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Animal Bloopers With Jack Hanna

1 rating: 3.0
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This is the video that started it all. Hosted by Jack Hanna, ANIMAL BLOOPERS is something the entire family will enjoy, with many classic bloopers to keep everyone laughing.

MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Animal Bloopers With Jack Hanna

Animal Bloopers with Jack Hanna

  • Sep 14, 2002
Pros: silly antics of animals and Jack

Cons: only 20 minutes long

The Bottom Line: The funniest and craziest moments from the travels of Jack Hanna around the world Long before the Crocodile Hunter arrived there was Jack

Plot Details: This opinion reveals everything about the movie's plot.

Long before the Crocodile Hunter arrived there was Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and star of the television series Zoo Life. This video is comprised of clips from the show that never aired along with a montage of animals eating and playing.

The video begins with Jack sitting in the first row at Sea World getting splashed by the whale. Jack gets up and leaves the park explaining that his whole life has been spent around animals and sometimes they never let him go home. The video follows Jack and he talks to the camera and also does the narration. There is then a series of clips showing the various types of transportation Jack has suffered through such as riding on an Elephant, wading through rivers and on a train at a park. Jack explains how many times when trying to film a television show he gets upstaged by the animals.

There are songs in the background with kids singing about talking to animals and petting them at the zoos Jack has visited over the years. This section shows a bat exploring Jack’s face as he has a hard time trying to remove it. There are gorillas walking past as Jack tries to speak into the camera for a segment on his show and laughs how he will get that Gorilla back later. Next he is in an area with a mother and baby Elephant as the baby runs around the pen before knocking over Jack in mud.

Jack is visiting a family of Camels and watches the male known as King stick his tongue all the way out and make noises while slobbering. The zookeeper is explaining how the King is showing off for the female Camel. It looks kind of gross and a bit falls onto Jack’s arm, sending him out of there. I would suggest not eating when watching Animal Bloopers with Jack Hanna.

There is a funny bit that is done in black and white reminiscent of the days when movies had only text on the screen. This scene begins as Jack mentions how he has spent much time waiting on the animals and he walks over to see an Elephant. The Elephant is sitting at a table eating dinner and ringing a bell for Jack to serve him. The scene changes to color and then there is a large Elephant dropping left on a table that Jack summons a female worker to pick up. This is a scene I could do without watching!

While Jack is talking about keeping animals fed the camera shows two large Rhinos with their mouths open wide as Jack dumps a container of their meal in. Then the scene is one somewhere with a woman and her children on a truck with crates full of bananas and peaches. There are monkeys everywhere wanting to eat them as Jack meets Rocky, the brother to the King of these animals. Rocky tries to shove Jack off the truck because he is in the way and wants to watch Rocky eat. Then they take off throwing all the peaches and bananas off the truck at the monkeys chasing them. Jack makes a joke about what a chore cleaning that all up will be and how this was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Now we find Jack inside a reptile area of a Zoo with some children beside him as he holds a banana out for Harold a Dragon with a long tail. You can hear Harold eating the banana and then Jack tries to get the kids to try a bite after Harold ate half the banana.

The next visit for Jack is an outside place that houses Orangutans and Chimpanzees. They are all wearing diapers and drink from bottles. The lady who runs this informs Jack that anyone who comes behind the fence gets to help her feed the animals. There are a few Orangutans that make it hard for Jack to change their diaper but one allows him to feed him with a spoon. When Jack is talking another one taps him on the back almost knocking him over. As this scene is ending Jack reminds the viewer that all animals need love and attention, just like humans.

Jack is at another Zoo where he is going inside to meet Oscar the 42 year-old condor that was hatched at the San Diego Zoo. As Oscar comes around the corner he starts to go after Jack, thus Jack runs out the door. The key to being around animals says Jack is to remain brave at all times. There is a quick clip of Jack getting pecked by some penguins and then a pig trying to bite him.

There are spider monkeys at a petting zoo and a Hippo opens its mouth for all to see. Jack is then at Sea World learning how to be a sea lion trainer. He has a belt that contains fish to feed the sea lion. The trainer explains to Jack that when they are done feeding it is time to tell the sea lion to go home. Jack messes up a few times and says house instead of home, so the guy reminds him to say the correct word. It is determined that Jack will need several more lessons before he can become a sea lion trainer.

Through all the years that Jack has been involved with animals he has never lost his love for them. He suggest talking to animals and then takes us to a bird cage where he is with a woman trying to get this bird to sing Do, Re, Mi, but the bird keeps missing one of the words and this scenario continues for a bit. The ending is a song that kids are singing about how some animals like to swim and you just might find a friend if you talk to an animal.

According to Jack if you want to have fun while working than the Zoo is the place to be. He feels the animals are not being compromised because we are being educated through entertainment. What we come to love, we will work to save. There is a small segment after this from Annheuser Busch Conservation Moment that showcases a species survival plan with a four month-old Asian otter being cared for by the staff at Sea World in Florida.

We have had Animal Bloopers with Jack Hanna for many years now, the jacket to the box is torn and I have a mailing label on the cover for when this goes to school for share day. Over the summer my son was in a three-week intersession, where the teacher said we could bring short videos one day a week. The classmates enjoyed the antics of Jack and the animals along with the music and other children through out the clips.

Since this is only twenty minutes it goes by really fast, but my son continually watches this once it has been rewound. This is a Time Life video from 1993. The scenes of Jack go back through his earlier days as you can tell by the length of his hair and appearance. He always wears his trademark work clothes in either gray or brown color. The show these clips are from is usually on weekends and gets bounced around the scheduling often.

Both my children love to watch Jack Hanna travel around the parts of the world as he greets and visits animals that we can see on occasion at the Zoo, as well as ones we might never otherwise get to see. This video is suitable for the whole family and teaches kids about animals and how they live, eat, sleep and play. The only negative is that it never really explains where all these places are they are visiting, but since the show has been on many years it is not likely that these same animals would be at these facilities.

We are in the habit of viewing Animal Bloopers with Jack Hanna before we make a visit to the Zoo and like to watch it upon our return. For preschoolers through school aged children this is a delightful video to watch. A classroom setting or home setting works well too.


Viewing Format: VHS
Video Occasion: Good for Groups
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children up Ages 8

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Animal Bloopers With Jack Hanna
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