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Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - Broly: Second Coming

1 rating: 1.0
A movie directed by Daisuke Nishio

The DRAGON BALL Z full-length anime BROLY: SECOND COMING features the reappearance of the powerful Super Saiyan warrior, who is bent on destroying the galaxy. Having survived his first encounter with the Z team, Broly returns to Earth in a quest for … see full wiki

Director: Daisuke Nishio
Release Date: 2005
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - Broly: Second...

Dangerous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest!

  • Mar 30, 2006
Pros: Fast and fun

Cons: Broly lived through that? Naah...

The Bottom Line: A good movie, but it felt like those who produced it were just reaching too far...

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

After my Dragon Ball Z: The Movie – Fusion Reborn review, I realized I had missed out on reviewing movies 4, 10, and 11. Whoopsy! I’ve heard that #4 is the worst, so I actually haven’t seen that one (still), but such is not the case for #10 and #11!

So here we have Movie #10 and the strange appearance of an old foe. Granted, Coola’s return in #6 was odd, but pretty awesome, so can the same be said for this movie? Let’s take a look and see.

Somehow Broly has escaped death at the hands of Goku and the others in movie #8 and has now crash landed on Earth. He would. Then he lies frozen and comatose for a long, long time.

Presently, Goten, Trunks, and Videl are looking all over for the dragonballs because who doesn’t want a wish now and then? Besides, looking for dragonablls always leads to some kind of adventure. This time is no different – why should it be? They find a village that happens to be having problems with a monster, and because they’re all super-strong, they agree to help the people and take care of the monster. Their plan is to hide in a barrel full of food for the monster, and once he comes around, pop out and pop him. Mm…apples. Trunks helps himself, but when Goten decides he wants one too, Videl says no – and since Goten is still a little kid, he does that little kids tend to do after being told no; he cries.

In fact, he cries so loudly and so much that it wakes up Broly, who has always had an issue when it comes to a young Goku crying his lungs out. The noise rouses Broly enough for him to break free of the ice and go rampaging about similar to last time, his intentions clear cut – kill Goten (whom he thinks is Goku) and anyone who gets in his way, which includes Videl and Trunks. But with an aura of power that strong, someone else is bound to notice, but will he alone be able to destroy Broly?

Now then. Let’s talk.

First of all, considering the way movie #8 ended, it’s really hard to believe that Broly would have lived to make it all the way to Earth. Second, when he did get to Earth, he was in a pretty bad state, and yet when he woke up, he seemed fine and dandy. He doesn’t even appear to age, although when Gohan was fighting with him in #8, Gohan was still a kid running around in his Piccolo getup. Goten wasn’t even around then, so several years must have passed, yet Broly looks exactly the same. Hmm. Third, what was up with the freezing-hibernation thing? Honestly, if he froze over like that, Saiyajin or not, he’d be dead just because of the lack of oxygen. It almost seemed like the decision was made to bring Broly back just because everyone thought he was so awesome the first time, and the attempt just failed.

Despite the awkward buildup of Broly’s existence on Earth, the fights were good, and a few surprise people show up as well. Seeing Goten and Trunks do their buddy-buddy thing is always pretty hilarious to watch. I always did love Goten too, he’s so cute. And Trunks, though he has less of an evil streak than his father, is nonetheless a smartass. Watching them with the “monster” (it’s really just a dinosaur, if you’re on this movie you should be familiar with the DBZ and this isn’t any spoiler) was pretty funny too, especially since Videl still hasn’t grasped just how strong both boys are. The end, though it’s a little ambiguous as to exactly who takes out Broly (ok, we know who two of them are, but as for the third, we don’t know how real he was), that’s okay and I think it really was a purposeful move to leave the audience wondering.

When it comes to voices, animation, and music, it’s all your usual DBZ style. What’s that? It means it’s all good. The same VAs from the English and Japanese series, and they match up with movies 8 and 11 as well, so no need to worry about anyone being switched up. Goten is adorable, Trunks I was never a fan of, and everyone else is just fine in my ears. Music depends on which you prefer – old school Japanese or new version English. Whatever floats your boat. I can do either one.

The only real setback of this movie? No Vegeta. Awww.



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Viewing Format: DVD

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Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - Broly: Second Coming
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