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It Came From Outer Space

1 rating: 1.0
A movie directed by Jack Arnold

A meteor crashes in the desert near a small Arizona town, and research scientist John Putnam (Richard Carlson) thinks it's a spaceship, but no one will believe him except his loyal girlfriend, Ellen (Barbara Rush). Weird evidence begins to back up his … see full wiki

Director: Jack Arnold
Release Date: 1953
MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about It Came From Outer Space

It came from outer space - whatever!

  • Feb 16, 2001
Pros: Good for it's time

Cons: same bat time same bat channel

The Bottom Line: It fits in with all the other ones ever made. If you watch enough of them, you can write them yourself.

A better quality film centering on alien space ships landing on Earth and changing Earthlings into aliens. Yeah, I know, the story seldom changes but the characters, tho their composition remains the same their players change, so even with the age old tale you often have a different twist.

In It Came, etc. we have a writer, Richard Carlson, that deals with astronomy and his beautiful girlfriend, Barbara Rush, job unknown. One of them lives in the desert, not sure which one but I assume it is him because there is a telescope. While gazing longingly at the stars one evening, they see a meteor fall to the ground and scurry out into the desert to investigate. Standing on the edge of the meteor pit, Carlson, full of anticipation, climbs down into the pit to investigate and finds a spaceship with an open portal.

I must insert a little observation here, Ms. Rush, standing on the brink of this pit is dressed in a darling little dress, high heels, a floor length coat, scarf and oh, yes, a purse. I don’t know, doesn’t seem like desert trolling, meteor investigating clothes, hmmmm

Anyway, Carlson wants to look further into the situation but a landslide starts, burying the spaceship and he scrambles up the side of the pit to escape. Sitting on the edge, looking back down, he tells Rush, and some guy that is there with them, don’t remember who he is, that he saw a spaceship. Of course, no one really believes him because after all he is (1) a writer and (2) it is 1953, we don’t believe that stuff!

Carlson continues to try to convince the city inhabitants that there is a spaceship out there, including the town sheriff, Charles Drake. Drake and Carlson are friends, but this could very well put a strain on their friendship. However, when people in town start disappearing, then reappearing but changed (shades of Invasion of Body Snatchers), the sheriff puts more precedent on what Carlson is saying.

When the lovely Rush gets ‘taken’ however, both Drake and Carlson get their fannies in a tizzy. Drake, as town sheriff wants to go out and save her, Carlson wants to find out what they want. Carlson approaches the space aliens and strikes a bargain, gaining the release of not only Rush but also all the other missing persons from the town, in exchange for allowing the aliens to finish repairing their ship. Yadda, yadda, yadda……..that’s enough of that babble.

sitting on the sidelines
Ok, this wasn’t all that bad of a movie for the times, but watching it today it was more funny than scary. The sheriff, Drake, has a classic comment before he goes off in the deep end wanting to chase down the aliens. Standing in his office, he grabs his pistol and for some reason utters these words …..”92 degrees. Do you know that more murders are committed at 92 degrees than any other time? If it is above 92, it is too hot to do anything and below 92, it is cool enough that people can function. But 92, it’s the breaking point. It feels like 92 today.” …. At which point Carlson begins to thump him around and proceeds in taking his gun away from him, then steals his car and rushes off to the desert to warn the aliens.

After Rush is abducted, she appears on a cliff edge to Carlson. Now when abducted she had on her normal everyday clothes, smart skirt, button down blouse, cardigan sweater, sensible shoes, stockings. On the cliff edge however, she is in a wispy gown. Being a black and white film I can only deduce it is a mix of black chiffon and velvet, studded with rhinestones, strapless, a flowing scarf draped over her shoulders, high heels. Perfect desert attire. Knock, knock ….. has anyone ever heard of continuity?

The aliens, truthfully we only get one peek at them and it is bad. I don’t know, it is some big lumpy thing with multi arms and some glittering eye. Kinda looks like a Pacman from the old Atari game, my best description. For the most part, when we are dealing with the creature we are viewing things from the inside out and all we see is a round circle surrounded with what appears to be water, letting us know we are now involved with the alien. Pitiful at best.

Anyway, not that bad of a movie, but certainly not worth breaking out the big bag of popcorn! However, it was based on a story written by Ray Bradbury, so it has some merit.

Starring Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, Charles Drake and Morey Amsterdam. Directed by Jack Arnold.


Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older
Special Effects: Well at least you can't see the strings

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It Came From Outer Space
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