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NO,'t is........NO!!

  • Sep 10, 2010
Sandra Bullock is a talented actress, very charitable and has a great sense of humor and has produced several movies that she has appeared in.  Some of them were good or at least funny but this was one of them and man o man, even dressed in hot pants, with highlights in her layered hair, red hooker boots and a tie dye shirt....MMMM.  Man is it hard to hate this but I found a way.

Bullock plays Mary Horowitz a ditzy and giddy middle aged woman who creates crossword puzzles for a local newspaper as her job.  She has plenty of homespun wisdom which if you sat down and listen to her talk for 5 minutes, you wonder how she could come up with such things to say and whether you should take the advice or not.  Once her mouth gets going she doesn't stop and in a teeth tearing scene, you sympathize with the others around her when they abandon her at a truck stop while on a bus ride. 

Mary is even ready for some backseat lov'in with the character Steve and even in the middle of clothes coming off, Steve realizes that you are what you have sex with (crazy) and decides to run off.  Bullock even after abandoning sex with her, thinks Steve is infatuated by her and once she learns where he is in his job for a news station, follows him around the country.  You airhead.  Heres another sign of Mary's wackiness.  She sees a Twinkee wrapper Steve left lying around and sticks it in her bra....NO!!......THIS IS BAD.....SHES CRAZY!....resist....turn it off....

All About Steve isn't even a good "rom com" since it fails on following up on the basics.  Neither character is sympathetic.  Mary isn't sympathetic since shes a clueless idiot who bumbles around across the country with gleeless abandon.  Steve while we know that he doesn't want to be around such an annoying woman isn't all that magnetic in getting us on her side.  Thomas Haden Church and Keith David back up the supporting cast.  Keith David does what he does best, be angry and scowl.  Thomas Haden Church is an antagonist who keeps telling Mary where he and Steve are going to cover stories for their reporting job for a TV station.  He thinks it's funny that he's giving Steve a hard time by having Mary continually chase after them.  Everyone else thinks he's a jerk.  They're right.  Church is clearly here for the paycheck.

All About Steve at least has a humorous tone to the movie that made it worthwhile a little bit unlike other movies Bullock has done like 28 Days where it's BILLED as a comedy but is NOT funny.  Sandra Bullock has had more hits then misses and would be my go to girl if I needed to see a romantic comedy.  She has comedic talent and looks great but damn was this movie a chore.  A quirky and silly lead is nice but to turn the audience against them isn't good and I really started to hate Bullock watching this, no matter how many greasy snack cake wrappers she sticks in her top. 

*Re-reading this review, I realize that I think this movie did TRY to break some ground on romantic comedies which was nice since it wasn't formula and thats why I didn't put it down as hard as I could have.  I also want to reiterate that I think 28 Days is one of Sandra's better movies, just not a comedy and that I hated that promotional material made that movie look like it was supposed to be a comedy.

The movie did try to fit in satires of news and I didn't mention it since it's done mostly at the end and is largely superfluous.
NO,'t is........NO!!

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October 04, 2010
Re-reading this review, I realize that I think this movie did TRY to break some ground on romantic comedies which was nice. I also want to reiterate that I think 28 Days is one of Sandra's better movies, just not a comedy. The movie did try to fit in satires of news and I didn't mention it since it's done mostly at the end and is largely superfluous.
September 17, 2010
Hmmm. I watched it so long ago I may have forgotten a few things. But 28 Days...the girl who went into rehab, I'm thinking there was death, overdoses, dysfunctional relationships. I sure don't remember laughing much. Of course, that was before I was reviewing a whole lot. Maybe I was watching with a less critical eye. I may have to watch that trailer. Maybe it will refresh my memory.
September 16, 2010
Ha. Okay. Was 28 Days really billed as a comedy? Oh my. That's tragic.
September 16, 2010
I'm pretty sure it was but I could be wrong. With Sandra's big laughing face on the cover and the fact it's Bullock makes it pretty easy to see it as a comedy. I JUST rewatched the trailer and it weaves in and out between would be comedy and would be drama.
September 11, 2010
no...this is not for Bullock but no...I disliked this movie. But this is a great review! You are pretty creative on your doses of humor in your writing, John.
September 11, 2010
I try to. It helps make them more memorable, thank you.
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This movie can make you hate Sandra Bullock. THATS NOT GOOD.
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