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Rain Fall

1 rating: 2.0
A movie directed by Max Mannix.

Based on the bestselling novel by author Barry Eisler, this action thriller from director Max Minnix follows a seasoned assassin as he races to prevent CIA hit men from killing the daughter of a former target. The Special Forces taught John Rain (Kippei … see full wiki

1 review about Rain Fall

There's an Awesome Movie Hidden Here Somewhere, But I Couldn't Find it....

  • Jul 8, 2010
I always have low expectations when American and Asian filmmakers try to produce a film together; it always seems like the Western and the Eastern cannot agree on certain things that always end with a mediocre project from two of the three most prolific countries to ever distribute movies. (Bollywood is the number one movie maker, followed closely by Hollywood and Japan). “Rain Fall” (2009) is based on the novel by Barry Eisler and written for the big screen by director Max Mannix seems to have the right ambition, the right mood and yet, for some reason it stumbles. I was real surprised as to how Gary Oldman fit into the picture since I see him as one of the best actors of this generation.

John Rain (Kippei Shiina) is a Vietnam vet who has turned assassin who has served the U.S. on several occasions. His specialty is to make his mark seem like he died of natural causes; so when he performs an operation to take down a minister who holds a secret that can undermine the Japanese and U.S. governments, he finds himself searching to unravel the truth, all the while protecting this minister’s daughter, Midori (Kyoko Hasegawa) from those who seek out this secret in a memory stick. The C.I.A. led by Hoitzer (Gary Oldman) and the Japanese Yakuza are hot on their tail and Rain must do what he can to protect Midori and complete his assignment…

“Rain Fall” has obviously been inspired by movies like “Spy Game” and the Bourne trilogy; it has the usual trappings of corruption, greed, political positioning and global power. It is an espionage drama-thriller that makes use of the powerful hidden figures that manipulate the rules of the world. There is some credible ambition in the film, the beginning of the film had me wondering who the bad guys really were, what were the motivations behind the killings and just who is John Rain--hero or foe? Well, ambition can only take you so far as the screenplay slowly stumbles as it stoops to stylized shots to exude its mood; it all looks good at first but it quickly overstayed its welcome.

There were times that the movie proved real inconsistent and the problems began to show; from the overdone tone that wanted to either feel mysterious or stylish, to the canned drama or to the fight scenes with real clumsy editing. It seems to jump around a lot without the scenes actually making the previous sequence credible or the next more compelling. The story is pretty routine, but I thought the direction was just at a lost as to how it can establish its pacing and find its key aces. It seems to find a good idea and then stops short and fails to develop whatever scenes it may have. Some scenes do generate some tension especially in the first half of the film, but it all becomes redundant as the characters stumble around looking for John Rain almost as much as it stumbles with script.

The acting does have its moments though. Gary Oldman does seem a little over-the-top in this movie but he does still have that charisma to command a scene. He does have some solid material in the film but he just couldn’t achieve that impact that he should. Kippei Shiina does make some things work for him; he is silent, mysterious, suave and yet has that aura that makes him ordinary that makes him believable as a rogue assassin. I liked the way the film kept me wondering as to what lengths he’ll go to for the completion of his mission; unfortunately, it didn’t quite pay off at the end. Kyoko Hasegawa is a beautiful woman and her character may be a stereotype that plays that damsel in distress; but the scenes with her under a dream-like atmosphere seem very enthralling.

“Rain Fall” has the right tools to make it as a suspenseful, gripping and engaging spy thriller but the direction seemed a little over its head that it just couldn’t capitalize on its high points without messing up the rest of the movie. I liked its themes of existentialism and of un-proclaimed love but it just couldn’t capitalize. It was real uneven with a messy pacing that almost put me to sleep; I don’t mind formula films, and this would have done better if it had a more precise hand guiding it through. It just needed to be more polished and refined; instead, what we got was a film with clumsy editing. Too bad, there is a great movie hidden here somewhere but it never got to show its face.

RENTAL [2 Out of 5 Stars]

There's an Awesome Movie Hidden Here Somewhere, But I Couldn't Find it.... There's an Awesome Movie Hidden Here Somewhere, But I Couldn't Find it....

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July 14, 2010
Sad but true. These collaborations are not fish but are frequently foul.
July 09, 2010
Too bad, this sounds like it had a lot of potential, but wasted it trying to emulate Hollywood films.
July 10, 2010
If you noticed, I was so disappointed that I didn't waste my time finding photos for it. (sigh)
July 10, 2010
Yeah, it's kind of a bare review in terms of visuals, but you got your point across well.
July 10, 2010
I bumped this up in my queve because of Oldman so I could watch it--then I became real disappointed with it.
July 08, 2010
Sounds like it could have been better man, oh well you can't win them all I guess. Excellent review once again good sir, hey "King Kong vs Godzilla", should I put that in this Comm since it was first Japanese or in Movie Hype because of the American cut, what do ya think? I was thinking this comm since Hype seems to have alot more reviews and such.
July 08, 2010
My friend, that is definitely Asian movie classic! But it would be up to you...and don't worry the asian movie community is hype's sister community and so I promote both.
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