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2 Ratings: 1.0
A movie directed by Jack Sholder

As law-abiding citizens mysteriously go on looting and killing sprees, an LA Cop learns from an alien masquerading as an F.B.I. agent that unfriendly aliens are inhabiting these innocent Earthlings' bodies. A surpisingly inventive and witty film.

Director: Jack Sholder
Release Date: 1987
MPAA Rating: R
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The Hidden - if you're squeamish, YOU better stay hidden

  • Jul 27, 2001
Pros: BRENDA LEE! and a disgusting monster

Cons: a little stilted at times

The Bottom Line: Watch it for BRENDA LEE only

The unique thing about this movie is that it was filmed in 1987, before things really got so dang high tech and retro FX. It is also filmed after the onset of the temptress Siguorney Weaver shows her wears and her stamina in the original Alien, so you are just guaranteed at least one stomach ripping scene, since that was so gauche at the time.

The monster in this particular melee is a large snail/slug/fat-bodied worm like creature. Now I had just a little bit of trouble with this. I actually walked into my bathroom so I could look into the mirror to run a test. Sure, I've got a big mouth - not like Carly Simon for instance - but there is no damn way I can shove ANYTHING the size of my thigh down my throat, I don't care HOW much it wiggles and squirms, or how slimy it is. But that is just my take on the entire thing.

Ok, this is how the story works out -
A grainy old fashioned computer screen pops up and in true sci-fi fashion, words appear, amid a good deal of snow and cut-outs, outlining those that have gone before, those that are there now, and concludes with the magical words: Ability to spawn - highly probable (or some other goop similar to that). Think of this, the word spawn, in association with outer space, is never a really GOOD thing. In fact, the entire premise of SPAWNING brings shivers down my back .... ewww!

We are immediately introduced to the main characters - AND the spawning - when we see a Senator, who is running for President, being sheep hearded through a hotel and hidden in a room off the kitchen. Entering the building is an unlikely candidate for bad guy, Officer someone or the other, a police officer that strolls down the hallway in a manner suggestive of a large stick placed up his wazoo. Told to HALT!, he opens fire on a fellow officer, and proceeds to hunt down his target, the Senator.

Of course WE as film goers immediately know why. They WANT this Senator to become President of the good old U.S., with a little alien spawned inside him, so THEY have control of the country. The officer is successful in his mission, although WE are the only ones that KNOW that, but the other alien on his trail realizes it as well - and he knows what he has to do! Kill the Senator, which he does in quite an intriguing way. Unfortunately, during the firestorm prior to that, while they are tracking down the original officer of the law, before he spawns with the Senator, the hero (at this point anyway) of our story, Officer Tom Beck, played quite fetchingly by Michael Nouri, gets wounded, as does our alien hunter.

While in the hospital, as Nouri draws his last breath, and our alien hunter (his outward appearance changes several times, that is why I haven't named him yet), hovers over the fallen Nouri's bed and blows a little alien dust into the lungs of Nouri, pulling him back from the white light and the endless tunnel.

Flash forward 15 years, Nouri is a shadow of himself. Deformed and mal-shaped, large lesions forming on his face (and one assumes the rest of his body), gaunt and old before his time. He has never given up, however, on finding the bad alien guys, as he sits huddled in his bleak room, watching yet another unsolved murder being discussed on television. He is a man/alien with a purpose.

At this point we are jumping back and forth between 15 years ago and now - you see the Senator get killed and when the slug thing crawls out of his body, it get blasted by our alien hunter. Unfortunately a small, scruffy dog wanders on the scene and gobbles up a piece of the Senators innards, as dogs will do, hence the next spawning phase.

This outline is getting too long - flash, flash, flash - a group of young men decide to throw a rave in an abandoned warehouse, where the spawned dog had become gristle and the new creatures are evolving, the alien hunter, Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) searches out the daughter of Nouri - now a full grown and hot young lady played by hottie Brenda Lee - note not the singer to those that remember her - and they go about destroying what they can.

As spawning goes ........
This movie left itself open at the end for a sequel, perhaps there has been one but it is Hidden from me. Brenda Lee and Kyle MacLachlan naturally get together and do a little dance of the two headed monster, so I assume that there should be a spawning from that union - who knows, maybe there was.

Unfortunately the introduction of Alien in 1979 pretty much ruined other creature-spawning, stomach-ripping, movies for me. I am generally saddened when I see others try to rest on the laurels of that movie, but in all this wasn't a bad one.

MacLachlan tried at times to play the dumb, I'm new to the Earth, alien, similar to the wonderfully funny performance by Jeff Bridges in the 1984 release of Starman. MacLachlan tends to turn his head to one side, puppy dog fashion, and repeat what someone has told him, as if this is an entirely new concept to him. However, he ruins this by having way too much knowledge at other times. Sometimes I found his acting wooden and put upon, then I realized they were trying to portray an alien with no knowledge of cute and quirky sayings that Earthlings use in their everyday language.

Again, as in most monster movies, they resort to entirely too much dark and hidden spaces. I hate it when you have to strain to actually see any action. The scenes are so overshadowed and poorly lit that you often don't know just who you are supposed to be rooting for, I don't like that in any movie.

I wasn't overwhelmed with love for this movie, but it didn't disgust me like some of those creature-features I tend to watch. The acting for the most part was decent, sometimes strained. The story has been thrown around enough that you can figure it out from the beginning, but ... but ... but .... there WAS that Brenda Lee!

Written by Bob Hunt, directed by Jack Sholder

Susi :)


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