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1 rating: 3.0
A movie directed by Eugene Lourie

A lonely boy befriends a baby prehistoric monster named Gorgo. When Gorgo's monster mom discovers her son missing, she goes on a terrible rampage and destroys half of London in a desperate search for her lost reptilian offspring.

Cast: Bruce Seton
Director: Eugène Lourié
Release Date: 1961
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Gorgo

Gorgo ~ Momma don't let your babies grow up to be monsters

  • Oct 4, 2000
Pros: Gorgo has GREAT ears

Cons: We try and try but we never succeed

Gorgo, my little pets, is a creature from another life and another time. Blissfully sleeping in his waterworld, he becomes disturbed by - hey, guess what? Nuclear testing! Gorgo is a Godzilla wannabe as the captured creature is taken to jolly old England to be part and parcel of the traveling circus. He is 65 feet tall of mean, green fighting machine. Very Godzilla like in appearance with his scaly body, splayed feet, whipping tail and elongated snout. The major difference between Gorgo and Godzilla, other than size, are the beady eyes and perky ears. Gorgo posses large, flaring red eyes and large, beagle like flapping ears. Not at all like my darling Godzilla!

Of course, capturing and displaying the creature is not enough for us. We must keep him in a shallow pit with about 3 inches of slimy water, knowing he is a sea creature and demands salt water, with the crowds milling about tossing food and trinkets in his direction. Of course, this makes Gorgo a little angry and he must retaliate. And how does this four-footed eel show his displeasure? Not with a whimper but with a roar....and what a roar the little guy has. Did I say little guy? One would think at 65' he would be a big guy, but dear me, what have we discovered? He is but a babe and his roar - asked and answered by none other than momma Gorgo - yo momma!

Momma, of course, comes to the rescue of her cub, attacking the mighty English Navy and all their submarines, tanks and armed missiles. Apparently the English have never bothered to watch a Godzilla movie to glean one ounce of information from them! The crowd scenes, however, are basically the same.....a bunch of people running around in circles, generally in the direction of the monster instead of away from him. Of course, there is always the standard announcement "Get off the streets, and go home. Do Not Panic!". Hello? Excuse me? Ya got a 200' ticked off momma coming after her 65' baby, panic is gonna set in no matter what you say!

From all appearances, Gorgo - both momma and babe - have no powers. Of course, being 200' tall with hands the size of football fields deems to be enough power in itself. And those feet - one step can take out a city block! The powers that be set about with their rockets and missiles to destroy momma and in the course of things wipe out Big Ben and #10 Downing Street and frankly, Buckingham Palace ain't looking too spiffy either. Gorgo, in all her greatness, simply plows her way through the streets of London, taking out any and all buildings in her path. A fine set of gams on this lady, would have made Gene Kelly proud!

Of course anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence would release Baby Gorgo so the two could meet up and return to the sea, but I must be the only person this has occurred to or the only one willing to go close enough to the lair of the captured beast to attempt rescue.

For an English production of a monster movie, this isn't a bad gig. I imagine they hoped to reap a harvest from the Godzilla craze and they made a decent attempt at it. The lighting isn't particularly good, mainly a lot of red filters to give the entire city a ghostly cast and a lot of confused crowd scenes with people scurrying hither and yon. Added to that is the bonus of new age (for the time) fighter jets, real tanks, guns and missiles (no image imposed Tonka toys here), you get some fairly decent attack scenes with a lot of explosions and fire. In a little bit of irony, the standard guy on the street corner with the ‘Repent the end is near' sign over his body is the one that gets trampled by the crowd in their frenzy. Sort of a twist of fate seeing as how the guy had to be practically quivering with the glory of the end coming when - poof! - durn if it don't!

I would love to describe the transportation of Baby Gorgo from the sea to London, but it is so hysterically bad, I cannot convey the scene properly. Just imagine this, if you can - a large 18 wheeler with Gorgo splayed on the back, his gorgon-like head resting on the tractor cab and his tail dragging 5' behind on the ground with those poor little arms dangling over the sides, claws dragging in the murk and grime of the London streets. He is wrapped in a large blue tarp that proudly states GORGO on the side, for those with the basic intellect of amoebas that would not be able to ascertain that this is not your normal transport of a standard 65' monster, but indeed Gorgo.

I am again amazed at the audacity of the bystanders that hang out on the corners and blandly watch the creature wreck havoc on their city in their tatty three piece suits and snappy bow ties. It appears it doesn't matter where the film is produced, there are bug-eyed do-gooders everywhere!

Ta-ta my new buddy, as you stroll off into the water with your babe by your side, flapping those gorgeous ears in the wind and nodding your head. You are going back now, back to the sea


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