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Zombie Town

1 rating: -1.0
A movie

When the citizens of a quaint country town become infected with deadly parasites, they suddenly turn into ferocious zombies. Local mechanic Jake, his ex-girlfriend Alex, and their friend Randy must solve the mystery behind the toxic contamination, and … see full wiki

MPAA Rating: Unrated
1 review about Zombie Town

Zombie Town - 2007

  • Sep 12, 2009
Pros: so bad it borders on insanely good

Cons: intro music among many other things, it's a cheap movie folks

The Bottom Line: The most fun I've had sober and with my clothes on

Before the opening credits of Zombie Town we meet up with one of our ‘star’ players. It seems he, and a few other Bubbas are camped out in a decrepit cabin in the woods - supposedly hunting but I’d say it was more drinkin than huntin … anyway, we meet Bubba 1 who trips over the remains of Bubba 2 and then turns and screams. All we see is one bloody arm extended to the Heavens. Switching to the cabin we have Bubba 3-5 doing what they do best, trash talk and drink. They are waiting for the other two to return when, suddenly, they hear a growl.

Let’s face it, they are there under the guise of hunting. They HAVE guns. Why, I ask, do they grab up an old rickety broom they find in the corner? That’s Bubba for ya. Now it’s dead Bubba - body count to date, before credits, a total of 5 and it ain’t pretty viewing folks.

Our next shot is a pretty little miss, knee deep in mucky water and taking samples. She hears something … oh, no … she is startled … she jumps back and falls into the water assoverapplecart. It’s ducks or geese, some kind of fowl. But the suspense was good. As she scurries back to her truck, samples in hand, we get an overview of the creek/pond. A mere 2 feet away from where she was taking her samples we see a body moldering in the water. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled a body that has lain around putrefying but I have, it really can’t be camouflaged especially outside. And she is supposed to be some kind of scientist or something. Come on …

Now the opening credits. Why do they find it necessary to blare that infernal grotesque music? I like rock, I even like head-banging. I don’t like that screeching, nails on blackboard, peel the enamel off your teeth, music. That, coupled with the Bubbas, I thought I was in for a miserable ride.

What we are soon to discover is that Otis, VT, population about 200, is quickly becoming the breeding ground for parasitic zombies. The absolutely only thing that kept me from turning this thing off was the unspeakable humor mixed with horror that durn near caused me to blow a gasket. At one point I was actually gasping for air, I was laughing so hard. My dogs were looking at me like WTF?

Where the parasites come from is never addressed. Even by our perky biologist gal who captures some and dissects them. And these things groan, or hum, or something - tweet, maybe they twitter. Maybe they have Twitter. I don’t know, but you know when they are around because they are audible. Like we wouldn’t notice these things, looking every so much like a cross between a snail and leech, inching their way around. Of course, they sheriff didn’t notice them when he sat down on the toilet, so there’s that. And simply another reason for me to double check toilets now - dang.

Naturally, being parasites, they need a host. Transferred through the blood by the zombie bites. Eventually they get their fill [and procreate in an alarmingly rapid manner] they simply expel themselves from the host, even exiting through the skin, and look for someone new. So apparently they don’t have to be transferred by blood because they can travel on their own.

There is so much to be said about this movie, but it could be appreciated only by those, like me, that dwell in this irreverent world of movie-gore. The normal movie viewer simply wouldn’t ‘get it’, even if they were watching the movie - which they wouldn’t be anyway.

It was horribly made, reminiscent of a handheld camcorder, poor things. The effects were just bad and they apparently couldn’t muster up a crowd for the zombie attack. Then, again, the population of the town was only about 200 to start with and a good deal of them were dead, permanently. Not zombie dead, but eradicated by, get this; the biologist of course, the local mechanic [her old love interest and our shot for a love scene], and, finally, the dude that runs the salt truck during the winter. The sheriff would have helped out but he met his end when he sat on the toilet without checking first.

There is a hysterical scene at the Bingo hall between the little blue-haired ladies once they start going out of control and a fair amount of staggering bodies lumbering about. The movie, though, was carried by our three heroes even if their acting left a bit to be desired.

Zombie Town was written and directed by Damon Lemay who apparently has a great love of gory zombie type movies. Which brings up the rating, R for horror, violence, gore, language and sexuality. I, apparently, missed the sexuality part.

I didn’t think I’d like it and I’m still not sure I do. I appreciate it, admire the attempt with obviously limited funds, to bring the movie around. Could have done without that atrocious music but I couldn’t have done without all the ridiculous and campy humor involved. A movie designed strictly for true creature-feature fans.



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Zombie Town
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