). May 13, 2000
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Bowfinger (Spec) (1999)
You would think with such mega stars as Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy that this movie would be a laugh a minute. After sitting through this 96 minute video I would wonder if I could count the number of …
reviewed Sommersby. May 13, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: good cast, once again     Cons: ......     What would you do if your husband, presumed dead, returned suddenly? Especially if he were a cold, heartless man …
reviewed Nell. May 13, 2000
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Pros: Foster, a talent of the highest caliber     Cons: ....     A haunting and thought provoking tale of a girl/woman growing up alone in the backwoods of North …
reviewed Regarding Henry. May 13, 2000
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Pros: not a bad movie     Cons: sometimes a little slow     Just a bit to smug and full of himself, Henry Turner, defense attorney and general horses ass, never …
reviewed Being John Malkovich. May 12, 2000
Being John Malkovich
Pros: Unique, challenging     Cons: Really really strange, adult situations     My mouth was hanging open with astonishment. I said "Oh my God," probably …
reviewed A River Runs Through It (film). May 12, 2000
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A River Runs Through It (film)
Pros: Beautiful scenery     Cons: a little slow, actors not well rounded     THE STARS    Craig Sheffer - Norman MacLean   Brad Pitt - Paul …
reviewed Glass Menagerie. May 11, 2000
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Pros: Powerful performances     Cons: .....     This often released tale, made more powerful by it's small but accomplished cast, stays close to the original play …
reviewed Sting. May 11, 2000
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Pros: great movie     Cons: ........     Bringing together Hollywood's bad boys again, The Sting stars Newman and Redford as a couple of con artists going for …
reviewed All the President's Men. May 10, 2000
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All the President's Men
Pros: storyline, acting     Cons: ......     Being politically alert (as I can be that is) during this era, All the President's Men was an eerie movie to view. …
reviewed Cool Hand Luke (1967). May 10, 2000
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Cool Hand Luke (1967)
Pros: wonderful acting by all     Cons: .......     Somehow it seems justified. After all, he was just a little drunk and using bolt cutters to cut the tops off …
reviewed Vanishing. May 10, 2000
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Pros: a nice twist     Cons: ......     TONIGHT'S LITTLE CAST   Barney - Jeff Bridges   Jeff - Keifer Sutherland   Rita - Nancy …
reviewed Extremities. May 10, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: the acting was outstanding - even Farah for once     Cons: highly violent     Now here is a raw, chick-revenge flick that really gave me the willies, and …
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