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Last Chance Harvey (2008)

22 Ratings: 2.9
A movie directed by Joel Hopkins

      Anyone who’s seen the trailer for Last Chance Harvey can easily guess how it ends. In fact, the title alone is a clue. But the destination is hardly the point with movies like this; it’s the journey that counts, … see full wiki

Director: Joel Hopkins
16 reviews about Last Chance Harvey (2008)
review by . June 03, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
3 ½ Stars: First Loves, Second Chances And Maybe Everything In-Between....
I still hate romantic comedies but occasionally, I would try to see one just to keep my objectivities grounded. It is a good way to not become jaded with the types of movies I see, after all there is only too much action, fantasy and horror one can see in an extended period before one gets burned out. Heck, I may have just done this for a woman, but you never know. Anyway, Joel Hopkins’ “LAST CHANCE HARVEY” has one of the most likable actors in the person of Dustin Hoffman (Tootsie, …
review by . January 12, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
4 stars: Everyone deserves a second chance at love
Watching "Last Chance Harvey" I was washed over with the sudden memories of  such great romantic feelings that I had when I watched such romantic classics such as James Cameron's  "Titanic"(1997),  Michael Curtiz's "Casablanca"(1942), Jon Turtletaub's "While you were Sleeping"(1995). I felt the real authentic feelings o love between two people that I had not felt for some time, I had not felt the love, the emotion, the sensation …
Quick Tip by . April 05, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sweet, romantic, endearing, charming, and utterly enchanting Joel Hopkins "Last Chance Harvey" is one of the most appealing romantic dramas I have seen in a very long time thanks to in part to wonderfully charming performances from Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman and a wonderful script from director/screenwriter Joel Hopkins. "Last Chance Harvey" is one of the most appealing romantic films you have the pleasure of seeing. This is an immensely appealing film, one of the most …
review by . August 26, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Taking Chances
   Harvey is a failed American husband, father, and musician who flies to London to attend the wedding of his only daughter. Kate is a lonely English woman who had spent her life playing it safe and expecting disappointment. When their paths happen to cross, Harvey strikes up a conversation with Kate, and they spend the rest of the day walking about London together. Kate is attracted to Harvey's simple, humorous chatting-up approach, and he likes her straightforwardness. Over the course …
review by . October 02, 2009
Last Chance Harvey opens with Harvey Shine (Hoffman), an over-the-hill jingle writer who's about to lose his job. He's flying to London to his daughter Susan's wedding, but promises to return on time for a key meeting with a client. In London, Harvey quickly finds himself alone in a hotel while the rest of the family and guests, his estranged wife and her new husband included, rent a house in the city. He is awkward in his interactions with others, even Susan, making blunders at every turn and creating …
review by . June 15, 2009
I must confess I am not biggest fan of romantic comedies in the realm of cinema. This is mainly due to the fact that in the past ten years (I feel) that romantic comedies all follow the same stereotypical formula:    - Young guy meets young girl.  - Both guy & girl are very superficial (to some degree).  - Both guy & girl are very materialistic (to some degree).  - Both guy & girl cannot act.  - The comedy is grossly pratfalls & physical …
review by . May 30, 2009
Admittedly, director Joel Hopkins wants to tell a love story about two life's-got-me-down individuals in his film "Last Chance Harvey" starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Without the added accoutrement of madcap comedy or the usual boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-wins-girl entanglements, he does manage to showcase two actors with some pleasant chemistry between them in a fairly realistic storyline that promenades to a satisfying conclusion.     Physically, Thompson …
review by . May 25, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
Before Sunset meets An Affair to Remember meets As Time Goes By. All wonderful films / programs in their own right. Last Chance Harvey pulls some of the best bits of these into a charming love story. It's a very simple sweet ride to the finish. Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman are simply wonderful to watch in this film. Add some of the more beautiful cinematography in some time, a nice soundtrack, and this is a very good film.    After watching the DVD special featurette, it …
review by . June 15, 2009
Very slow movie throughout. The plot revolves around a man, Harvey (Dustin Hoffman), a jingle writer. He is about to lose his job and has a difficult relationship with his daughter. He travels to London to attend his daughter's wedding and meets Kate (Emma Thompson) who works for an airline conducting research. They experienced an unexpected and lovely romance. The movie is indeed lovely but so darn slow! Although the acting was amazing; actually, it was phenomenal, I was still falling asleep. I …
review by . June 10, 2009
THE MOVIE:    I give the movie 3.5 stars. It was a good movie -- certainly well-acted, and presented with an appropriate amount of emotion. It's about second-chances (or as the title indicates, last chances), and it's a love story about grown-up people.    SPECIAL FEATURES:    The special features earn 5 stars.     The featurette about the making of the film is short -- 16 minutes, but in it you learn that the film was …
review by . June 04, 2009
First, this out of the way: I'm not the target audience for this film. The target audience is single, middle-aged women, and some men, who still hold out hope of find that One True Love. Despite not being in the proper demographic, I rather liked thiis film.    "Last Chance Harvey" tells the story of an American jingle writer (Hoffman), and a British woman (Thompson), who meet each other in London. They don't have much of a Meet Cute, which is appreciated.    We …
review by . May 28, 2009
This short (93 minutes) movie is like watching a bit of dull, depressing reality. The acting is very good, it's completely believable and realistic. However it's not funny, there is no action and unless you have a morbid desire to watch other people's depressing lives there isn't much point to watching this.    It's enjoyable to see Dustin Hoffman's character take the downward spiral of his life and still muster up enough bravery to try a new romance and start a new life.     …
review by . May 22, 2009
"Last Chance Harvey"    Hoffman and Thompson    Amos Lassen      When a film has both Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson you can be pretty sure that there will be some great acting. Hoffman is Harvey, a socially awkward American who goes to London for his daughter's wedding. There he meets Kate Walker (Thompson), something of a spinster. Their dates go nowhere. The plot of the film gas been many times before but when Hoffman and …
review by . May 20, 2009
A slow moving character study that asks and answers some of life's big questions. Emma Thompson, as always, shines as a real-life, slightly neurotic and charming soul. Dustin Hoffman plays the driven underdog who discovers that his drive, once diverted may lead to a rich life.     Those movie lovers who want break neck pace will likely yawn at best during this film. But those hungry for movies that inspire and challenge and feed the need for peaceful introspection should find …
review by . April 16, 2009
On any list of proposed pairings for a romantic comedy, would you expect to see Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson? No, probably not. But Last Chance Harvey puts these troupers together in London and the results are a bit surprising. The story: New York jingle-writer Harvey Shine (Hoffman) is on his last legs in a job that's passing him by, and he tears himself away from the daily crisis to attend his daughter's wedding in London. Long divorced, Harvey hasn't been close to his daughter and he's very …
review by . March 20, 2009
By no means do I damn with faint praise when suggesting that this is a "small" film. Rather, only to suggest that it covers a brief period of time (a few days), in a single setting (London), focuses primarily on only two characters, and there few plot developments. Briefly, Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) is employed by an advertising agency in Manhattan as a jingle writer when we are introduced to him. Almost immediately we sense that he is dissatisfied with both his career (he would prefer to earn …
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22 Ratings: +2.9
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Last Chance Harvey (2008)
Last Chance Harvey
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