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212 Ratings: 2.2
A movie directed by Clint Eastwood

Changeling is a 2008 American drama film directed by Clint Eastwood and written by J. Michael Straczynski. Set in 1928 Los Angeles, the film is based on the true story of a woman who is reunited with her kidnapped son—only to realize he is an impostor. … see full wiki

Director: Clint Eastwood
Genre: Mystery
Release Date: October 31, 2008
MPAA Rating: R
18 reviews about Changeling
review by . April 13, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
You really have to go a ways to lead with Angelina Jolie and be directed by icon Clint Eastwood, and yet create this lame of a film.  Considering the incredibly disturbing nature of the subjects covered, I was beyond let down by the end when I was not only NOT moved to tears, but totally apathetic.  I have a young daughter, and hesitated to watch this film for fear of becoming even more paranoid about her ever coming in harms way.  Yeah, well... that would require the film touching …
review by . August 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
      CHANGELING      I went into this film for only one reason and it had nothing to do with Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, or Angelina Jolie. I watched this for Jeffrey Donovan since I am a huge fan of his especially his show with Bruce Campbell "Burn Notice", possibly the best show on today. So I was excited to learn that he was in this and had a major role in it as well. Still with that a side every one involved with this film did an excellent job …
Quick Tip by . August 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
This was a wonderful film that I think was snubbed by the Academy but what ever, this film is great with out them. I recommend this flick to any and every one that enjoys a good movie. Normally I would say something like this may not be for every body but this time I will say, every body go get this. Everyone in this film and every one that worked on it should be proud, a marvelous piece of film making based on real events.
Quick Tip by . July 26, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
It was really interesting to see Angelina Jolie in such a fragile role and she did it very well. The way she toughens throughout the story also feels genuine. The wider subject treated in the film was also a piece of history I was intrigued to learn about since I have lived and worked previously in LA's Inland Empire.
Quick Tip by . July 19, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Angelina Jolie at her best. The story is moving and will make you just mad. I loved it
review by . July 04, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Outstanding performance by Angela Jolie; great supporting cast.     Cons: A little slow at times.     The Bottom Line: A little plodding at times Changeling is a great film and I have little problem recommending it.     Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot. We Americans like to think that our justice system is the best in the world. That our rights, enshrined as they are in the under the Bill of …
review by . September 14, 2009
Changeling is the story, based upon actual events, of Christine Collins' quest to find her young son Walter, missing without a trace. It is also the story of appalling corruption in the government and police department of 1920's-'30's Los Angeles, which apparently has been a significant problem of long-standing. A third subplot involves a serial child killer who may or may not have had contact with Walter, and a forth presents a horrific view of the psychiatric ward in a local hospital.     Ange …
review by . March 04, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
The police finding the wrong boy and insists that it is someone's son…mistakes like this don't happen, do they? Well, apparently they did in Los Angeles back in 1928 and this fact is actually very disquieting. "Changeling" is a film based on the experiences of a woman named Christine Collins and on the murders of a small town outside L.A. called "Wineville". Co-produced by Clint Eastwood and written by one of my favorite writers, J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Midnight Nation, Thor), the film …
review by . March 16, 2009
Christine Collins: The boy they brought back is not my son.       Short Attention Span Summary (SASS):     1. A single mother's only son is missing   2. It takes five months for the Police to reunite the mother and the boy who said "I am the one"   3. But she knew that the kid was not her son   4. The Police Captain insisted: "Don't go Changeling. She'll love you just the way you are"   5. But she didn't   6. …
review by . March 09, 2009
When you watch a historical based true story like the Changeling it's hard to know for sure if the actors are channeling the spirits of those they are portraying. (or if their performace is bad) That being said both Angelina Jolie (Oscar nomination) and Jeffery Donovan do solid jobs at best as they help recreate a story about a real killer in the late 1920s. Clint Eastwood as director and producer kept this film on track as do strong acting performances from John Malkovich and Michael Kelly.  …
review by . March 26, 2009
Little did I know, when I lived in Mira Loma, what heinous crimes had been committed just up the road from my little rural home.  It wasn't until much later that I learned of the Chicken Ranch murders....    What makes this movie spectacular is the attention to every minute detail in terms of set decoration.  I love films set in this period, but this one in particular gives loving homage to the time in which it is set.    Angelina Jolie is a talented …
review by . February 28, 2009
2008 will undoubtedly be a memorable year for Hollywoods power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Pitt had the magnificent "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" which gained him a 2009 Best Actor Nomination and "Changeling" won Angelina a 2009 Best Actress Nomination. There were both given due to high levels of acting justification displayed by both sides, but most intensely on the side of Jolie.      "Changeling" sees Jolie playing Christine Collins, a single Mother who made …
review by . January 12, 2009
In his 2008 film "Changeling", director Clint Eastwood presents a ghoulishly and somberly hued portrait of a flapper-era City of Angels that keeps his audience white-knuckled and frequently aghast at yet another chronicled onslaught against basic human decency. Revisiting themes of corrupt misused power, an overall erosion of values and the resulting injustice against the innocent that he has explored in films like `Mystic River (Widescreen Edition)' and "Unforgiven," Eastwood creates a microcosm …
review by . March 09, 2009
Taking a break from mindless comedies and terrible horror flicks, I decided to rent The Changeling ... Boy was this movie depressing!    Angelina Jolie stars as Christine Collins, a single mother in 1928, working her way up the ranks at a switchboard service company.  Her 9-year-old son, Walter, is left at home on a Saturday when Collins is called into work last minute. Upon Collins return she notices her son is missing.    Collins calls the police, who …
review by . November 01, 2008
Director Clint Eastwood and Star Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie stars as Christine Collins whose nine-year old son vanished from their Los Angeles home in 1928. She met with little cooperation from the police, and when they finally found the boy and brought him back home, she claimed, "That's not my son."      This movie was based on a true story and directed by Clint Eastwood in a gritty, no-frills style. There isn't a lot of action, but it definitely holds your interest until the very end. Jolie gives a …
review by . October 26, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Clint Eastwood's "Changeling" is not easy to watch, but I implore you to give it a try. This is filmmaking at its finest. It's all at once heartbreaking, infuriating, touching, empowering, and immensely compelling, which is to say that it taps into core human emotions without being manipulative. It tells a story so absorbing, it's as if the movie is happening to us instead of just passing before our eyes. This is appropriate given the fact that it's a true story and not merely based on a true story; …
review by . February 20, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
This is one beautifully done film. It is one of the best told stories I have seen in a very long time. Angelina Jolie is absolute perfection in the role as a mother. The rest of the cast is so perfect, everyone plays their roles to perfection - including the children.     There were two moments in the film where this viewer almost suspended belief in the film. Two very simple questions could have been asked, and most of the story would not have happened. However, it's important …
review by . November 03, 2008
The true story of Christine Collins, as presented in Clint Eastwood's CHANGELING, is a supremely compelling slice of American history. I was surprised that I had never really heard of the case...but from what I've read about it since seeing the movie, it sounds like the whole thing was going to slip into a national distant memory. It's very exciting that this case has now been captured for posterity. Frankly, the story feels a little bit like what an adaptation of the non-fiction book DEVIL IN THE …
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