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1 rating: 1.0
A movie directed by John Glen

Agent 007 is as daring as ever in OCTOPUSSY: the 13th installment in the James Bond series. When fellow secret serviceman Agent 009 is murdered over a treasured Faberge egg, the British intelligence sends James Bond (Roger Moore) to investigate. Bond … see full wiki

Cast: Robert Brown
Director: John Glen
Release Date: 1983
MPAA Rating: PG
1 review about Octopussy

Octo What? I Can't Believe I Said That Word.

  • Jun 4, 2008
Pros: I always look forward to another addition to the James Bond series of movies.

Cons: This movie lacks intensity and seriousness and the willingness to be believable.

The Bottom Line: This is only an average attempt at the James Bond series of movies, but if you are a fan. This is a must-see movie.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

Just like all of the rest James Bond movies, I have enjoyed this one immensely. This is the 13th movie overall out of the series and the fifth movie that Roger Moore has played James Bond. This is not one of the best jobs of portraying a spy thriller that I have seen. If it were not for the fact that I like James Bond movies. I would say that Roger Moore is getting a little old for this part. The director John Glenn tries to mix a form of comedy with a form of seriousness and I do not think that the two mix very well.

The movie starts out with James Bond impersonating a Cuban Colonel Toro. Roger Moore is caught trying to blow up some of Cuba’s best jet fighters. While in custody, James Bond gets a little help from a fellow agent and is able to escape by borrowing a miniature jet plane from his fellow agent Bianca (played by Tina Hudson), having never flown this miniature jet airplane before, he is able to be out a heat seeking missile and fly sideways through a hangar where the Cuban airplanes are destroyed and not him.

The movie plays out where another fellow agent 009, (played by Andy Bradford) gets involved and is murdered by two Soviet agents. Even though this agent is mortally wounded. He is able to make it back to MI6 headquarters where he is found to have a special art treasure in his hand. James Bond is assigned to find out who killed his fellow agent. That is when they found out that the FabergĂ© egg that his fellow agent had was a fake. The real one was being auctioned off in London. This is where James Bond meets Kamal Khan (played by Louis Jordan)and tries to find out what he is up to. With a little bit of sleight of hand magic James Bond was able to substitute the real egg with the fake egg. James Bond’s interaction with Kahn throughout the movie is daring and fascinating. James Bond always pushes his buttons and tries to cross the line with Kahn.

They meet again inside of a casino, where James Bond tries to entice Kahn into some gambling, because James sees him cheating at backgammon. This is when James knows that he likes gambling, James wins and takes his winnings in his usual strut and walks out of the casino. And then this is where it gets a little fuzzy, because I cannot understand, they are in the middle of a serious movie, and they are trying to put some comedy right in the middle of the whole thing. I am used to seeing in a lot of chases, with explosions and shoot-em up scenes. But for some unbeknownst reason they stopped with the seriousness and tried to put several different attempts at comedy. Some of them are a sword swallower, a man on a bed of nails, and even a scene where a man tosses money into a crowd and everybody goes after it and a complete melee ensues.

I did enjoy the new toys that they have the tiny jet was very exciting, a homing device, and a pen with acid inside of it, plus the introduction of a very sensitive listening device. Then there were the scene with the fake crocodile which I did not care for too much and a hot air balloon and the very nice wristwatch that has a screen for video transmissions. These gadgets do stay in line with the theme of the James Bond movies that I have come accustomed to see. As usual sites and scenes in this movie were very beautiful just like the Bond women usually are. They travel from West Germany to Delhi, London, Cuba, and East Berlin, all of these places are very beautiful, but the movie lacks intensity. As usual, there is a nuclear plot involved in all of this, plus the fact that James Bond is impervious to any kind of bullets or getting hurt.

This movie about an international smuggling operation and a attempt at a nuclear attack will last for two hours and 11 minutes. There is plenty of action and adventure and thrilling suspenseful moments as long as you are a James Bond fan. But, if this is the first time that you are seeing one of these films. You might be kind of disappointed, because of the intensity kind of fizzles out after the half way point. I seriously don’t know why they keep putting a rating of G. or PG. On these kind of movies, with all of the violence that is happening in this movie you would think they would give it a better rating than that. I would not let anybody under the age of 13. See this movie. I would give this three out of five stars.

All throughout the movie they do have we attempt to try to keep you glued to your seat and suspenseful. But that is when they try to it at the comedy into the mix and it kind of fizzles out. If you have seen any of the other James Bond movies. Then you will notice and be satisfied that they are keeping up with the traditions of the gadgets and excitement throughout. But do not expect too much, this is not one of their best pieces of work.

You are probably wondering, while watching this does James Bond find out who killed his partner and will the Soviet agent get egg on his face or not.


Viewing Format: DVD
Video Occasion: Fit for Friday Evening
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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