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reviewed About Last Night... (1986). March 04, 2000
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About Last Night... (1986)
This is an excellent date movie as it explores all the aspects of a relationship. You see the good, bad, and ugly sides of both these people and how true to life it is. Both Elizabeth Perkins and James …
reviewed Sleeping With the Enemy. March 01, 2000
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Sleeping With the Enemy
Pros: good acting, good story line     Cons: husband was a horses ass     As a physically and emotionally scared woman, Julia Roberts devises a plan to leave her …
reviewed Wild Things. March 01, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Wild Things
Pros: Good acting, good story     Cons: A little strange and gory     One of the strangest movies I have ever seen. I am usually pretty good figuring out how a …
reviewed Great Expectations. February 28, 2000
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Great Expectations
Pros: Story line, acting     Cons: Missed Ms. Dinsmore in the end     Gotta admit I didn't even watch this movie when it was on HBO, but the other night with nothing …
reviewed Grease (Original 1978 Motion Picture .... February 27, 2000
Grease (Original 1978 Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Boy I tell you that some of those comments by Mr. Maxx are totally Off The Wall. Go to any party where a VARIETY of MUSIC is being played and you are quite likely to hear a song from this soundtrack. …
reviewed Falling Down. February 26, 2000
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Falling Down
Pros: Fairly good story line     Cons: Violence     As the old saying goes, "it wasn't that my dog died, that my mother-in-law moved in, that I have corns, …
reviewed Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack - 32 Ame.... February 24, 2000
posted in Music Matters
Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack - 32 American
After seeing the movie, you know you just have to find the soundtrack. That was what I thought. I won this CD at an auction and loved it when I got it. I must addmit that I think something is missing …
reviewed Sailor Moon Super S. February 24, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Sailor Moon Super S
This was the worst Sailor Moon movie I've ever seen. The plot needed alot of work. They need better charictor's. And didn't the acting seem a little bad after all the better acting job's they did with …
reviewed Story of Us. February 23, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Story of Us
Pros: Realistic look into human relationships     Cons: Didn't probe deeply enough..     Based on your review of this film it is clear to see that you have never …
reviewed Tom and Jerry - The Movie. February 21, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Tom and Jerry - The Movie
This is great movie. I saw it when I was about 7 years old. I'm 14 now and I still love it. Even giving Tom and Jerry voices didn't hurt the film. I highly recomend.
reviewed When Justice Fails. February 21, 2000
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When Justice Fails
Pros: A couple of good stars in a bad movie     Cons: there is a list     I like Marlee Matlin so I thought I would give this movie a shot, besides it was the only …
reviewed Analyze This. February 21, 2000
Analyze This
Pros: Short movie     Cons: Story line     DeNiro and Crystal - should be a good gig - but felt sadly disappointed. Was slightly in that slap stick kind of humor …
reviewed World Is Not Enough. February 20, 2000
World Is Not Enough
Pros: Action, action, action, Brosnan & Marceau     Cons: Denise Richards!     I am a die hard James Bond fan, have been ever since I went to go see Live and …
reviewed Cider House Rules. February 14, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Cider House Rules
Pros: Poignant, emotional     Cons: None     What a surprise this was to me to realize this was a pro choice film that dealt with many complex issues surrounding …
reviewed Sailor Moon R - The Movie. February 13, 2000
Sailor Moon R - The Movie
I loved this movie when it was subtitled, but when I got it dubbed on DVD. I hated it. There were too many changed lines, much too many lines added, and drama parts didn't stick out as well as with the …
reviewed Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Me.... February 08, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
The acting in this movie was very bad. My favorit charictor in the movie was Jar Jar Binks, but even his ears went through people because the acter's never even stoped to look at how to do this. A discrase …
reviewed 8MM. February 07, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: DECENT ACTING     Cons: NASTY LOOK INTO PORN     Cage's portrayal of a private eye, hired by the rich old widow in town, searching for a girl shown in a 'snuff' …
reviewed Splash. February 04, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
This was a horrible movie. There was so much that needed to be explained that they never got to in this movie. All this movie is basicly is kissing. A waste. I would've smashed this DVD if it was mine. …
reviewed Casualties of War. February 04, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Casualties of War
Pros: Michael wins in the end     Cons: There are no winners in war     This dark and brooding reflection of a troop in the Vietnam conflict shows the results of …
reviewed Blair Witch Project. February 03, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Blair Witch Project
Pros: requires use of imagination     Cons: moronic dialogue     I first heard about the Blair Witch Project on NPR. The story talked about a low budget flick that …
reviewed Deep Blue Sea. February 01, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Deep Blue Sea
This is my first R rated movie I saw and I loved it. This is a great movie to watch because it has one thing most horror movies don't have: a storyline. I highly recomend this movie.
reviewed Down to You. January 30, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Down to You
Pros: Fun to laugh at     Cons: Does not intend to be funny     It was difficult to decide on a rating for this review because I genuinely enjoyed this movie, but …
reviewed End of the Affair. January 29, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
End of the Affair
Pros: Beautifully filmed, period piece     Cons: Hard to follow at first, melancholy, sexually explicit     The End of the Affair is a real twist of a movie. All …
reviewed Monkey Magic: Quest Begins. January 28, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Monkey Magic: Quest Begins
This was a great edistion to the adventures of Kongo the stone monkey. I won't spoil it for you, just buy it. I'm sure you won't get disapointed.
reviewed Sonic The Hedgehog - The Movie. January 28, 2000
posted in Movie Hype
Sonic The Hedgehog - The Movie
The story line was great, but the voices made it hard to enjoy this movie. Tails sounded like he had a cold throughout the whole movie. I'm not going to even start with Sonic's voice being the worst. …
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