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Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure
Release Date: September 16, 2005
MPAA Rating: R
1 review about Hellbent

Hell Bound

  • May 28, 2009
The DVD box cover states Hellbent is from the Co-Creator of Halloween & one of the producers of Nightmare On Elm St. Hmm, that's impressive but somehow I don't recall any of the names on the credits here in those tried-and-true classics.

Supposedly, the first gay horror/slasher film ever, Hellbent is definitely worth a look although I'd highly suggest a rental before purchasing. There are some great moments & overall the film is quite fun but the production value leaves a lot to be desired & the plot is incredibly thin. In fact, the film looks like it was shot on 8mm which is definitely not cool as the Carnival here should've been captured on the highest quality film imaginable. If you are just looking for a straight-forward slasher film though (no pun intended), you could do a lot worse.

Halloween night in West Hollywood must be one of the most entertaining night os the year from the looks in this film. We see good looking guys everywhere partying like it's 1984 but many females will be somewhat let down. Unfortunately, most of them are bisexual or gay. Even so, it's a carnival full of festivities & everybody seems to be having a great time for the most part. Unfortunately, there is a psychopath in a devil's mask on the loose & he's prone to strike at any given moment.

Hellbent does a fairly decent job of remaining humorous & fairly suspenseful throughout the 84 minutes while teasing it's viewer with much innuendo. In the end though, much more is discussed or suggested than actually shown. The gore shots are few & far in between but just enough to satisfy the casual slasher film fan or usual R-rated Horror material fanboys. This would be an entertaining flick for your Halloween party as long as your guests are relatively open minded.

What made Hellbent way too typical in my opinion was the lack of plot & slim characterization. It would have been interesting to know more about the lead characters & perhaps a bit of detail could been shed on their pasts. Also, I was rather disappointed in the end as we never see the killer's face nor do we ever understand why he kills gay men. Worse yet, we don't learn why the killer singled out these five guys at the Halloween party rather than attacking party-goers at random.

What I did like the best about this film is the lesson we learn time & time again. When you go to these events, there is definitely safety in numbers. Don't leave your buddy alone for a booty call.
Hell Bound Hell Bound Hell Bound Hell Bound

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May 30, 2009
If you knew anything at all about fan fiction you'd know that women don't mind gay guys all that much. Fan fic has its own subgenre called slash, so a slash slasher flick would be a natural!
May 30, 2009
Hmm, never heard of Fan fic. You will have to educate me on this. I've noticed gay men are more widely accepted with the aid of TV shows like Will & Grace or Queer As Folk which is cool. I liked the idea of a gay horror film as I don't think there have been any others prior to this per se. Well, let me revise. There have been some horror flicks which included gay characters (or characters you actually believed were gay) but I don't recall ever seeing a slasher flick with all gay characters. The next film I saw which dabbles in the horror/comedy horror genre was Otto; Or Up With The Dead People which is actually a lot better than Hell Bent but....Hell Bent is still a fun watch.
May 30, 2009
Fan Fiction began in earnest with Star Trek, its obviously stories written by fans of a show and it follows the show's canon although it eventually goes off in all sorts of strange and exciting directions. With Trek, stories began to pop up that took the Kirk/Spock relationship from mere friendship into a deep love which became sexual and was referred to as slash because of the "Kirk/Spock" thing. All of it was written by female fans. It occurs in all fan fiction where you have 2 male characters; Starsky and Hutch--you name it. With XENA well, the winking in-joke took over the whole show and it wasn't necessary to create slash, the show did it for them.
May 30, 2009
Heh. That's funny! Never heard of Fan Fiction before but thank you for sharing that. I always though Bert & Ernie were gay. I mean, they slept in the same bed in one of the older episodes. LOL
May 30, 2009
June 19, 2009
I'm getting a lil' scared right now although I'm sure some fanfic would atleast marginally entertaining here. HAHA! Leave it to Queen who can always entertain us & whos eopinions are definitely credible. I love reading her reviews & she has one of the most unique takes on underrated cinema that I've seen lately. ;-0
June 19, 2009
I've read some great straight fanfic. There was one story that crossed over between a tv show and a movie that was one of the best things I've ever read--the tv show was the short lived WIZARDS AND WARRIORS from 1982-83 and the movie was  THE WIZARD OF OZ.  It was hilarious and all the characters stayed absolutely true to themselves.
June 19, 2009
Thanks for the compliments Cenobite.
June 19, 2009
No prob. Thought you might like that. I would be afraid of lunch fan fic. Hmm, wonder who I'd get paired up with?? LOL Or should I ask?
June 19, 2009
June 19, 2009
June 20, 2009
I'm still working on it it but there are so many bizarre possibilities that I can't begin to offer one. Should we begin with a serious storyline a humorous one? I tend to prefer the humorous.
June 20, 2009
I would go with the more humororus approach. Silliness can promote a great deal of endorphins. We could sure use them. Grins
June 20, 2009
Well we definitely have to do a cross universe story. Something that links up HELLRAISER (given your name) and--I'm drawing a blank. How about keeping it all in the TREK family until I get a better idea and pairing you up with Ensign Chekov!!? I was so disappointed the first time I saw a picture of H.R. Geiger and found out that he looked like a slightly more dememented version of Walter Koenig. Besides I always thought that both the actor and the character needed to be tortured a bit.
June 20, 2009
Hmm, a cross universe story? Ok, your creativity has no boundaries which is definitely impressive. This is actually a pretty exciting idea 7 I can't wait to see the results. I'm stoked! LOL Thnx Queen!!!!
June 20, 2009
Don't expect to see more than the idea. You've got to go in there and gut Chekov yourself!
June 23, 2009
The idea would suffice I believe. Not so sure I can gut Chekov. LOL
June 23, 2009
Why not? Its a big turn on in most Barker flix for one character or another and certainly nobodydeserves it more than Chekov.
June 23, 2009
I guess you've a point there. I suppose I will have to learn how one butchers old Chekov. Wonder what Chekov did to offend you Queen? LOL
June 23, 2009
He wore a goofy wig for the first few shows and was supposed to appeal to teenyboppers. Besides it was such a downer to find out how much H.R. Geiger resembled Walter Koenig that something must be done about it.
June 23, 2009
Hmm, sounds like I should do my homework on that one. I'm not too familiar with this but for some strange reason I thought you were referring to the playwright Anton Chekhov. Silly me. LMAO
June 23, 2009
Now I see why you're confused! I have nothing at all against the Russian playwright, but that little guy on Star Trek bugged me sometimes. Did you ever see Bruce Campbell's movie MOONTRAP? Its actually a star vehicle for Walter Koenig. Bruce gets killed off about half way through.
June 23, 2009
Nope, sure hadn't. I will have to look for that sometime. When was this released?
June 23, 2009
About 1989 or 90 I think. Its never had a DVD rlease thought. There is hope though because I heard somewhere that NIGHT OG THE CREEPS is finally coming out on DVD!
June 24, 2009
Yeah, I've heard that one is finally making it to DVD too. That's pretty exciting. I haven't seen it in years.
June 24, 2009
I'll be so happy to be able to replace my VHS, its really being to show its age.
June 24, 2009
I have replaced most of my old VHS tapes but there are still a few I won't let go of either because I can't afford the DVD right now or it's not available.
June 24, 2009
Yep. That's the reason I still have 2 VCRs myself.
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