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1 rating: -3.0
A movie directed by Tom Shadyac

Lush green aerial photography of the Venezuelan jungle stands in stark contrast to the dark and depressing urbanity of American city life where Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) works as a doctor in the emergency room of Chicago Memorial Hospital. His wife, … see full wiki

Cast: Ron Rifkin
Director: Tom Shadyac
Release Date: 2002
MPAA Rating: PG-13
1 review about Dragonfly

Dragonfly - 2002

  • Dec 3, 2008
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The Bottom Line:
"i wonder in what fields today
you're chasing dragonflies at play
my little lost girl
so far away"
~Red House Painters

Dragonfly calls upon your belief in the afterlife.  Whether or not you think the soul lives on and can communicate with you after they pass would help you understand or believe in this story.  There are a few things that make it less than creditable but if you overlook those, it has one or two decent moments in the movie.

Personally, I believe in the hereafter and I believe I have been touched by my son that passed.  Not as hard as he touched Diane when he slapped her hand, but touched just the same.  If I didn't carry that belief, it would have been a hard time for me to manage after his death.  Much like Dr. Darrow in this film, I believe in signs that appear, giving us peace and hope.

Of course, Dr. Darrow's signs weren't always welcome.  In fact, he thought for a time he might have been losing his mind.  That isn't uncommon after losing a loved one; things just seem unrealistic for a while.  Dr. Darrow began receiving subtle messages from his wife after she died, mainly through drawings her patients were making of ‘dragonfly-like' images.  When that didn't fully get his attention, similar dragonfly related things started crossing his path.

His wife, Emily, worked in the pediatric oncology ward at the hospital.  For reasons beyond comprehension, she takes her hugely pregnant form [third trimester?] to some end of the world Red Cross mission in Venezuela.  I am heartily in favor of the Doctors Without Borders program and applaud all that serve under that umbrella, but, still, one has to take some precautions.  Especially when you are so far along in your pregnancy.  Of course, since you are aware from the beginning of the movie, Emily comes to her end.  Not as you would expect but rather in an incredible mudslide involving the bus she was traveling in.  Not that the mudslide was incredible in and of itself, it is more the fact that director Tom Shadyac threw that little ditty in for our amusement. 

So here lays Dr. Darrow, swamped in a morass of hopeless feelings, besieged by loneliness, suddenly being assaulted on all sides by all things dragonfly related.  Unable to cope at work any longer, forced into a vacation by the higher-ups, he makes his trek to Venezuela to assuage his guilt and find peace for his soul.  He manages to do this even though the country is in an upheaval politically and he breaks all the rules while in-country.   Yep, and I can say the alphabet backwards fifteen times without screwing it up.

Kevin Costner can proudly add this movie to his ranks that have slowly but surely slid downhill since Dances With Wolves.  Along the way he has made a couple of all right movies but his peak hit early and didn't last, poor Kevin.  And it isn't like I don't like him but, geez, he has to get a new agent or something.  Most of his work is so slow and plodding, I often look to see if he is even breathing.

Included in this film was Kathy Bates as his neighbor.  There is just something about her that makes you like her and I was thankful she was in the film.  At least it gave you something.  Matt Craven also had a small part, too small.   The numbskull wife, Emily, was played by Susanna Thompson.  A perfect match for Costner.

This movie carries a PG-13 rating; thematic material, sensuality.  Thematic material must be the new little black dress of the coding community.  Everything is thematic anymore.  Hello?  If a movie doesn't have a theme, is it still a movie?  Kinda like that tree falling in the forest question.  Filming in the jungles was quite good but a turkey is still a turkey no matter what color feathers it has.

This is my submission into the Lean-n-Mean VII hosted by sleeper54, it barely snuck through.


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