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Jurassic Park Trilogy (2001)

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1 review about Jurassic Park Trilogy (2001)

What do you got in this boxed set? King Kong?

  • Dec 24, 2001
As a former Jurassic Park fan, and loyal subject, I have waited an entire year (Oct 11th, 2000)(or, 391 days) for this boxed set. I knew it would happen, deep down, so I bit the bullet and endured these last 14 month's Jurassic Park-less. It was worth it.

The set includes Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3, and a fourth disc, "Beyond Jurassic Park". What more could you want? Within these dvd's are nearly all the features you could want. But, Jurassic Park, and The Lost World are NOT dts. That is a bummer. I suppose I should have waited longer for the day when Universal becomes overstocked with the DTS Collector's Editions and start jamming them into the pack's. Oh well, I am really happy with the way these have turned out. All three feature pretty neat Animated Menus: (Menus spoiler ahead).


For Jurassic Park you start with the drum and choir sound of the opening film (....a Universal picture....a Steven Spielberg film...Jurassic Park.) What you see is a swoop that goes from the Universal emblem in outer space, then drops down at light speed to the Island of Jurassic Park - Isla Nublar. The soundtrack and jungle sounds continue as the pretty decent menu pop's up.

Lost world's is nearly the same, with the exception that the swoop goes down to the secret location of the surprise ending (don't want to give to much away). Then you see the footprint of the t-rex on broken pavement accompanied by a flashing siren. You can hear the siren and people yelling in the background.

Jurassic Park 3 has the most unique menu of the bunch (but no complaints about the previous). You see scratchy metal covering the screen found in the JP3 symbol, followed by the snarling of a raptor. The raptor is behind the metal off screen. He (or she) tears three slashes in the back, revealing his eye watching you. He (or she) run's off, you glide through the slashes, and there is the menu. The raptor screams.

Beyond Jurassic Park's menu, I'll leave that for you to see.


Remaining as the longest running favorite movie of mine, Jurassic Park takes the cake. It is still great. I have intentionally not watched JP for the past 14 month's so the dvd would be all the more special. I knew I would never get an encore theatrical presentation (you know how spielberg is though, March 2002 is the re-mastered release of E.T.) so I have toughed it out to say, it was worth it. The picture is great and so is the sound (DD 5.1). (Be advised there was a recall earlier this year for the dts releases of JP and Lost World.) And like I said, I would have preferred dts, but when the raptors run at you in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, you really don't care, because you will be too busy jumping from your seat to the floor and covering your head. Instruction's: Crank all the way up until you feel the heat from the t-rex's roar burning the hair off your neck.

There are many informative features that include the aspects of nearly every area of the Jurassic Park process. Included is "The Making of Jurassic Park". I am so glad I didn't pay 12 buck's
when it came out a few years back on video. I wanted it bad, and it is well worth it, but its nice to know that the money I didn't spend went towards this set. My favorite features were the ameteur video shots from spielberg scoping out the Hawaiian islands for shooting locations. In one part he films some cows and says "We could put some latex costumes on them and put them in the film". The cows run off. You can see him in the rearview mirror as he films with the video camera. Also, in another feature you see the production meeting's, in which Spielberg pops out idea's with a bunch of people that are...I won't say what I think about them. Anyway, in the meetings you hear him come up with several idea's that become the most important scenes in the film. Like, the t-rex attack. Yes, I have read the book, but the rex scene greatly differs between the book and film. As they discuss the scene, Spielberg plays with some toys in front of him. A woman (remaining nameless, cause I don't want to badger her) says to Spielberg, "In the Rex scene we could have sparks shooting from the fence." He know's the story better, quickly replying "The power is off." Fun stuff.

The Lost World has similar features, in fact it has the EXACT same theatrical trailers. (The reason is, these are the same disc's released in 0ct 2000, just crammed into the boxed set. And, this was before even a second of film was released for advertisement. So on JP and Lost World you get a trailer for 3 that is just some sound effects and glimpes of jungle.) You get The Making of The Lost World, and many informative features on the creation process. Such as, Using the Universal Parking garage for the trailer-dangling scene. (That was the best scene in the book, for me. Remember the battery acid dripping on Ian's shoulder? And the shard of glass?) Back to the film. The film itself have been hit hard, as a lousy sequal. Im not going to make any kind of offending statement on that remark. All I am going to do is say that Spielberg was rushed, and even so, did a good job with what pressures he had, you know, dealing with Julianne Moore. Anyway. It was made for the dino's and that's all there was to it.

Jurassic Park 3 was the chance for Joe Johnson to make a name for himself. One of my favorite film's, October Sky, had Johnson at the helm. The dvd is sharp as a tack, and the sound is YES,
DTS! Graphics are used to the fullest extent, and though I think the dino's in the original JP look just as good (and I am picky about such things) I will have to say, bravo. Included is the Jurassic Park 3 trailer that differs tremendously from the one found on the other disc's. During the time I waited (8 month's) for it to come out, I watched the trailer for jp3 more times (on the net) than any other preview.

Beyond Jurassic Park bridges the gap for extra's, giving no doubt of Universal's desire to show the fan's how Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3 were made. It is fun, and informative, and will surprise you. There were effects done in these movies that you might not have even known were effects. Remember the scene in which Lex (Ariana Richardson) falls through the panel on the ceiling and the raptor jumps up to snatch her? That's not her, its a stunt double with Lex's face digitally imposed onto her's! Lot's of good stuff.

A split decision between critics and audiences about the quality plot-wise is kind of rediculous, because ALL of the Jurassic Park films are for fun, and not examination. That's like breaking a toy to see how it works. It just does!

(Side note: A magazine that shall remain nameless claimed that there was an improper touching between a child and adult in Jurassic Park. The scene, again is when Lex falls through the panel. Grant grabs her by the upper leg, with Ellie, to pull her back up before the raptor chews her to bits. Ebert says it best, "Being eaten by a raptor ranks high on my list of inappropriate touching." When I read that I nearly fell out of the chair laughing.) ~S.A.O.S.~

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Jurassic Park Trilogy (2001)
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